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LG V20 “ShatterGate”: What is going on?

LG V20 “ShatterGate”: What is going on?


2016 seems to be a circus for smart phone makers starting with the discontinuation of the Note 7 device for being fire prone. A growing controversy is starting to grasp a new flag ship device that was just released, known as the LG V20.

The LG V20 is a fantastic device manufactured by LG which replaces the LG V10 device. The device features a secondary ticker screen, dual camera system on the back, metallic body, fast snapdragon 820 SoC, replaceable batteries, and a big screen.

Unfortunately, several reports show that the LG V20’s camera glass shatter’s upon small drops, scratches, and possibly from simply putting the phone down.

A Reddit Thread which was created by xAmorphous began gathering all relevant cases which includes youtube user JerryRigEverything’s stress test video which showed the camera unit cracking after a simple scratch test.

A user on Android Central also reported that the camera glass shattered after dropping the phone 2.5 feet on carpet. The troubling fact was that the phone was encased in a strong Otterbox case.

The Reddit thread contains various other cases of similar shattergate situations. The LG V20 is supposed to feature the MIL-STD-810 standard (shock – resistant certification) so the camera glass should not be shattering. As the news is still rather fresh we are assuming that it is a handful of LG V20 units that are affected. We hope to see how LG will react and rectify the situations for those select few, if not them all.

Samsung’s New GALAXY TAB A(6) 10.1 + S PEN

Samsung’s New GALAXY TAB A(6) 10.1 + S PEN

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch display with S pen

Back in September amidst the excitement of the Note 7 release Samsung released another budget tablet into the Korean market. This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1  that allegedly comes with the S pen and S pen innovation suites that was found on the awesome Note 7. The U.S. release date was also set for OCT. 28 2016. Any release dates for Canada is still not known. You can order them now through various U.S. channels. The device is priced just below the TAB S2 and has significant improvements over the previous iteration’s of the TAB A family.

The Hardware (SPECS)

  • 10.1-inch WUXGA display with a resolution of 1,920×1,200 pixels
  • Exynos 7870 octo-core processor
  • Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB of storage
  • Expandable microSD storage up to 256GB
  • 1.22 pounds (553 grams)
  • Wi-Fi-only
  • Antiglare screen with blue light filter

Despite being budget we found that the tablet is worth it due to it’s specs. This is a 10.1 inch tablet which is set to retail for about 350$. The display resolution is better at 1920 x 1200 and comes with the same S Pen stylus with S pen app’s found on the Note 7. The S pen is a great tool which does not need to be charged and utilizes Wacom technology for precise writing and drawing. As the software found on the Note 7 also should exist here users will be able to not only write and draw but also select items, modify, edit, and even capture a portion of your screen as screen shots or as an animated GIF. The new Samsung Notes is also available, which combines previous Note phablet apps such as Action Memo, S Note, and Scrapbook all into one app.

The tablet runs on the Exynos 7870 SoC which run’s alongside of the 3 GB RAM. There is only 16 GB of on-board storage but that is also paired with a micro SD slot that supports storage sizes of up to 256 GB of expandable storage on top. It is rare to see microSD support on tablets now a days.

The Camera is a 8 MP main and a 2 MP front facing camera set up. The device has a 7,300 mAh battery with which Samsung claims can provide you a usage time of up to 13 hours. We will find Bluetooth 4.2 LE and USB 2.0 connections.

The tablet is a WIFI unit but an LTE version is also expected to be released soon into the future.

Should you get it?

Despite being priced lower than Samsung’s flagship Tablet models known as the S series (S and S2) the Tab A provides a strong performing spec on board for a fraction of the price. This device is highly recommended for anyone still in the market for a tablet with the added feature of being able to draw, write and design with the S pen.

Galaxy Note 8 to Come in 2017?

Galaxy Note 8 to Come in 2017?



Samsung has basically confirmed that the Note branding is not dead yet. Despite the burning situation with the Note 7 the brand simply cannot die easily as the situation was, lets face it, self-contained. It is known that Samsung has begun working on the Galaxy S8 device and have already passed various patents for some strange designs. However, the Note brand is worth approximately 51 Billion$ and it is hard to believe that Samsung would disband the Note brand altogether.

Samsungs Discount Program for Note 7 Users

There has been online polls where users voted whether or not they would purchase the Note 8. A surprising number of users have opted yes to purchasing the Note 8. On top of this Samsung has promised South Korean consumers a “Upgrade” program for previous Note 7 owners. This includes current users who will not give up the phone still. Previous owners of the Note 7 in South Korea are able to trade in the GALAXY S7 or S7 EDGE (that they traded for the doomed Note 7 )  to upgrade to the S8 or the Note 8 when available. In addition to this Samsung is providing those users a 50% discount as well. Samsung seems to be using this opportunity to encourage current Note 7 users to trade up to the Note 8 when available. This offer is not yet available in other markets.

The Note 8 on the Horizon

Does this mean that previous owners of the fantastic Note 7 devices can hope to see a similar deal come to their own country outside of South Korea? It is expected that Samsung should make some sort of further announcements in regards to this. The Note 7 debacle caused a lot of damage to Samsung’s immediate future with much certainty. It seems that Samsung is doing their best to minimize the damage by deploying various methods to ensure customer loyalty in their brand. Certainly, if Samsung took that extra step to ensure customer loyalty through a program made available for past users of the Note 7 they can most likely see good results.

We will see.

How to Unlock HTC One

unlock htc one

How To Unlock The HTC One

The HTC One series have been very popular in the US and across the world. In fact, in the US, they are the third largest selling brand after iPhone and Samsung. Users are fans of the phone’s robust mechanism. CNET has even branded this as a ‘near-ideal smartphone.’ You can either buy them directly from the seller by paying for it outright, or purchase a SIM locked phone through the service provider. The latter is more convenient, especially if you are buying it on a student – friendly budget. The only problem with the purchase of a locked phone is when you are traveling outside the country; roaming charges for most service providers is atrocious! Besides, there’s not much you can do about an unresolved dispute with a service provider.

How We Help:

Call us if you are wondering how to unlock the HTC One. We can help you switch carriers without having to pay service charges or other penalty fees. All we need is the IMEI number and your email address; we’ll send the unlock code directly. Within 24 hours, you are free to choose your service provider.

How To Unlock The HTC One:

Follow these simple steps:

• Send us your IMEI number (Dial *#06# on your phone for the IMEI number)
• Send us your contact details, i.e. the email address where you want us to send the unlocked code
• Make payment if you agree to the pricing. Within few hours of receiving the payment, we’ll send the unlocked codes
• Insert the new SIM Code into the device to make sure that the phone is indeed locked. If it is so, you will get a message that says ‘Network Locked. Please contact customer care’.
• Now switch off the phone and restart it. You’ll be prompted to enter a security code.
• Enter our eight digit security code – your phone is now SIM unlocked.

This is a permanent unlock and does not affect the warranty

Call us to learn how to unlock HTC one

Moto Z: Are Mod’s the Way of the Future?

Moto Z: Are Mod’s the Way of the Future?

moto z

The Moto Z device is a new design created by Motorola. It is a thin and fast device that has a magnetic back to snap on “Mod” accessories which we find to be practical and very simple to use.

Debuted in July the premium device called the Moto Z introduced a new way of creative design. This caused waves of opinions among the crowds. This is a far cry to the LG G5 device which fell short on its own implementation of swappable components. The Moto Z offered a better take on Modular implementation which was intuitive and very easy to understand.

Alternatively the Moto Z Play was also released on September where the hardware was reduced a bit while the battery was increased. It is a more affordable variant of the Moto Z.



The Specs of the MOTO Z is as follows:


  • AMOLED display (16M colors) @ 5.5 inches and 2560 x 1440 (~535 ppi)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Android 6 (upgrade to Android 7 available soon)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
  • microSD support moto_mods_insta-share_projetor_and_jbl_soundboost_thumb
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 13 MP, f/1.8 laser autofocus, OIS available camera
  • 5 MP f/2.2 front facing camera
  • 2600mAh Li-ion battery

According to Motorola the “Moto Mods” is more about functionality rather than form. You can snap on a higher capacity battery, an expanded speaker system, a projector, and a robust camera system developed with Hasselblad.

The functionality over form comes from the fact that these “snap on’s” actually add a bit of bulk to the device itself. Without the add on’s we are left with a phone that just feels naked and exposed at the back (with metal connectors). You can snap on a simple back cover where Motorola released a slew of various back cover designs. Nonetheless, we must applaud Motorola for creating the most simple method of using add-on’s on the device. The magnetic snap on’s are much more intuitive compared to the clunky LG G5 which requires you to remove the battery first by sliding it out which effectively disrupts your work flow.


The Moto Z is a powerful device which can easily rival other high end device’s. Even if you opt to not use the mods we are looking at a beefy processor, and high end specs that will easily power through your daily tasks.

The Death of the Note 7

The Death of the Note 7


Following the series of fires, smokes, and battery failures was the worldwide recall of all Galaxy Note 7’s. This involved over 2.5 million units that had to be exchanged for new ones. The trouble did not end here when Samsung began receiving reports that even the replacement units that Samsung had stated it should be “safe to use” began catching fire as well. A Note 7 was reduced to smoke in the cabin of a plane which caused an emergency evacuation on that specific flight. A popular video was released showing how the Note 7 begins to emit smoke in the hands of a woman who ended up fainting from inhaling the toxic fumes. Of course, drastic measures were needed. An official notice was provided by Samsung today that stated the official discontinuation of the Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. Samsung has announced this to various outlets including the CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. Samsung has permanently halted all production for the Galaxy Note 7. Some speculate with good reasoning that the “Note” brand is also officially over into the future.

The Note 7 was initially released in August but a little less than a month later the night mare of fires emerging from the Note 7’s batteries exploded all over social media and news outlets. After Samsung seemingly contained the situation they resumed sales for the Note 7 on October 1st. We know that the Note 7’s sales did not let up due to the fires. They sold fast.

Samsung has called for “all carrier and retail partners globally” to accept returns and stop sales.

Reuters has reported that killing the Note 7 will be extremely expensive. “This is translated into lost sales of up to 19 million phones, or nearly $17 billion.” This is the reason why many think the Note brand and series is now over due to this huge fiasco.

It is advised for all Note 7 users to return their devices back to Samsung as it is evident that support and future updates are dropped. A future patch may come to force users to return their devices for an exchange or a full refund via their primary sources of purchase. The initially recalled Note 7 devices received a mandatory firmware update that limited the battery capacity and pops up an error message every now and then.

Visit HERE for more information on Samsungs site

Unlock Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge

unlock samsung galaxy s7 edge

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was until some months ago, the fastest selling mobile phone in 2016. Samsung sold around 13.3 million phones this year! The phone’s user friendly features, dual edged display, and sleek design were key factors that led to its popularity across the world. But, at $780, it does not come cheap.
Buying them through a network carrier for contract is probably the only reasonable way out. But you’ll be locked in for the contract period (a minimum of 2 years). And moving out of the country entails paying sky high roaming costs. We suggest an affordable alternative – unlock your Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge through us and switch service providers. Here’s how to do it:

– Send us your IMEI code ( Press *#06# on your device to get the IMEI number)

– We’ll scan our database to look for a code for your device

– If the code is available, we’ll send you a message asking contact information

– The code is sent via email as soon as you make the payment

– Remove the SIM card from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

– Insert the new SIM Card from a service provider of your choice

– Enter the SIM unlock code when prompted

– Your phone will be unlocked in a few minutes

Before you attempt to unlock, make sure that the new SIM card is compatible with the device, and you haven’t attempted to unlock the phone before. Network carriers also offer unlock codes, but only after the lock-in period. Besides, getting through customer service for the unlock codes is a tedious and time consuming process. It takes less than 5 minutes when you do it through us. We
offer them for the lowest price on the internet.

Need help to unlock your Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge? Contact us…

IP67 & IP68 Waterproofing Phones Explained

Water”Proofing” Explained (IP67 vs IP68 and others)


For some time now we have seen the likes of Sony advertise waterproof designs in their smartphone line up. Samsung introduced the IP68 rating in their S7 / S7 Edge and even the Note 7 devices this year. It seems that Apple has joined the fray and introduced the IP67 rating in their iPhone 7 line up.

Lets take a look at the original Apple Watch with the IPX7 certification. Cupertino actually stated that “[while] the Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, [the Watch] is not waterproof. You can use the product during exercise, in the rain, and while washing your hands, but submerging Apple Watch is not recommended.”

What Does the IP67 and IP68 Actually Mean?

A lot of smartphones today have various certifications with IPXX. The first digit pertains to protection against dust particles while the second number shows the devices resistance against water. This rating system was created to inform equipment operators of how well the device or equipment is protected against the elements. The digits simply conform to the conditions summarized by the information below.

IP – International Protection marking, this is a standard created by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Comission). IP can also stand for “Ingress Protection”.

6 – The “6” in IP6X translates into “Dust Tight’. Basically this means that there is no ingress of dust. A completely sealed protection against contact. As the numbers decrease we see less protection against dust elements or a different kind of protection against physical or foreign objects coming into contact with internal hardware. For example, a number 2 would allow the equipment to be effective against fingers or smaller objects. You would see this in power outlets.

7- The “7” in IP67 is effective against “Immersion of up to 1m of water”. Important factors to consider would be the amount of depth and the amount of time submerged.

8- The “8” in IP68 is effective against “Immersion beyond 1m”. The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which must be specified by the manufacturer. Generally equipment with the IP68 rating should be fully sealed. However, sometimes devices such as smartphones could allow water to enter certain spaces but create zero harmful effects.


Samsung, for example indicated that the S7 and S7 edge is protected up to watery depths of 1.5 meters (5 feet) for up to 30 minutes. This is quite amazing for a smartphone device. This would be the manufacturers specification users must understand.

Apple’s iPhone 7 has a slightly lower rating of IP67. This means that the phone will survive depths of up to but not exceeding 1 meter and for a time limit of generally around 30 minutes.

Important Notes on Wear and Tear and Pressure

It is important to note that because Smartphones are very sturdy yet at the same time contain extremely delicate hardware we need to be mindful of a few things. First, these mobile devices are not water PROOF. Rather, they are water resistant. One must be mindful that this certification is not everlasting physically on the device. We will see wear and tear occurring on your phone as you use and drop it. Wear and Tear will compromise the integrity of your IP rating.

Another important aspect to consider is the type of force the liquid’s impose upon your phone. Though the phone should survive calm waters it cannot resist against water jets that make contact with your phone directly with force. There are other non smartphone equipment with stronger IP ratings that can resist extremely high pressures of water but our smartphones will not survive that at all. As the device sinks lower into deeper depths the seals that protect your internals can easily break due to increased water pressure. If the device is held under a stronger pressurized amount of water, you may see issues occurring.


What Device would be Truly Water Proof?

If you want a device that can withstand outdoor activity and other extreme activities you should look out for the IP68 + MIL-STD 810G certification. This enables your phone to withstand low pressure altitudes, high temperature, low temperature, contamination by fluids, solar raiation, humidity, salt fog, sand, dust, and a wide range of environmental conditions.

The MIL-STD 810 is extremely effective for those who enjoy outdoor recreation, extreme sports and for those who work in skill trades such as construction. These phones may be recognized as “rugged” phones.

Final Thought’s

While it is great to see manufacturers utilize ingress protection certification in their manufacturing design process it is important to note that our devices, still need our care. Get informed, look up all information online and really try to see past marketing facades.

New Google Pixel & Pixel XL Review

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Quick Review



Google set out into 2016 with a new goal in mind. Get rid of the Nexus name and usher in a new era for the Pixel series “made by Google”. The word is that Huawei was supposed to be the partner with Google for 2016. Unfortunately, once the company found out that the Huawei branding is not going to be showcased in any way in the advertisements and in the phones Huawei backed out. HTC took the spot as Google’s partner to create the two devices we see today; Google Pixel and the Pixel XL.

The review here is simply to look at the general information released by Google on these two devices and for us to make a quick judgement. Of course, we will need to spend more time with these puppies when possible to give a better review later on. So stay tuned.


What is the difference between the Pixel and the Pixel XL?

The Pixel was introduced alongside its elder brother the Pixel XL (which is a lot more expensive as well). The difference between the two aren’t that great other than the battery capacity and the display specs.

The Pixel comes with a 5″ FHD AMOLED screen 1920 x 1080 (441ppi) while the Pixel XL comes with a 5.5″ QHD AMOLED Display 2560 x 1440 (534ppi). The battery capacity is also quite different in capacity with the Pixel rated at 2770mAh and the XL sporting a 3450mAh battery. Of course, as the Pixel XL is a larger phone the dimensions are a bit larger too and a tiny bit heavier.

Similarities between the Two

This is where their differences ends. In terms of other hardware features and software features the two devices are the same. They both run on the new Snapdragon 821 processor which operates via the 2×2 Kryo cores which have higher clock speeds compared to the Snapdragon 820. The GPU will be the Adreno 530 also with higher clock speeds compared to the Adreno 530 found on the 820 SoC. Technically, the Pixel phone’s are the first devices to get the 821 SoC and this should make these phones the fastest and most up to date mobile phones in 2016 compared to the flurry of smartphone releases with the likes of the iPhone 7, Note 7, HTC 10, One plus 3 and more.

Both the Pixel and the Pixel XL will have 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, a 32 or 128 GB internal storage base. Unfortunately, both phone’s will not feature a microSD slot.  Corning Gorilla Glass 4 glass is also used as both phones are seamlessly built from metal and glass. These are two premium devices. They will both have the USB Type C connection and a huge advertised feature is that the Pixel can charge up 7 hours of battery life within 15 minutes of fast charging. We suspect this is possible with the advent of Quick Charge 3.0.

Google Daydream VR

The Snapdragon 821 has a 10% increase in performance so we should see improved performance in VR as well.

Speaking of VR, the Pixel phone’s will be the first to be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform which has been announced. Google has been teasing us with the much anticipated Daydream platform for some time now. It seems that there is much fruit to their works. The larger 5.5″ QHD screen will be a lot more pleasant to use via the Pixel XL with the VR headset for certain compared to the smaller Pixel’s FHD. QHD screens generally have a lot more sharper images displayed on screen.


Mobile Photography


The Camera is a rather large part of their advertisement as well as Google stated that these phones hit the highest mobile DxO photography score of 89, a record high in the industry of smartphone cameras. DXO mark has stated that “the Pixel has the highest rated smartphone camera ever tested.” Both models carry the 12.3 MP camera with rather low level’s of noise in various lighting conditions. Both phone’s are said to have very fast autofocus, accurate exposures, and great control of white balance. Low light photography is also much improved with an aperture of f/2.0.

Many have rated the Galaxy S7 Edge as the device with the best smartphone camera. It’s DXOMark was rated at 88. The Pixel impressed us with a slightly higher score of 89. We are confident, in this case, that the Pixel will be a very strong performer.

Google Assistant

The Pixel devices are the first to have Google Assistant built into the software. Users simply need to touch and hold the home button and say the “word”. The Assistant then comes up and gets to work. Google’s event demo’ed the Assistant being used to bring out photos from specific times and places, plays music of your choice and your favorite music app as default. This feature also integrate the Google Now on Tap function which is very useful when quickly asking your phone for directions to places, for restaurants, phone calls, and access into other apps. The Assistant can also make reservations for you at particular restaurants.


Endless cloud Storage

Google has taken off the size limitation and compression of images and allows free unlimited storage space for “full resolution” images and videos shot with your Pixel. This also supports your 4K video shots.

Headphone Jack a Welcome Return

The Pixel smartphones will feature awesome 3.5mm headphone jacks! To be honest the headphone jacks are placed on the top of the phone’s so that is up for subjective opinions.

3 Colors

The handsets will come in 3 colors, “Quite Black”, “Really Blue”, and “Very Silver”. The model designs, to be honest, reminds us of a cross between the HTC 10 and the iPhone 5 model.

Fast Updates & Assistance & Connectivity

Google will be updating the Pixel as soon as updates are available. Google phones will always be first to obtain the latest Android software upgrades. Included in the handsets software is a 24 hour live support system directly to Google’s phone support. The tech support operator will be able to see exactly what is on your screen an help you out with your situation. Google has updated the Pixel’s hardware to be able to get the 7 hours of power with only 15 minutes of quick charging for awesome on the go endurance. Finally we see the inclusion of Google Duo which is Google’s own video chat application.   pixel charge





3 Things To Know Before You Contact Us To Unlock iPhone 7


3 iPhone 7 Features You Don’t Want To Miss

The iPhone 7 may look like the iPhone 6 or the phone before that. But it’s certainly got some excellent features. Here’s what you ought to know before you contact us to unlock the iPhone7:

• Water Resistant:

You can now dunk your iPhone 7 in water and yet be able to use it. And it is dust resistant as well. Apple never makes a half-hearted attempt at innovation. They re-engineered the phone inside out with new seals and adhesives to make the phone tough enough to resist a few splashes of water (it’s not yet ready to be used while swimming). The phone can resist up to 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes, but you’ll have to dry it out completely before reuse.

• Camera:

The low-light camera is a new feature that’s everyone raving about. Improved front and rear cameras ensure that photos are clearer, brighter, and sharper. The 12-megapixel high-speed sensor is fast and efficient. The image signal processor helps with focus, white balance, exposure, and extensive color capture for true to life pictures. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus has dual lens – this helps to create zoom features that allow users to switch seamlessly between standard zoom and optical zoom without losing any of the details. Facetime calls are now going to be more real than ever.

• Wireless Ear Phones:

The new iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack. You can now listen through Bluetooth headphones. Of course, you can connect through a dongle. And if you choose to buy an AirPod, get ready to pay $159.

And then, there is a host of other minor features like stereo speakers, phones that auto – wake, and improved display, and more. For those who can’t afford to buy it outright, network carriers offer to sell it for a discount. The only downside- your SIM will be locked for a stipulated period, or until you’ve paid for the phone. We suggest that you buy it through them and contact us to unlock the iPhone 7. You can switch to another carrier if you are moving to another country without having to pay roaming fees.
Wondering how to unlock the iPhone 7? Contact us…