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Galaxy S8 Always-On Home Button moves around to prevent Burn-In

Galaxy S8 Always-On Home Button does not stay in one spot to prevent Burn-In


Samsung’s S8 will also come with the notable always-on display but that also includes a always on home button. User’s who worried about burn-in on the AMOLED display need no longer worry as Samsung incorporated a timer that moves the home button a little bit to prevent this.

The S8 dropped the physical home button in favor of a virtual/hardware button under the display. This solution, we found, is a lot more interesting and innovative. The pressure sensitive home key is possible thanks to a pressure strip under the lower part of the display underneath.

To enable the home button, simply go to AOD settings and select “Home button only”.

Thanks to this clever solution, Samsung has pretty much avoided any potential for a burn in image on the display. The people at Galaxy Club used a measuring tape to see how much it moves.


OLED displays, just like the old plasma displays, definitely are susceptible to burn-in issues. However, this can be avoided overall by having the pixels stay active and different images are played back. Static images will burn up diodes in these displays. This is why Samsung has AOD information move around on screen after a set timer is up.

The Best Accessories for the LG G6

The Best Accessories for the LG G6

The LG G6 is a solid choice as it is rated as one of the best all-around smartphone LG has ever created. While waiting for your package or before you pick up your brand new phone you may want to check out our list of the top Accessories available for the LG G6!


1. Spigen Liquid Crystal LG G6 Case


We love clear, see through skins and cases because not only does it actually show what you’ve invested in but it usually just feels great in the hands as long as it is slim. The LG G6 is a fantastic phone to look at from its interesting screen shape to the premium build of the body. Why cover it up when you can purchase this case to not only protect it from bumps, scratches, and drops but also show off your G6.

The case is slim, doesn’t cover up the modern look of the LG G6 and because it is designed by a long time manufacturer Spigen we are happy to recommend a quality product such as this.

2. Samsung 256 GB EVO+ UHS-I  microSD card


LG G6 devices in the west are getting a variant with only 32 GB of storage. This is certainly not enough in a short amount of time if you are a heavy media user. Those photos and videos you take will need to go somewhere and though the cloud may be reliable for long term storage, it isn’t really good for reliability in remote places or places you need to stay offline. Here we recommend the Samsung EVO+ 256 GB microSD card.

Samsung’s own microSD cards are actually fantastic for smartphones. They are fast, reliable, and high quality. Reviews on these cards are high as it can keep up with all your photography, videography, gaming and 4K content with relative ease. Get yourself a 256 GB microSD from Samsung to be future proofed with storage. Don’t ever run into insufficient storage issues like you do on iPhone’s.

3. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case


For those who use their phone’s in more rough environments should consider getting a rugged case. These cases have a “rugged” design with bumps and symmetrical shapes that all contribute to a very high level of protection for your device. The SUPCASE provides sturdy protection while it provides a grip that enables you to use your phone with a peace of mind. This is perfect for heavy duty jobs and out door adventures into the wild.

4. Mpow Phone Air Vent Car Mount


Most places in the world forbid the use of mobile devices in hand while driving. These Air Vent mounts are perfect for a nice drive down to wherever which leaves your hands free to focus on driving safely. The device attaches to your air vent and your phone will stick to it with a magnet on the back. This enables users to use it in portrait or landscape.

5. SuperShieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for LG G6


Despite the intriguingly new display style the phone still needs protection on the front glass element. The SuperShieldz provides a tempered glass protector that fits snugly and perfectly on your LG G6. Screen protectors are a must if you plan to sell your device away later down the road or if you simply would like to keep the display itself pristine and clear of tiny scratches. Screen protectors also bring a peace of mind to many people.

6. Sony SRS-XB3 EXTRA BASS Bluetooth Speaker 


Bluetooth speakers are quite a common thing to see amongst student’s and people on the go even. People use it for snowboarding, at their dorms, in their rooms, and just about anywhere permitted. The Sony SRS-XB3 will provide solid bass and sound fidelity that can wow your friends and yourself.

7. Anker Micro-USB to USB-C adapter (2-pack)


For people still transitioning into the whole USB-C future will most likely own a whole lot of micro USB cables. If you do not want to forego those precious cables you may want to get a pair of Anker Micro-USB to USB-C adapters in those cases. These little adapters will transform your aging microUSB cables into up-to-date usb C cables. This is especially useful in those moments you only have a microUSB on you.

8. Anker PowerPort Qi 10 Wireless Charging Pad anker-fast-wireless-charger-press    

LG G6 in the U.S. will support Qi wireless charging. To take advantage of this feature we recommend the Anker PowerPort Qi 10 Wireless charging pad. The charging pad features a premium build design, materials, and also breathing LED’s to indicate different status’. The pad is a non-slip material to keep your phone secure and not sliding around and the pad also takes advantage of Fast Charging. It will deliver 10W of charging to your LG G6. Safety features are still provided so that your phone will not overheat and is also protected from short-circuiting and electrical surges.


Google Home becomes an Extra Kitchen Helper

Google Home becomes an Extra Kitchen Helper


Google Home is getting an upgrade with the launch of a “start cooking” command. The home system already provides independent cooking recipe integrations. All that is needed is for the user to select their desired recipe from their mobile and select “Send to Google Home”. The recipe will then be loaded onto the system for whenever you need to cook.

Once the kitchen is set up and you are good to go, just say “OK Google, start cooking”. This launches Google Home to provide you with step-by-step instructions. The system is also able to multitask so you don’t have to only have it recite your recipe but also play music, answer questions from the Assistant as well.

The recipe database supports Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and much more. These are already big name databases so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find your desired recipe or something new and exciting.

Google Home is useful for various tasks including: acting as a timer, providing measurements, and answering your questions. To add the ability to provide step by step instructions is a great addition for chefs who own Google Home. The new feature is set to roll out starting this week.

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Google Play Store “My Apps & Games” Section Receives Rework

Google Play Store “My Apps & Games” Section Receives Rework

If you have not noticed yet, Google released an update that revamped the Google Play stores “My Apps & Games” section. The UI is now a lot more cleaner and simplified while showing more detailed information.


Each line or card is now thinner so users can see more of the applications up front. The Update All function remains but now an Update function button is available beside each app to simplify matters. This change now enables users to skip having to click on the app in order to individually update the app.

The latest version of the Play Store has a better system of organisation for the apps contained. Apps are categorized into four different sect  ions: apps that require updates, apps already installed, apps associated with the user and then there are beta apps.

The Beta Apps section will not be shown if you have not downloaded and installed any beta apps.


The update tab remains even if all apps are up to date. Beside each app on the cards show when the apps last got updated. This can please many users as it is a positive step towards a more transparent updating process. Installed apps can now also be automatically rearranged alphabetically, by date, by last used time frame, and by the size of the app.


Overall the new update enables an easier access to already downloaded apps. The My Apps & Games section has a lot more utility now.

Xiaomi Mi 6 has the Same Specs as the Samsung Galaxy S8 for Half the Cost

Xiaomi Mi 6 has the Same Specs as the Samsung Galaxy S8 for Half the Cost

jpg (5)

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi unveiled their latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 6. As tradition of Xiaomi the smartphone packs in high end components that rival the likes of the Galaxy S8. Sure, it isn’t perfect and it is missing a lot of other hardware components that the more premium Galaxy S8 boasts, but for about half the cost of the high end S8 what is not to like?

The Xiaomi Mi 6 features a Snapdragon 835 processing chip which is also found in the Galaxy S8, 6 GB’s of RAM, 64 GB’s of internal storage and a 12 megapixel dual camera setup on the back. There is also a decent 3,350 mAh battery pack, stereo speaker, and a USB-C port at the bottom.

Quick Specs Sheet:

  • Dimensions
    • 145.2 x 70.5 x 7.5 mm (5.72 x 2.78 x 0.30 in)
    • 168 g / 182 g (Ceramic) (6.42 oz)
    • Dual SIM
  • Display
    • IPS LCD 1080p display (1920 x 1080) (~428 ppi pixel density)
    • 5.15 inch
  • Platform
    • Android v7.1.1 (MIUI 8.0)
    • Snapdragon 835 CPU
    • Adreno 540 GPU
  • Memory
    • 64 / 128 GB internal
    • 6 GB RAM
  • Camera
    • Dual 12 MP (27mm f1.8 OIS 4-Axis stabilisation + 52mm f2.6)
    • Front facing 8 MP camera capable of 1080p video
  • Features
    • No 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Bluetooth 5.0 A2DP
    • USB-C
    • Quick Charge 3.0
    • 3,350 mAh Battery

jpg (4)

The phone is certainly shaped up to be competitive on paper and in terms of performance. The most compelling part of the deal is the price which Xiaomi says their entry-level Mi 6 will start at about $365 which then goes up to $435 if you opt for a higher grade version. They will have a nice looking ceramic back panel variant in the high tier. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus begins around 750$ US.

The Mi 6 will not have Samsung’s Infinity Display which eliminates the majority of the bezels, nor will it have Samsung’s pressure sensitive home button beneath the display. The display itself will also be a lot sharper and high quality on the Galaxy phones compared to the Mi 6. The Xiaomi Mi 6 features a standard-yet-outdated design language that we have seen in a box phone for quite a few years. This does not mean that the phone has a premium build. It has a glass and metal frame with a 5.15inch 1080p display. The Mi 6 is not bezeless as their other device, the Mi Mix. The Mi 6 also forgoes the 3.5mm headphone jack (it must have taken a lot of courage, Apple knows this well). In contrast, Samsung made the wiser decision of keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack as it supports a near infinite selection of music accessories.

Another little snag would be availability. Xiaomi has not been keen on releasing their models in the West side of the world. What ever hype or expectation the masses had has all but been extinguished by now. It seems that Xiaomi is having difficulty in expanding their business reach further out. Since it’s explosive popularity online in 2014 sales have been taking a nose dive due to a drop in online sales which is Xiaomi’s preferred method of business. The company is now looking to India to spur growth. jpg (2) jpg (3)   jpg (1)



Samsung Releasing Update to Fix Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Red Tint Issue

Samsung Releasing Update to Fix Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Red Tint Issue


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ officially launches today (April. 21) here in Canada, but for some users who already have their hands on these devices around the world have noticed a strange red tint on the display.

Samsung was quick to respond and provide an explanation on April 18th. The red tint is not a quality-related defect of the device but a software calibration related topic. Samsung has stated that they plan to release an update that claims to fix this issue for all.

Most s8 and s8+’s did not see this problem but the incoming update will be applied to all models regardless. The update will increase the colour range of the S8 and S8+’s display and also supplement the colour optimisation function.

Users can also go to the settings menu, search for “colour balance” and adjust the setting to remove the tint problem.

The update is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.


Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Shows Slower Memory Speeds compared to others

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Shows Slower Memory Speeds compared to others


The reason why some Huawei P10’s and P10 Plus’ seem to be clocking in lower speeds compared to other units is due to supply chain problems. Due to a serious shortage of flash memory chips in the supply chain there is a miscture of eMMC and UFS memory chips inside the P10 units, stated Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Business Group via a message on Weibo.

There are some P10 devices that are experiencing speeds of 250MB/s while others experience 750MB/s thanks to a faster memory chip. Yu did claim that a future software update should remedy this problem, bringing P10 units running on 250MB/s up to speed with similar devices. Unfortunately, we cannot see how software updates can make up for the 500MB/s difference between the two. There are many hardware differences as well.

Amidst heavy criticism, Richard Yu fought back stating that the competitors are making this a bigger issue than it is in hopes to taint the Chinese company’s name.

Yu stated, “we would never do such a despicable thing as cutting corners.”

The P10 and P10 Plus are the first Huawei flagship models that are coming in to Canada. The hope is that Huawei will be able to fix this problem before the launch date in the first week of June.

The BlackBerry KEYone Release Date Delayed to May

The BlackBerry KEYone Release Date Delayed to May


The latest smartphone from BlackBerry, the KEYone, was expected to arrive in April but this dream was crushed with recent tweets from Steve Cistulli, general manager of TCL Communication’s NA. He quoted,

“Production is underway, but we want to be certain we can meet our customer demands and avoid disappointing stock-outs 4” and “Therefore the U.S. and Canadian KEYone launches will be in May 5/”.

Company CEO John Chen had to announce the delay during their company fiscal Q4 2017 earnings call. He stated that the phone would ship sometime after May. TCL, the Chinese firm that partnered with Blackberry to manufacture nd market the phones across the globe is expected to start producing the devices beginning at the end of April.

John Chen quoted, “We just launched two phones, or we helped our partners launch two phones. One in Indonesia and that one is shipping already. The second one, that TCL announced at Mobile World Congress which is the physical keyboard on an Android, that one is not going to be slated to ship until probably the May timeframe. I think the first manufacturing production run is at the end of April. So the product looks pretty good, but the worldwide availability is going to be later than May.”

No further details were provided on Canadian pricing and availability. Blackberry Keyone Unlock Code
The KEYone was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February which boasts a 4.5 inch 1620 x 1080 display, a Snapdragon 625 processor, a 3,505 mAh battery and a full physical QWERTY keyboard.

Google Play Music is now the Default Music App on Samsung Devices

Google Play Music is now the Default Music App on Samsung Devices


The Perks that Google is throwing in for Samsung customer’s include a three month trial and the ability to upload 100,000 songs to stream on Play Music.

A renewed effort is seen on the horizon as Google and Samsung, two of the most biggest tech giants in the world, take on a cooperative approach to try and increase usage for their own software’s; Bixby from Samsung and Play Music from Google. The partnership mean’s that the stock music player in your new Galaxy S8 or new Galaxy tablet will be Google Play Music. This new partnership begins with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and will include exclusive features for Samsung customers. This includes a three month trial to Play Music subscriptions. The offer is only available to non-subscribers and New Subscribers. Samsung users will have the ability to upload and stream 100,000 songs online to Play Music for streaming play back.


Google makes big efforts to compete against the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and others with their partnership with Samsung. Technically, this partnership began one year ago on the S7 and S7 Edge where Google Play Music was the default app in those devices as well. This was due in part to Samsung trying to eliminate duplicate applications in their devices.

Users will be able to still download (from the Samsung store) a regular music app called Samsung Music to play back local offline content on your SD card or internal storage.

Google has also promised to provide even more “special features” in Google Play Music exclusively for Samsung customers. Google is also furthering interest by integrating Samsung’s Bixby into their music software. This essentially enables users to command Bixby to play back music from Google Play Music services. Bixby is estimated to be ready for launch by this spring.