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What’s expected from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra?

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By Charlie Yu2:48 pm September 27, 2022

Usually, near the end of the year is the time when many rumors about Samsung’s new Galaxy S series appear. Recently, fast charging information of Galaxy S23 series has appeared on the database of 3C, a certification agency in China. Accordingly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the codename SM-S9180 is certified to only support 25W fast charging.

The 25W power is much lower than the 45W supported on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra launched earlier this year. However, testing by GSMArena shows that the difference in fast charging time between Samsung’s 25W and 45W chargers is negligible, even just a few minutes.

UPDATE 9/28/2022: Renders of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was released!

Test shows that 25W or 45W fast charging on Galaxy S22 Ultra only gives a difference of a few minutes.

The inclusion of 25W fast charging on the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra can come from one of two reasons. First, Samsung could have extended the time that the device is charged at 25W, instead of reaching 45W for a short time and dropping it to just 20 or even 15W for the rest of the charge. Keeping the power at 25W during the charging process will probably speed up the charging time.

The second reason may come from the variant sold in the Chinese domestic market that only supports 25W fast charging.

It is known that the Galaxy S23 series will also include 3 versions: Galaxy S23, S23 + and S23 Ultra. Although in terms of design, rumors suggest that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will still have an almost unchanged appearance compared to its predecessor, but the device will come with a strong upgrade in camera and performance, including sensors. Latest 200MP ISOCELL and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.

However, the fact that the device is only equipped with 25W fast charging will still be a drawback of this device, because compared to most other smartphones on the market, including the iPhone, the 25W capacity can be considered the lowest currently.

At this time, there has been recent design leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus series.

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