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Galaxy S8’s Most Exciting Leaks

Galaxy S8’s Most Exciting Leaks



The Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming soon and it is in the works as we speak. Currently, the S7 and S7 Edge takes the top spot for smart phones around the world for great design, powerful specs, and a fantastic low light camera.

Consumers will always demand more and manufacturers will always do their best to pump out high end specs in a tiny body that seems to cut bits off as we go.


This is the latest round up of Galaxy S8 rumors and leaks.

What we hope to see in the new upcoming flagship is sort of in line with many enthusiasts also waiting for the S8 to launch. Not only is the basic parameters expected such as; more powerful specs, thinner design, bigger battery, new revamped UI, improved ergonomics and additions of software and hardware features not seen in any other device.

We look forward to 2017 where Samsung is expected to release their next flag ship model. If the previous release cycle pattern is followed we should see the S8 device unveiled during Mobile World Congress in 2017. The potential launch date could be February 26 2017.

After the Note 7 situation some say many fans and users lost “faith” while other reports state that not that many users actually left but are willing to return to the next iteration of Samsung’s products. For us personally, we are willing to return and get back on the Samsung band wagon. Of course, because of the problems caused by the Note 7 debacle we expect Samsung to step it up and provide compelling advertisements to lure people back (whether it be a discount for previous Note 7 owners, or a focus on new features that can possibly bring in the wow factor again).

Coming back to the features that are much talked about we expect the S8 to launch in two models: the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy s8 Edge. It is possible that Samsung is looking to release two variants of it. There is potential for Samsung to release a 3rd variant of the device to try and cover for the Note 7 which is now missing from their smart phone portfolio. This could be seen as a large screen Galaxy S8 with S pen technology included.


Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge Display

An important rumor that has been going around indicates that the Galaxy S8 is expected to release only curved displays. It is possible for Samsung to remove a flat screened younger brother from their line up.

Another rumor indicated that Samsung is going for an all screen device which could possible fulfill a 90% screen to body ratio dream. This is an echo of an already existing phone (Xiaomi Mi Mix).

Samsung is a leader in terms of mobile technology along with their display innovations. We would not be surprised to see Samsung go for an all screen display.

Final few details include Samsung getting rid of the home button and 3.5mm audio jack. Samsung may opt to include new technology which enables the entire front display to work as a giant home button via fingerprint sensors embedded directly into the display.


Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge Hardware

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 + 6 GB RAM
  • Iris/Fingerprint sensors
  • Battery Capacity above 3400mAh
  • New and Improved Camera with f/1.4 aperture

We expect the next flagship models to sport the newly unveiled SD830 SoC. This is a powerful new chip made by Qualcomm and unveiled a few months ago. Many claim that 6 GB RAM storage s is the new norm and thus Samsung is expected to follow in suit. Iris scanning, which was first revealed on the Note 7, was not a gimmick and actually worked, and worked very fast in unlocking your device and gaining access to your accounts on various websites and apps using your Iris. We expect this also to be included in all their next flag ship devices.

The battery capacity is a bit difficult to swallow, 3400mAh was found in the Note 7 and the Note 7 had the largest battery pack compared to previous Note devices. However, after the issue with batteries melting down we doubt Samsung would try to increase the battery size unless they can be 100% sure it will be safe. With so much technology packed into a small device we could see that the Li-Ion battery packs face a lot of physical strain with use.

Samsung had a great year in 2016 with their S7 Camera. It featured a dual pixel focus (a spec that is found also in DSLR’s such as the Canon 70D) and an aperture of f/1.7. It was a fantastic camera with excellent sharpness, color reproduction, and very strong low light performance thanks to its wide aperture not found in any other devices so far. Many are looking forward to a camera module with an even greater expectation of high end specs.

An aperture of f/1.4 may be a bit too much for a smart phone but if Samsung can make the delivery smooth and functional this could be a killer feature.     samsung-galaxy-note-7

Galaxy S8 / S8 Edge Software

  • Viv personal assistant is confirmed
  • Android Nougat (7.0 +)

Android Nougat is the future and should be found in any new future devices. It comes with a slew of improvements and adjustments that make our smart phones a lot more efficient. Of course, Samsung likes to skin their UI and add a bunch of functions and software features. Some will like it, some will not but we have noticed that the most recent Touchwiz UX software is cleaner and very nice to use.

On top of this we have seen Samsung confirm that Viv assistant will be included. This AI is expected to compete against Google and Apples own personal AI systems.



All information provided is based off of rumors and leaks, we must take every detail with a grain of sand. However, some things are quite obvious due to their existence and press releases (such as Viv, and the iris scanner). We are excited as much as many other smartphone fans who look forward to the future towards newer and better tech. We simply hope that Samsung can prove to the public that their new flagship will not have fatal issues as the Note 7 did and to topple other smartphones as king again with fantastic features and specs.

How To Unlock LG Phone

Unlock LG Phone

how to unlock lg

All That You Wanted To Know About Unlocking Phones

We’ve been using smartphones for about a decade now, yet there remains confusion about

unlocking phones. Are we allowed to, or are we not? And more importantly, is it legal? Read

further to know how to unlock an LG phone:

– What is a phone lock?

A phone lock is a simple software code put on the phone by the manufacturer as per the

directions of the carrier. The lock prevents users from switching carriers – to do so, you will

have to enter another software code that unlocks the device. Most phones support GSM carriers,

i.e. you will have to insert a SIM card to use the phone. To switch carriers, you have to replace

SIM cards. Some phones are CDMA, i.e. they do not need a SIM card and to switch carriers on

these phones you will have to request the service provider. At, we offer to

unlock codes for GSM phones only.

– Different companies have different lock policies:

Before switching network carriers, you will have to make sure that the phone supports a GSM

carrier and not CDMA or LTE. The latter is available unlocked through Verizon, but they’re not

very effective through other service providers. Earlier AT&T did not encourage customers to

unlock – they either delayed or simply refused on some pretext. But now, AT&T does unlock

phones provided you have completed your contract and have paid for the phone. And your

payment records are excellent. You can either spend time and money trying to get help from

your service provider or call us! We’ll unlock your phone in less than 24 hours. All we need the

phone’s IMEI number, make and model – our unlock codes are accurate 95.5% of the time.

Call us to know how to unlock an LG phone. We’ll help you…

Galaxy S7 Edge Christmas Deals

Galaxy S7 Edge Christmas Deals



Samsung Canada is celebrating this Christmas season of 2016 by providing sales on their flag ship model the Galaxy S7 Edge. In the few months Samsung added to their portfolio a Coral Blue version of the S7 Edge device. At this time Samsung Canada is providing sales on their own website. The current deal is as following: A GALAXY S7 Edge with a FREE Gear Fit 2 watch for only 900 CAD. Alternatively the S7 (non edge) which does not have the Coral Blue option is available for 800 CAD still including a FREE Gear Fit 2 watch. We assume that this deal is available while supplies last and even then we do not know how long this will last.


We saw a similar deal during black friday  / cyber monday where they sold the S7 edge for 850 (without the GEAR FIT 2). This is the best price we will see the S7 Edge sold at before they announce the new and upcoming GALAXY S8 device expected sometime early 2017.

Do you think it is a good buy at this time? Should we wait for a better deal or until prices are cut? Let us know what you think below!

Wind Mobile Launches LTE Services with a Rebrand

Wind Mobile Launches LTE Services with a Rebrand


Wind recently launched their new LTE services alongside with a new brand. Freedom Mobile. Their 3G network which runs on the AWS frequency bands is being joined with a new BAND 66 LTE service. The network service should be available in every operable market by August.

Since its acquisition by Calgary-based Shaw Communications, Wind has gained over one million customers since launch under foreign ownership in 2008.

Huge discounts were provided on mobile services within major urban city centers but it runs on a lower end spectrum band that still faces issues such as slow or dropped signals.

The new LTE service is rolled out already in Toronto and Vancouver regions. By 2017 all other areas that the company works in should be covered.

Wind plans range between 25 to 50 dollars a month which usually includes unlimited talk, text, and data plans. The catch is that the network is based on spotty service.


Why the Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire due to “aggressive” designs



According to a company called Instrumental testing has been performed on the device to determine the cause of the exploding Galaxy Note 7. Results show that Samsung has been too “aggressive” with the design making the devices fire-prone. This is particularly related to how the battery was installed as well.

Since it’s release in August 2016 and throughout the next few months where the South Korean giant had to take action through a total recall of all Galaxy Note 7 units users have been reporting a slew of explosions in various locations around the world. Some of these circumstances have video footage, images and various news coverage. Samsung had no choice but to make the better decision to do a total recall.

A manufacturing technology company called Instrumental performed their own testing and tear down of the device. They believe they came upon the reasons as to why the Note 7’s were so fire prone.

The battery is created with a positive layer (lithium cobalt oxide) along side a negative layer made of graphite. There is another layer within the battery that separates these two positive / negative layers. The middle layer allows energy to flow back and forth between the two layers. If the Positive and Negative layers were to physically touch this would generate heat and lead to an explosion.

The aggressive design of the Note 7 to pack the best modules and features in an extremely thin profile contributed to this trouble. When users sit on or put pressure on the Note 7 devices we can see forces acted upon the battery that can lead to a tear in the middle layer. The battery was too large to fit in such a small space. Normally 10% spacing must be provided around the perimeter of the battery. Samsung left no spaces in some spots.

The battery also expands as users charge and use the device. This would put additional pressure on the battery itself as it pushes itself against the frame of the device.

The solution to the problem would have been to include a smaller battery than what Samsung decided. Of course, business wise this would have put Samsung at a disadvantage against Apple. However, this move may have saved Samsung from the great trouble it is still facing today.

How to Unlock a LG Phone

unlock lg phone

How To Unlock An LG Phone

Using an unlocked phone makes it easy for users to choose from cheap SIM only deals available

across the country. It also makes it easy for users to pass on their old phone to a family member

or friend. However, not many people know how to unlock their phones. If you own an LG

model, here’s how to unlock an LG phone:

 It is not illegal to unlock your phone in the US and Canada. If you are outside the contract

period, call your carrier and ask them to do it for you. Different carriers have different

policies for unlocking phones – you will have to check with the company about charges if


 And if you are within the contract period, call us with information about your IMEI number,

make and model.

 How do I get the IMEI number, you ask? Press *#06# on your phone.

 Send us your email address for us to send the unlock code

 We’ll send in the code after you’ve made the payment, i.e. within 24 hours after we’ve

received the money.

 Insert the new SIM card and enter the code when prompted.

 Your phone is now unlocked and free to be used with any network carrier.

 But before calling us, make sure the new SIM card is compatible with the device – CDMA

phones do not work on GSM carriers.

Are you wondering about how to unlock your LG phone? Call us…

How To Unlock HTC One

unlock htc

How To Unlock HTC One Phone

Unlocking gives you the freedom to choose from different network carriers and service plans. It

also helps when you are traveling outside the country – replace your SIM card with the local card

purchased in that country! If you are wondering how to unlock your HTC One, read further:

 You will have to begin by knowing your IMEI number. This is usually printed under the

phone’s battery. But since the HTC One is a sealed one, you can know your IMEI number by

pressing *#06# on your phone.

 Send us your contact details, for us to be able to send information about unlocking your

phone. We’ll also need information about the make, model, and the network carrier that the

phone is tied to.

 We’ll send you the payment information. The HTC One code will be emailed after you’ve

made the payment

 To unlock your phone, insert a SIM card from a different service provider. Enter the unlock

code that we’ve mailed to you

 Your phone is now unlocked and ready to be used with any SIM

But before you call us asking how to unlock my HTC One, please ensure that the carrier you’ve

now chosen supports GSM phones. Call us if you are unsure before buying the unlock code.

Looking to switch network carriers? Call us to know how to unlock the HTC One

Unlock the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5

Rogers released the Samsung Galaxy S5 for their network in February 2014. It was available in 16GB and 32GB model variants, which can be externally expanded up to 256GB. It was also available in black, white, gold, or blue. The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1″ super AMOLED touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. It also has a 16MP camera, 2160p video recorder, and a 2MP front-facing camera. This device uses a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and an Adreno 330. The S5 is also IP67 certified, which means it’s water and dust resistant up to 1.5 meters and 30 minutes. Once unlocked, this device can be used with compatible networks around the globe!

Unlock Your Rogers Samsung Galaxy S5 Today!

Unlock the Sprint iPhone SE

Sprint released the iPhone SE earlier this year in March. It was released with the iPhone 7 and 7+. The iPhone SE is available in 16GB and 64GB model variants and in silver, grey, gold, or rose gold. This model was released running iOS 9.3.2 but can now be upgraded to iOS 10.1. The SE has a 4″ LED-backlit, IPS LCD touch screen and a 12MP camera, with a 2160p video recorder. You can also FaceTime on wireless or cellular data connection with its 1.2MP FaceTime camera. Although compact, this model has the same features and similar specifications as the iPhone 7 and 7+. With a more cost-efficient price tag, the iPhone SE is highly popular!

Unlock Your Sprint iPhone SE Today!

Unlock the Sprint iPhone SE

Apple released the iPhone SE this year, alongside the iPhone 7 and 7+. The iPhone SE is available in 16GB and 64GB model variants, and is avaiable in gray, silver, gold, or rose gold. This model has a 4″ LED-backlit, IPS LCD touch screen. It also has a 12MP camera, 2160p video recorder, and a 1.2MP FaceTime camera. The iPhone SE is an inexpensive alternative to the iPhone 7 and 7+ but with comparable specifications. This phone also supports Apple Pay for AMEX, MasterCard, and Visa.

Unlock Your Sprint iPhone SE Today!