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Tower of Fantasy officially launches globally and exciting player rewards announced

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By Charlie Yu4:21 pm August 11, 2022

Tower of Fantasy is one of the most anticipated names of the gaming community in 2022. Throughout the development and testing of the game, Tower of Fantasy is always evaluated and placed on the scale to compare with other super products like Genshin Impact or The Legend of Zelda.

Not letting their fans wait any longer, the developers have revealed the official release time of the game by country.

There will be a total of 8 first faces appearing in Tower of Fantasy

According to information from the game’s official website, Tower of Fantasy currently has more than 3 million registrations. In the initial phase, there will be 8 characters introduced with their own unique and individual stories. Here are the characters who will be featured:

Meryl – Weapon: Claymore (Ice)
Shiro – Weapon: Chakram (Grievous)
Zero – Weapon: Enchanted Cube (Fire)
King – Weapon: Scythe (Fire)
Tsubasa – Weapon: Bow (Ice)
Cocoritter – Weapon: Scepter (Ice)
Crow – Weapon: Double Blade (Lightning)
Samir – Weapon: Dual Pistols (Lightning)

Pre-registration bonus for Tower of Fantasy

Gamers need to register within 180 days of the game’s launch to receive the pre-registration bonus. Gifts will increase with the number of subscribers, including vouchers and rare items.


  • Gold Nucleus (x10)
  • Dark Crystals (x500)

In-game items

  • Leader of Astra
  • Aida Trailblazer
  • Avatar(Cute)
  • Orion
  • Star Sand

In-game rewards

Players can get great rewards by performing and completing some required small quests. Below is a list of rewards and events that will take place in Tower of Fantasy.

Starpath Navigation

During the Tower of Fantasy event, complete new player quests to receive items including: SSR Weapon Box, Gold Nucleus (x5) and Proof of Purchase (x5).

Shoulder to Shoulder Graceful Day

When logging into the game every week, players will receive limited transportation and 10 lottery tickets with rewards such as: Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, …

Pioneer’s Gift

If you are a registered player before the game launches, you will receive extremely unique rewards including: Gold Nucleus, Nemesis Amplification Goggles and SR Relic Shard Boxes.

Executor Training

This event will take place in the 3rd week after the game’s launch and players can receive rewards from the event page including: Red Nucleus, SSR Relic: Colossus Arm, …

Road of Strife

This event will take place on the 4th week of launch and players can receive rewards from the event page including: Red Nucleus, Vehicle: Mechbird, …

Login Supplies

This event will take place in the second month of launch and players can receive rewards from the event page including: Red Nucleus,…

Regional Reward Events

Gamers can follow the live broadcasts to participate in the event and receive attractive rewards. The event will be divided by regions including:

  • Tower of Fantasy Global Launch Festival (East Asia)
  • Tower of Fantasy World (North America)
  • Fantasy Season (Southeast Asia)
  • Tower of Fantasy Summer Fest (Europe)
  • Tower of Fantasy Carnival (Latin America)

Twitch Drops-Outposts Challenge

Players can watch Livestream to unlock Twitch Drops, as well as follow and cheer on their favorite streamers. The event will run from August 11 to August 13.

Above is all the information about the launch time of Tower of Fantasy, as well as the events that will take place in the game currently. Hopefully it will help gamers have a smoother start in this new journey. Besides, you can visit the official website of the game to learn and update the latest information.

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