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Unlock the Fido iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 was released in September of 2012. It was available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB model variants, and in black or white. This model can currently be updated to iOS 9.3.2. The iPhone 5 has a 4″ IPS LCD, LED-backlit, touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. This device also has an 8MP camera, 1080p video recorder, and a 1.2MP FaceTime camera (which supports FaceTime with a cellular or wireless data connection). With the iPhone 5, you can create HD panoramic images, tag your location in your photos, and much more! This device also supports wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, active noise control, Siri, and iCloud.

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Unlock the Fido iPhone 4S

Apple released the iPhone 4S back in October of 2011. It was available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB model variants. It was also available in black or white. This model was launched running iOS 5 but it can now be upgraded to iOS 9.3.2. The iPhone 4S has a 3.5″ LED-backlit, IPS LCD, touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. It also has an 8MP camera, 1080p video recorder, and a VGA FaceTime camera with a 480p video recorder. The 4S supports Siri, iCloud, iMessage, wi-fi, bluetooth, and GPS. Once unlocked, this device can be used with compatible GSM network providers.

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Pebble 2, Time 2, Pebble Core

Pebble 2

Over the past few years, smartwatches have really gained traction. You might think of the Apple watch or the Samsung Gear watches, but how many of you have heard of the Pebble watch?

First, they came out with the original Pebble watch. It was a watch that doubled as a smart accessory that could be connected to your phone through bluetooth. This meant you could get notifications–and even send responses, make calls, and reject calls–all day without having to reach for your phone. It featured a small display that utilized e-ink to boost its battery life to a whopping 7 days. The Pebble app that you installed onto your phone allowed you to browse an app store filled with user-developed apps. It also had the advantage of being able to connect to either iPhones or Androids.

The company has since released the Pebble Steel and the Pebble Round. Pebble has again turned toward Kickstarter to fund their newest creations, the Pebble 2, Time 2, and the Pebble Core.

Both new watches have built-in activity and sleep tracking. The Pebble 2 is the nicer and sleeker successor to their original Pebble watch. It comes in the colours: Flame, Aqua, Black, White, and Lime. It still sports an e-ink display that is, unfortunately, still black and white. It’s still water resistant and has 7 day battery life, with the added benefits of a 24/7 heart rate monitor and a microphone. Of course, it’s very reasonably priced at just $99.

The Time 2 has a larger colour e-ink display and it has all of the benefits of the Pebble 2, but it can last up to 10 days on a single charge and the price starts at $169. The Time 2 is also made of steel and is available in Black, Gold, and Silver.

The Pebble Core is one of their most exciting creations yet. For just $69, you get a screenless device with programmable buttons. It tracks your location, distance, as well as pace with GPS, can send an emergency SOS signal, and pairs with the Pebble watch. It also takes in SIM cards so that you can use 3G, bluetooth, or WiFi anywhere. You’ll also get the added ability of streaming Spotify. This makes the Core the perfect running companion. It’s super lightweight and can do up to 9 hours of location tracking and offline music.

Pebble has always had success with Kickstarter, claiming first and third place on Kickstarters’ “Most Funded” record. Their new campaign is currently over 965% funded with another 28 days to, taking fourth place in Kickstarters’ records.

– Caroline

HTC 10 and Galaxy J7 from T-Mobile will require App Unlock

HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy J7 T-Mobile Unlock App

unlock t-mobile htc 10

T-Mobile launched a new application to Google Play Store, one which will let compatible gadget owners SIM unlock their phone, permitting them to use the gadget on another supported network. Upon opening the application on a supported gadget, you will be met with 2 options. Request for a real unlock and request for temporary unlock. The temporary unlock is used when a user would like to take their phone out the country, at which point they use a domestic carriers SIM to receive and make calls.

The permanent option permits for customers fully rid themselves of carrier ties, permitting the phone to job on any compatible network going forward. We think it is quite perfect move by T-Mobile, but again, it is an application that request unlock. You still have to go through T-Mobile to get those requests granted.

How to apply a Mobile Device Unlock for T-Mobile HTC 10 or Samsung Galaxy J7

⦁ From that app list, tap Device Unlock
⦁ Tap Continue
⦁ Select the wanted gadget unlock type: Permanent Unlock
⦁ If done, restart the gadget to apply the settings

If you are not eligible from T-Mobile, you can Get T-Mobile Unlock app

Always keep in mind

Note: if you don’t restart the gadget, you will have persistent update in the notification tray.
It is very vital to show that the customer has to have data when attempting to do the unlock either 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi data on the phone. If there is no data unlock will be failed, once a gadget has been white listed we will not be liable for failed unlocks.
If customer has replaced the original IMEI or software we will not be liable for the application not to job.
If customer cannot find the application on its mobile he can simply go to apps and make it visible but a Hard Reset will forever bring the app back to the phone.

Important Note

⦁ Ensure you use the real stock ROM (no Unbranded ROM or no custom firmware like CyanogenMod)
⦁ Turn off LTE/3G and force the use of a domestic WiFi Hotspot
⦁ Finally run a Hard Reset on your mobile phone.
⦁ Ensure you are using the modern version of Firmware for your mobile phone.
⦁ Ensure you use home WiFi (and not a company/public WiFi since they might restrict somehow your internet usage).

Watch here on How its done:

Rogers Note 4 Users Finally Receive Marshmallow


Notorious for having the slowest release times for software updates, Rogers has finally released Android Marshmallow for Galaxy Note 4 users. Rogers users can finally rejoice along with other Canadian users on carriers such as Bell, Telus, Wind, and Sasktel.

Originally set for the already-late release date of May 25th, fans were dismayed to wake up and find that the date had been pushed even further back for a May 30th upgrade. While some sources reported that the Note 4 should be receiving the 6.0.1 update today, the official Rogers schedule posted on their community forums indicates that the phone will be one of few to receive only the 6.0 update.

If you have a Galaxy Note 4 on Rogers and you haven’t received the update yet, you can manually check for the update by going to:

Settings > About Device > Software Update

If you have limited mobile-data included with your plan, make sure you’re on a WiFi connection because the update is quite hefty in size, taking up 1.5GB of space. You’ll also have to make sure that your device itself has enough storage before you can update.

– Caroline

Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge was released in April of 2015. It is available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB model variants. It’s also available in black, white, gold, or green. Unfortunately this model does not support external memory, but you will have access to 115GB on OneDrive. The S6 Edge has a 5.1″ super AMOLED, curved edge, touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. The S6 Edge also has a 16MP camera, 5MP front-facing camera, and a 2160p video recorder. This model uses an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM, providing optimal efficency. The S6 Edge also supports fingerprint sensor technology, wireless charging, and Samsung Pay for MasterCard and Visa.

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Unlock Your Argentina Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung released the Galaxy S6 in April of last year, alongside the S6 Edge. This model is available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB model variants which cannot be externally expanded. However, you have access to 115GB of cloud storage on OneDrive. This model was launched running Lollipop OS but can now be upgraded to Marshmallow OS. The Galaxy S6 has a 5.1″ super AMOLED touch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and TouchWiz UI. It also has a 16MP camera, a 2160p video recorder, and a 5MP front-facing camera (with a 1440p video recorder). With the S6, you can simultaneously record HD videos and images, create HD panoramic images, and much more! This model utilizes an octa-core processor and 3G RAM. It also includes a fingerprint, gyro, compass, and heart rate sensor (just to name a few). The S6 supports wireless charging and S-Voice. Once unlocked, it can be used with compatible GSM network providers around the globe!

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Mobilicity Gets Axed


Rogers just announced that its recent acquisition of Mobilicity, the carrier that once hoped to popularize unlimited phone plans in Canada, will be getting axed by the end of this year.

Existing Mobilicity users will be shuffled to Rogers’ smaller brand, Chat’r Mobile. Mobilicity will continue to accept new users until August 15th, and then customers will slowly be moved over to Chat’r sometime in the fall. Over the upcoming summer, all current users will have the option to browse through exclusively offered Chat’r plans to help customers with transitioning. Unfortunately, Rogers says that currently Mobilicity wireless plans will not be grandfathered in.

Mobilicity Bots

Despite Rogers’ insistence that the new Chat’r plans will offer “similar features and in a lot of cases offer more value,” current customers are reeling from the move. Not only are users likely to lose their unlimited data plans, but many Mobilicity locations will also be closed down due to their proximity to existing Chat’r stores and kiosks.

More than 150,000 current Mobilicity subscribers will be disrupted by this change, and judging by the general reaction of customers, many may be migrating to WIND before the summer is up.

– Caroline

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Foldable

It’s well known that Samsung has been trying to produce a successful foldable smartphone for many years now. While we’re not even halfway through 2016, there’s been suggestions of Samsung releasing five new flagship phones in 2017. On the list is: Galaxy S8, S8 edge, Note 7, Note 7 edge, and Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X is expected to be their foldable creation, possibly under the name “Project Valley” as well. Whether it will be a fold down the middle of the phone or have foldable edges, we don’t know yet. However, it’s expected to have at least a 5” 4K display. Some say it would look like a regular phone when folded up, but have the ability to expand in size to transform into a bigger device similar to a tablet when opened up.

We’ve been expecting such an outrageous device from the company for a while now. They’ve created curved TV’s and curved smartwatches. Their flagship phones started having an “edge.” It was only a matter of time before a curved or foldable smartphone was released. These days, it seems like every flagship smartphone is pretty much the same as the next, so we’re really anticipating a big change in the game. What are you expecting to see with the next big thing?

– Caroline