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Unlock the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE tablet in December 2012. It was released in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB model variants, and in gray or white. It can also be externally expanded up to 64GB. This device has a 10.1″ touch screen with Samsung Touchwiz UI. It also has a 5MP camera, 720p video recorder, and a 1.9MP front-facing camera. This tablet has a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It also supports wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, and Adobe Flash. Once unlocked, the Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE can be used with compatible GSM carriers worldwide!

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Unlock the EE UK Samsung Galaxy J5

The Samsung Galaxy J5 was recently released in October and is available in black or gold. This device is currently using Marshmallow OS and has 16GB of internal memory and supports up to 256GB of external memory. The Galaxy J5 has a 5″ IPS LCD touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. It also has a 13MP camera, 1080p video recorder, and a 5MP front-facing camera. The J5 uses a quad-core processor and a 2GB RAM. Once unlocked, this phone can be used with compatible GSM networks only.

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Unlock the Telus Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 was released for Telus in September 2014 and was available in white or black. It has 32GB of internal memory, which can be externally expanded up to 256GB. This model was launched running Kit Kat OS but can now be upgraded to Marshmallow OS. The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7″ super AMOLED touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. This device also has a 16MP camera, with a 2160p video recorder, and a 3.7MP front-facing camera. The Note 4 will simultaneously record HD images and videos, create panoramic HD images, and much more! This phone utilizes an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM for optimal speed and functionality. The Note 4 supports Quick Charge 2.0 and includes a S-Pen Stylus. Once unlocked, you can use this device with compatible GSM network providers.

Unlock Your Telus Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Today!

Galaxy S8 Rumors Wrap Up!

Galaxy S8 Rumors Wrap Up!


Samsung continues to march on despite the Note 7 discontinuation with the upcoming flag ship GALAXY S8 model. All eyes are on Samsung at this time and many are expecting the greatest tech to be thrown at us to regain consumer trust.

We will look at all the rumors that have built up around the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone.


Rumored Release date: February / March 2017

What’s new?: Rumored: 4K display, SD835 chip, USB-C, 90% screen to body bezeless design

Cost?: Roughly 899$ or 1000$CAD


The timing for the S8 is a bit of a mixed bag. The usual release date of the S family devices come around between March and June. The trend has been taking shape to be mostly around April or earlier (March 2016). Samsung’s only flagship available is the S7 and S7 Edge models which is keeping them afloat for the Christmas season. It would make more sense for Samsung to try to get back into the arena faster with a fantastic Galaxy S8 device release in February 2017.

There is also reports of a delay of up to 2 weeks as Samsung directed their engineers to figure out what caused the Note 7’s to over heat and have melt downs in the first place. Public image and trust based on safe and controlled product environments is a must for Samsung to regain their lost capital.


There is much talk about a huge design overhaul for their Galaxy line up. A South Korean source reported that Samsung want’s to get rid of the Home button and instead have it integrated directly into an all screen – zero bezel display. This could be an echo of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. Park Won-sang, principle engineer for Samsung display made a statement that the company is aiming to produce OLED displays with screen – to – body ratios greater than 90%. To compare to this most phones we see have around 80% screen to body ratios.

4K Display

Along with advanced display technologies it seems that Samsung might implement a 4K display as well. If this holds true Samsung will be the first to have implemented this into a smartphone. The greatest use for 4K display would be found in VR. The Gear VR head set could take advantage of this feature and provide a powerful mobile VR experience like no other. This is particularly important as users would be pressing their eyes up against the screen which is further augmented by the included lens’.

10nm Processor

Snapdragon in partnership with Samsung already revealed the new Snapdragon 835 SoC. It is built on Samsungs 10nm finFET process which is said to provide much better energy efficiency and increase in power.


While these are all just speculation we are betting that the S8 will be a game changing device. The hype is growing and many are looking for ward to 2017.  maxresdefault

How To Unlock HTC Phone

Unlock htc


Why Should You Unlock Your HTC Phone

It is now legal to unlock phones in the US. Yet, there are thousands who don’t bother unlocking

them. They continue to pay exorbitant costs or put up with lousy service. There’s a lot of

confusion about the process. If you have an HTC phone and are searching for information on

how to unlock your HTC phone, here’s why we think you shouldn’t delay your decision:

– Unlocked phones save you roaming charges:

SIM locked phones can leave you with nightmarish bills when on international travel. When

traveling outside the country, you cannot replace your SIM card with a local one. The only

option is to pay for roaming services wherein your phone operates through the carrier’s network

partner in the country.

– You don’t have to put up with nasty customer service:

You can seldom expect a customer service dispute to end in your favor. With a SIM-locked

phone, you have no option, but to put up with the problem. The service provider doesn’t need to

worry about losing you as a customer because you are on contract.

– Unlocked phones are easier to sell:

Phones tied to a carrier have less value when compared to unlocked phones. If you are planning

to sell or give away your phone to someone who isn’t on the same carrier as you are, it is best to

unlock your phone.

– You can switch carriers without having to change your phone:

You do not have to sell your phone only to switch service providers.

Call us if you are wondering how to unlock your HTC phone. We’ll help you…

Unlock the Telus iPhone 6S

Apple released the iPhone 6S in September of last year. It is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB model variants, and in grey, silver, gold, or rose gold. The iPhone 6S has a 4.7″ LED-backlit, IPS LCD, touch screen and it supports 3D Touch Display and Display Zoom. The 6S also has a 12MP camera, with a 2160p video recorder, and a 5MP FaceTime camera. Once unlocked, this device can be used with compatible service providers.

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Unlock the AT&T iPhone 6

Apple released the iPhone 6 in September of 2014. It was available in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB model variants. It was also available in grey, silver, or gold. This model was launched using iOS 8, but it is now upgradable to iOS 10.1. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7″ LED-backlit, IPS LCD, touch screen with scratch-resistant and shatter-proof glass. It also has an 8MP camera, with a 1080p video recorder, and a 1.2MP FaceTime camera. The iPhone 6 now supports Apple Pay for AMEX, MasterCard, and Visa. Once unlocked, it can be used with compatible networks around the globe!

Unlock Your AT&T iPhone 6 Today!

Are Tablets a Dying Breed?

Are Tablets a Dying Breed?




We would be hard pressed to give an exact answer on this common question but we do see that many major manufacturers are “giving up” on this category. More specifically, we are seeing a decline in profitability due to declining interest in the tablet market. The R&D speed has slackened and manufacturers are discontinuing well known tablet models such as the Venue slates when Dell decided to put an end to tablet line ups.

The reason for declining tablet sales compared to smart phones is because people tend to hold onto their tablets a lot longer than they do with smart phones. The tablet market was young and full of questions for manufacturers. They were unsure how often consumers would “upgrade” to the newest model. The demographic behavior in this field seems to be more visible now. For many manufacturers, tablet development and efforts are actually quite underwhelming because of little returns.

Another reason why tablet’s are on their way out is because of over-saturation. Consumers are demanding less and less as there are already a ton of choices and there is only so much a tablet can actually do. This was the main reason Dell decided to end the Venue tablet’s life.

The Dell Venue 8 7000 was one of the best high end Android tablet of the time. It still is today. IT features OLED displays, and a RealSense camera. In all honesty, despite usage of tablets in multimedia senses and for other personal usages, no one really needs a tablet when phablets are in the market that can do so much more on top.

Tablets are also trailing behind iPad’s and will never catch up to the iOS ecosystem in one important aspect. App support. Both Android and Apple stores have vast numbers of apps but Android still pales compared to App optimized support and sheer number in the iOS ecosystem.

The differentiating factor is too little between a big powerful phablet phone one would shell out thousands for over time compared to a 700$ tablet device.

At this time, we see that Android Tablets are actually becoming something else now. Enter Chromebooks. Google has updated Chrome OS to support Android Apps which would allow Chromebooks with touch screen devices to become a much more functional hybrid tablet. We would eventually see 2 in 1 detachable Chromebooks coming out soon.

The Tablet market is dying over time, but this does not mean that everyone thinks they are pointless. Many have found good usage for their beloved tablets purchased recently or years ago. All in all, they have their own place but in the eyes of manufacturers there is simply not enough demand.

Unlock the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active was released in June and is exclusive to AT&T in the USA. It has 32G of internal memory and can be externally expanded up to 256GB. The S7 Active has a 5.1″ super AMOLED touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass, and supports Always-On Display. This device also has a 12MP camera, with a 2160p video recorder, and a 5MP front-facing camera. The S7 Active utilizes a quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, and Adreno 530. It also supports Samsung Pay and Quick Charge 2.0. This phone is IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified; dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters and 30 minutes, and resistant against salt, dust, humidity, rain, and thermal shock. Once unlocked, this device can be used with compatible GSM carriers worldwide.

Unlock Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Today!

Galaxy S8 to Have 6.2 Inch Bezel-less Display

Galaxy S8 to Have 6.2 Inch Bezel-less Display


Samsung is reportedly set to launch the GALAXY S8 “PLUS” variant in 2017. This ‘plus’ model features 6.2 inches of bezel-less displays.

Most information out there are all speculati
on based on various leaks and insider look at associated manufacturers. We are also still a few months away from any official statements Samsung has made for its S8. We have heard of a beefy AI coming and the home button disappearing along with the head phone jack.

Recently an online publication site known as “The Investor” suggested that Samsung will be releasing two versions of the S8 while the latter is an attempt to appeal to consumers who prefer the Note series.

According to sources the S8 is set to launch a 5.7 inch display model and a 6.2 inch display, both bezel-less.

Despite the screen increase, Samsung is known for ultra thin profile devices jam packed with features. Consumers should feel comforted that such a trend should continue. This means that despite the screen size increasing the dimensions of the phone should remain largely the same as the already ultra thin S7 series.

Lastly, it seems plausible that Samsung is stopping any “flat” screen variants of the GALAXY line up in 2017. As curved AMOLED display technology and bezel-less displays are becoming the trend it would be interesting to see what Samsung decides to extravagantly change and keep. We see a lot of this happening with Apple.