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Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 8 Details By Accident!


Samsung Releases Galaxy Note 8 Details By Accident!


We only have 2 days left to wait for the official unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. These are exciting times as many folks are already looking at the Note 8 to be the next king of the smartphones. The Samsung Note series have always been power houses that featured larger displays, high end specs, an S-pen, and a premium brand. Everyone began noticing the Note series since the first GALAXY NOTE.

Though there is little time left in terms of our wait for the next best device from Samsung, Best buy and other persons have managed to leak substantial data on the Note 8. By now, everything is pretty much confirmed. This includes the Dual Camera lens with one sensor housed in an f/1.7 bright lens while the other contains a 2x Optical Zoom lens. Portrait mode will also be introduced via the dual camera. The fingerprint sensor found on the back, a 6.3 inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display on the front and an upgraded S-Pen will be nestled at the bottom.

The Note 8 will certainly come with the Exynos 8895 (International) or the Snapdragon 835 (North America) which are the high end silicon chips that power the latest smartphone flagships. A Dust/Water resistance rating of IP68 will also be introduced. Expect to see 64 GB of internal storage (with microSD support), and the return of the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Battery capacity found inside is expected to be 3,000mAh. Of course, the Note 8 will feature the next iteration of Bixby as well as all of the fancy sensor’s such as the IRIS scanner and the face recognition system.

The colors expected to come will be: Midnight Black, Maple Gold, Orchid Grey, and Deep Sea Blue.

Look below at the images to see all of the juicy leaks that is being passed around online about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 will be Unveiled in New York on August 23, 2017, while the Note 8 is expected to go on sale as early as September 15.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Long Term Update Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Long Term Update Review  Galaxy-S8-1-of-1

As Samsung gears up to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23 we wanted to take one more look at the amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 again. This is more of a long-term review after much use and we hope this will assist potential buyers who are now looking to buy their own Samsung Galaxy S8 at a lower cost. Generally the cost of smartphones do go down as time also passes by and newer flagships replace the last one. Also those who are looking at the Samsung Galaxy S8 are usually the folks who want all the latest and greatest that Samsung could offer but in a smaller form factor (5.8 inch display vs 6.2 inch on the S8 Plus). Please note that this is not a Galaxy S8 Plus review this is just for the regular S8.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 is a fantastic option and it will be for a long time coming. Many manufacturers are hard pressed to come up with something similar in terms of a bezel-less display. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Here is the quick run down of the Galaxy S8 SPECS:



  • Physical Specs:
    • 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm (5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 in)
    • 155 grams
    • Corning Gorilla Glass 5
    • IP68 Water and Dust proof for up to 1.5 meters of water (30 minute limit)
    • 3.5mm headphone jack available
  • Display:
    • Super AMOLED 5.8 inch display (~83.6% screen-to-body ratio)
    • 2960 x 1440 (570 ppi pixel density) resolution
  • System Specs:
    • CPU: Exynos 8895 Octa core (International) vs. Snapdragon 835 Octa core (North America & China)
    • GPU: Mali-G71 MP20 (Exynos Model) vs. Adreno 540 (Qualcomm Snapdragon Models)
    • 64 GB internal storage space
    • 4 GB RAM
    • microSD support
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • 3000 mAh battery pack
  • Camera Specs:
    • 12 MP, f/1.7, 26mm Phase Detect Autofocus camera
    • 8 MP (Autofocus) Selfie Camera (Also f/1.7)
    • 1/2.5″ sensor size
    • 4K video recording @ 30fps and 1080 FHD recording @ 60 fps available


The Long Term Review and Update

After much usage over the months we have found that the Samsung Galaxy S8 still remains to be the best phone we have ever used till this day. It remains to be a quick, snappy experience and the battery life is more than adequate (leaving us with an average of 30% battery charge at the end of the day after heavy usage). We want to address an elephant in the room that involves the positioning of the fingerprint sensor found on the back (up top beside the camera module). In all honesty, it was kind of awkward to use at first but after a day or two we personally got used to it and began a new habit of reaching up to the fingerprint sensor when we are trying to log into a site via Samsung Pass.

Despite the positioning of the fingerprint sensor we are confident that many will find this to be a great purchase.


Performance Report

After all this time the performance of the S8 has not reduced in the slightest. It remains to be a power house and the latest Exynos or Qualcomm chips simply blast through all the tasks you may throw at it. We are at a point where performance should not be an issue unless you are deeply concerned with benchmark scores that does not necessarily translate to better or worse real world usage. The 4 GB RAM is enough for launching multiple apps and utilizing Samsung’s multi window features as well. Being a gorgeous and premium flagship we found no lag in the device’s UI or tasks.

Gaming is as expected, no issues at all. You can go and throw the most 3D intensive game and you can expect the device to run smoothly. Currently, the best performer is the One Plus 5 due to its light weight operating system. However, it is important to note that at this point all phone’s will have zero problems (especially flagship phones such as the Galaxy S8) dealing with all the CPU/GPU intensive tasks.

Camera Performance

The camera found on the S8 delivers, even in low light circumstances. When compared to the iPhone 7 Plus at a local pub at 10 PM at night the S8 provides brighter more detailed images than the darkened unusable photos that the iPhone 7 Plus’ automatic mode delivers. The only source of light was the pub sign and the street lamps along with some restaurant fire places outdoor. I have consistently received positive remarks from friends and family expressing their surprise at the great performance the S8 provides for a smartphone.

You will be most happy with the 8MP front facing selfie camera as well that which also hosts a wide aperture of f/1.7 as well. This enables brighter selfie images to be taken during low light situations. Just make sure you turn off Samsung’s facial effects and correction options that make you look thinner (artificially). Samsung provided an updated software on top of the camera. This new software takes 3 images whenever you hit that shutter button once and combines the three into a brighter and more detailed image. All of this is happening behind the scenes but we are mostly impressed by how fast the S8 focuses on our subjects and takes bright and usable photos where most other phones will fail.

On normal days, in normal lighting the S8 produces brilliant images (albeit the software seems to over sharpen the images a bit). The colors are rendered vividly and the focusing is fast. Focusing and shooting a close subject yields a shallow depth of field producing a thin background.

Design Comments

The S8 has a large screen of 5.8 inches but do not be intimidated because the phone itself is surprisingly small. This is possible due to the new Infinity Display that enables such a bezel-less design and that enables the company to eliminate any excess bulk. The S8 with a bigger sharper display is still smaller than most phones out there. It is easy to hold and the phone itself is very light so it takes a longer amount of time before you feel any hand fatigue (dependent on user’s hand size as well). The build quality is very high as expected so you have a very nice finish on the glass and edges.

The Infinity Display is like a dreamy landscape that sort of flows off of the phone on both sides only to be stopped by super thin bezels at the top and bottom of the S8. But it is this technology that enables Samsung to give us such a light weight and high quality phone. You are basically looking at a display, not a bulky phone.


Battery Life Notes

After quite a few months this year the phone went through the daily motions of heavy usage. It doesn’t get too hot and we know Samsung has stated that their batteries have been newly designed to last longer than 2 years. This means that while other phone’s will have their lithium ION battery packs lose their life after a year or two while on the third have it nearly cut to 75% of its total life the Samsung S8 will have a pretty fresh battery even then. The battery life is excellent on the Galaxy S8 lasting us the whole day and still having about 30% left after a heavy usage. With only text, browsing, social media, uploading photos, and taking calls you should be left with about 60 to 70% remaining charge at the end of the day.

How Good is the Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition?

This is where things become a bit more opinionated. To be honest, the only times the Iris Scanner and Facial Recognition does not work its best is during night time and if you have some accessories such as contact lenses on.  To try and replace the finger print scanner (that works in pitch darkness) with the Iris or facial scanner systems is a bit iffy at best. Sure, the features work lightning fast and rather reliably in good lighting and in good conditions but we cannot always be in good conditions 100% of our waking moments. So the features themselves are awesome, fun to use sometimes, and are blazing fast (to the point where you don’t even realize it sometimes) but the features are a long shot to be replacements to that trusty Finger Print sensor.


The Galaxy S8 is an iconic flagship smartphone designed by Samsung. It is the first to come with a high end Infinity Display with a Super AMOLED panel and also many of Samsung’s custom features you can find inside the settings of your S8 are actually quite useful. Samsung included bits and pieces of options where users can tweak and customize battery saving options, screen resolution, app behavior, and much more.

Overall, if you have been on the fence waiting for the price to go down, your patience has paid off. Samsung will begin dropping the cost of the S8 as we witness the launch and unveiling of the new Galaxy Note 8 coming out on August 23 2017 and its global releases in the next few months. It is only natural for Samsung to cut the costs of their previous flagship models to bolster the sales of their new one. The Note 8 is also an important milestone for the company as well to repair the image of the “Note” Branding.

The S8 is the best of the best in terms of what a smartphone can be, despite certain hardware quirks the S8 is a worthy consideration to be your next smartphone.




Samsung Releases New Galaxy Note 8 Teaser Trailer!

Samsung Releases New Galaxy Note 8 Teaser Trailer!


Samsung recently released a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teaser that presents multiple big head lining words that seem to be describing what they believe the Note 8 will embody. The company seems to be guiding the consumers towards a “bigger” future that the Note 8 will probably bring. We know some of the leaks that have been revealed thus far including a  Snapdragon 835 processor, Exynos 8895, potential 6 GB or RAM, 64 or 128 GB of internal storage (with microSD support), a 3.5mm headphone jack, an Infinity Display, 6.3 inch Super AMOLED Display, and an upgraded S Pen feature.

Not only will the specs be crazy good but the price tag is expected to be the highest we have seen thus far with Samsung devices. Let’s remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be a crucially important flagship phone that the company will be releasing. Due to the fall of the Note 7 last year the company lost much in terms of revenue and also consumer trust in the “Samsung Note” brand. The Samsung Note brand always had the tradition of bringing the latest and greatest of Samsung’s innovations and current smartphone tech. So all the teasing via the video that they released can certainly be pointing us to a direction where they are planning to provide some massive surprise or perhaps just a massive upgrade from the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Note 7.

The Note 8 will be the first Samsung phone to feature Samsung’s own Dual Camera set up which features one f1.7 aperture lens and a f2.4 aperture lens that comes with a 2X optical zoom. Optical zooms are preferred over digital zooms as optical zooms yield higher quality images while digital zooms lose a lot of pixel information as the software artificially “zooms” in on the subject (as opposed to physically moving glass). The dual camera’s are expected to be fast, bright (in low light), versatile and will still provide the best picture quality we have all grown accustomed to beginning with the S7’s fantastic low light camera.

Nonetheless, without further ado, check out the simple Samsung Note 8 teaser provided below as the August 23 Unveiling in New York will commence very soon.

Samsung S8 and S8+ Prices Are Slashed in Preparation for the Galaxy Note 8 Launch

Samsung S8 and S8+ Prices Are Slashed in Preparation for the Galaxy Note 8 Launch


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is pretty much upon us now. On August 23, Samsung will unveil their new flagship phone while most likely releasing it on Sept. 1.  Samsung will be competing with the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and the Google Pixel 2. So in preparation to garner all consumers together Samsung is beginning to lower the price point of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ as a final effort to bolster more sales. Now would be a good time to buy your own Galaxy S8 or S8+ if you were on the fence about it. The S8 flagships have the highest possible specs and spacious storage. The Infinity display alone is usually a big reason to get the phone, it is simply beautiful to look at and use.

First off, for a big $150 discount look on Amazon and you should see some Unlocked S8’s and S8+’s. We have seen pricings of $574.99 for the Galaxy S8 and about 674.99 for the S8+. The only option is the midnight black model, however. This is also the US model of the S8 / S8+.

Bestbuy in the USA also hosts some similar deals offering up to $150 off. You may want to visit your local Bestbuy to try and find a good S8 deal. It seems like Bestbuy has not only the Midnight Black option but also the Coral Blue option for the S8/S8+.  Not only is Bestbuy hosting these deals, we are seeing US carriers stepping up to the plate as well including the likes of; AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. For example, AT&T is hosting a buy-one-get-one deal while Sprint offers you a 400$ discount and Verzion a 300$ discount off the total cost of the phone.

Those who like to purchase their Galaxy phones should just visit Samsung’s online store who are offering discounts but is asking for you to send in your old smartphone.

Let us know in the comments below if you think you would buy the Galaxy S8/S8+ or if you’d rather want to wait for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Will the iPhone 8 have bezel-less displays?

iPhone 8 Bezel-less Design Confirmed


Many are familiar with popular youtuber MKBHD who has been presenting a “dummy” model of the iPhone 8. Reports have been stating that Apple is already in the process of manufacturing the iPhone 8 models in anticipation of it’s release soon in a couple of months. The next-generation iPhone 8 is a cross breed between the LG G6, the Essential Phone, and a bit of the Samsung Galaxy Infinity Display series. Apple purchased a large shipment of OLED displays from Samsung last year and we are expecting it to arrive this year so we expect Apple to include awesome OLED panels into the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8’s then, should produce deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.


As leaked earlier the new iPhone 8 design features this is the closest rendition we have to what it may look like. Unfortunately, leaks cannot be taken as facts and this dummy iPhone 8 model may be wrong. However, we do know that people are expecting Apple to unveil a special edition of the iPhone 8 during Apple’s event in September which may feature a completely different design.

The design suggests that the home button is removed from the front and is now found on the side (the button doubles as a finger print sensor). The display also reaches all the way to the top of the phone which serves as a “status bar” area but is a continuous display from top to bottom. The display is only interrupted in the top center region due to sensors and the selfie camera.


The iPhone 8 is reported to have a 2436 x 1125 resolution panel which should yield a sharper display than the 1080p resolution found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

The edge-to-edge display panel also includes a 3D facial recognition system at the top which is Apple’s next implementation that is expected to replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Further rumors and reports have suggested that the iPhone 8 will now come with a glass back panel instead of aluminium metal backs. This is sort of a throwback to the iPhone 4 / 4S days but in this case we should expect the iPhone 8 to finally support wireless charging.  So will the iPhone 8 finally support wireless charging? We certainly hope so, and another leak showed an x-ray image that showed wireless charging coils undergoing tests.



Best Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Top 5

Best Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Top 5



1) G-Color (Error Proof / Bubble Free) FILM screen protector for the Galaxy S8

download (2)

G-Color’s 2 pack film screen protector comes with its own little case that is crucial in the application process. The product has received high praise and reviews on Amazon and it seems to be the best go to solution for your Galaxy S8. There is a video that the company provides for users to follow as well. The installation uses a wet application technique which enables you to slide the protector around until it fits exactly right. You can peel it off and re-apply if you made an error.

The film screen protector is also bubble free and prevents edges from being lifted off. Bubbles disappear within 24 hours and if the edges / corners lift up simply apply more of the wet solution and use a microfiber cloth to push it down.

The screen protector comes with a case that helps keep the edges intact which the instructions state that you should keep it on for 72 hours at least.

Once you follow the steps properly you will find that this is the best screen protector option available. You can put on any case for it and you have a scratch proof, fully sensitive, clear film solution.

Get it here for more information

2) SPARIN Galaxy s8 Soft Film Screen Protector with 3D Curved Edge


The next screen protector that seems to have great reviews is the SPARIN Galaxy S8 Screen Protector. This screen protector is designed to fit the Galaxy S8 perfectly with its 5.8 inch Infinity Display. It covers your thin bezels well and is also case-friendly. The company also claims that your display’s touch sensitivity should be un-hindered due to its thin design. The product comes with wet wipes, dust-absorber’s, microfiber cloth, and 2 of these soft 3D screen protectors. Many users have found it to be excellent and a great alternative to tempered glass protectors that also cover the whole display but face many issues such as edges lifting off or cracking over time. The product is not expensive and is excellent.

One thing that users have warned others about is that due to the perfect fitting of the protector, the user would have to carefully apply it to fit the protector exactly right.

Get it here for more information 


3) EURPMASK 3+1 Ultra HD Clear TPU Protective Film (Anti-Scratch and Bubble FREE)

download (1)

A company called EURPMASK came up with a TPU based screen protector that is also seeing pretty good 5 star user reviews. Again, the company is reminding all of their customers to read their installation instructions carefully before application. However, once applied the flexible materials will protect your phone edge to edge and also a bonus rear protection film included will give you full coverage front and back. The TPU film is ULTRA clear with 99% transparency to retain your S8’s original HD Infinity Super AMOLED Display. Of course there wouldn’t be any interference to the touch sensitivity of your phone.

The EURPMASK Ultra HD Clear TPU Protective Film is also scratch proof which is also equipped with “self-healing” properties that eventually eliminates minor scratches that amasses on any screen protector over time. The company also claims that their screen protector helps eliminate dust, oil and finger print smudges.

The package includes 3 front protective TPU screen protectors and 1 back cover, a dust removal sticker, dry and wet alcohol wipes and a microfiber cloth. The company also provides a lifetime replacement warranty.

Customer reviews point out that EURPMASK provides excellent customer service while delivering the right products as described. The quality is great and the protector gives a smooth feel. Quite a few are pleased with the purchase.

Get it here for more information

4) CORNMI Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass HD Film Screen Protector + TPU case

61V8LfNbA-L._SL1000_ (1)

CORNMI’s tempered glass HD film protector provides a 9H hardness which prevents scratches and cracks. It has a 3D curvature design that provides full coverage for your curved Infinity Display.  It will fit your phone well. The protector provides Ultra-Clear transparency to a 99.9% degree.  The protector was designed to be easy to install and provide a clean /bubble free fit.

The package includes the screen protector and a TPU phone case.

Amazon user reviews gave this product 5 stars easily calling it flawless. The product seems to indicate that touch sensitivty is un-hindered compared to many other glass protectors available. The product is cheap and works as advertised.

Get it here for more information


5) Moshi Ion Glass for Galaxy S8


This glass screen protector from Moshi has a 9H rating on the hardness scale. 9H means that it should be pretty good at resisting scratches and getting shattered. Moshi claims to be using atomically-strengthened glass which is apparently a lot stronger than tempered glass. The company cuts from curved pieces of glass which provides precise protection for the Galaxy S8. The screen protector then fits like a glove on the face of your S8 covering the tiny bezels as well as making it look like you aren’t using a screen protector at all! There is an extra coating on top that is oleo-phobic (anti-finger print). Moshi claims that their IONGlass protector is about 40% thinner than most protectors available on the market today.

Read all reviews before you buy.

Click here for More information

New iPhone 8 leaks Reveal Attention Detection, virtual home button, Bezel-less Display and Tap to Wake

New iPhone 8 leaks reveal attention detection, virtual home button, Bezel-less Display and Tap to Wake


We received even more details about possible features that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will have. The features were revealed when someone took a look around HomePod’s firmware (which is the same iOS that runs on the iPhone). This revealed a tap to wake function, a new sensor that detects facial expressions and something called the “Attention detection” feature. There are also indications that Apple will be finally getting rid of that historic home button in favor for a digital on screen home button.

Apple seems to have accidentally released the firmware including all the code that indicate these details. The discovery also leads to a conclusion that the display resolution will also see a massive upgrade from current generation displays (like how the iPhone 4’s Retina Display appeared after generations of lower resolution iPhones). The code names that Apple is using for the face recognition is “Pearl ID” while the bezel-less design feature is codenamed “D22”.


The code you see in the image shows instruction sets that enable the device to detect certain facial expressions. Apple has been working on infrared camera set ups that would enable the next iPhone to see your facial expressions even in the dark. This could be a big break through compared to all other facial recognition features that already exist today on the Android platform.


The Display is also described in the code to be most likely “Edge to Edge”. As seen in other leaks the display also goes up and around the top selfie camera and speakers. It may be the case that Apple implemented a status bar there instead of a bezel.

A tap to Wake feature may also be presented in the iPhone 8 which will work similarly as the Windows Phone works. You simply need to double – tap the display to wake the phone up.


Again, it seems like Apple is removing the home button and replacing it with a virtual one. The iPhone 7 already is pretty much a virtual button and not an actual physical button. Imagine moving that home button onto the display and creating more screen space like the Samsung Galaxy S8. The one bad news is that the users could not find any code pertaining to “ultrasound Touch ID” which would have enabled “on screen finger print reading”.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Features and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Features and Leaks


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 won’t be unveiled until August 23. However, a notable leaker who goes by the name Evan Blass recently posted another Galaxy Note 8 image on his twitter. What we can see is the Infinity Display which we have first seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ and the company stretched it across a longer area. The Note 8 still looks comparably thin and small despite it’s 6.3 inch display. We know it will come with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor but there is a potential for it to come with the Snapdragon 836 or 835 PRO edition instead.


Samsung has been marketing that the company is promising to “Do Bigger Things” so we are actually wondering what else (other than the naturally larger phone display and specs) Samsung has in store for us. A huge update that has been going around and seemingly confirmed is the new Samsung Dual camera system that will be available on the Note 8. This was revealed by the Samsung Electro Mechanics division who works on mobile imaging sensors and camera modules for Galaxy phone’s and devices. They revealed four key features that will be a part of the dual camera system: “Zoom”, “Perspective”, “Low Light Performance”, and “High Dynamic Range”. We have received reports that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 3X optical zoom. Optical zoom is very different compared to digital zoom in the fact that optical zoom has physically moving glass to zoom in on your subject as opposed to “digitally zooming in” via software gimmicks. Optical zoom retains image detail and quality while digital zoom loses a lot of information in your photos. This is an impressive feat if Samsung does pull this off for the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung is also including an advanced “Depth Information Sensor” that enables the Note 8 to take i  mages of your subject with blown out (bokeh) backgrounds. Many new technical features will be included thanks to Samsung’s transition to their own dual camera set up.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a huge revival of the Note series and the “Note” moniker usually indicates the latest and greatest. From what we have gathered the biggest thing that Samsung is bringing will be the display, and the dual camera with all it’s awesome features.

See you soon at UNPACKED 2017. August 23.


Google Pixel 2 News, Rumors and Release Date

Google Pixel 2 News, Rumors and Release Date01_G6_Design

Google’s new line of Pixel phone’s was a success which garnered praise around the world for being a fantastic stock android experience with great specs and hardware. Now the people look to the future for the next iteration of the acclaimed Google phone: the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Here we gather together all of the rumors and leaks that have been going around on the web.

The next gen Google Pixel 2 device is expected to arrive sometime late 2017 either in Q3 or Q4. It should come in time to begin competing with major rivals being the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 8.

Google is expected to continue their design strategy by including the latest, safest and cleanest build of Android, high quality build materials, excellent camera and optimized battery life. The Pixel brand was created on top of the Nexus foundation with the help of HTC’s manufacturing process.


New UPDATE: The Google Pixel 2 is apparently going to be the first smartphone to receive the Snapdragon 836 processor which will be faster than the latest Snapdragon 835 which is found in the Galaxy S8. This would make the Google Pixel one of the most powerful devices we will see later this year.

It also appears that The Google Pixel 2 will NOT have a 3.5mm head phone jack port which is based off of a CAD rendering which revealed the Google flagship. This would be extremely disappointing for many.



Release Date Speculation

We are expecting for the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 to be released sometime in October because the original Pixel first launched in October 2016.

How Much will it Be?

The Pixel 2 will certainly come with a flagship price which will begin at 650$ and it can go up to 800$ for the XL model. The pricing can certainly be higher depending on the materials used. Basically the price will be up there with Samsung and Apple.

How Many Models will be released?

The total number of models that are being released will be 2. Initially there was supposed to be 3 models. We are in store for a larger version of the smartphone (code name: Taimen) which features a 5.99 inch display.

screen shot 2017-07-26 at 51603 pm

Interesting Leaks About the Pixel 2’s Display

  • 5.6 inch / 5.99 inch 18:9 display (like the LG G6)
  • Curved Display and Glass
  • 2560 x 1312 Resolution
  • Tiny Bezels

These are the leaked specs for the Google Pixel 2. It may very much follow the trend that Samsung began with their AMOLED curved displays. Google has been trying to put in some orders for the curved OLED displays from the LG Display Company. However, because of the ambiguity of the details some have theorized that LG themselves will take part in the actual manufacturing of one of the Pixel 2 models.

There was another source that suggested that the Google Pixel 2 will come with either a 4.97 inch display alongside a 5.99 inch bigger brother. if the panels do indeed turn out to be AMOLED panels this specification would match that of the S8.

Thanks to the curved display we are expecting the Google Pixel 2 to have near bezel-less display real estate.

Google Pixel 2 Specs

  • Snapdragon 836 
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64 GB / 128 GB internal storage
  • Lack of 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Water Resistance
  • Rear-facing fingerprint scanner

The snapdragon 836 is included due to an update that suggested that the Google Pixel 2 will indeed come with the upgraded Snapdragon processor. If the Pixel 2 indeed comes with the Snapdragon 836 chipset, it would surpass the performance power of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Sources have suggested that the 836 has a 10% power advantage over the 835. On top of performance improvements there are also battery life improvements provided.

The 4GB of RAM seems to becoming the standard for this year for Google while a 64GB and a 128 GB model will be available.

A very saddening news came from the CAD rendering images of the Pixel 2 devices. The images indicated a lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. We hope this is not true.

The Pixel 2 will have water and dust resistance (most likely rated at IP68 like the Galaxy S8). The fingerprint sensor is found on the back of the device.

Google Pixel 2 Battery Life and Camera Specs

  • 12 MP rear
  • 7 MP selfie camera
  • Upgraded sensor and improved camera compared to the original Pixel

It is not surprising that a company would include the very best in their flagship device. Therefore, sources have found that the Pixel 2 will indeed have improved camera modules included but specifics weren’t provided.

In leaked renders of the Google Pixel 2 shows cut outs that differ from the bigger and smaller versions of the Pixel 2. The 12 MP rear camera will certainly have 4K video enabled.

Battery size is still unknown but most speculate that the smaller version will have a 2770 mAh pack while the larger Pixel 2 XL will have the 3450 mAh battery.


Top 10 LG G6 Tips & Tricks Plus Bonus!

Top 10 LG G6 Tips & Tricks Plus Bonus!


Today we present to you 10 tips that will help improve your user experience while using your LG G6! We want to give you a clean and quick instructional here. If you prefer to watch we have a video showcasing the below Tips plus a Bonus! Let’s get to it.

Tip 1: APP Scaling

Did you know that you can decide how an application installed on your phone will use your phone’s screen? The LG G6 has a unique display size which is “tall” with an 18:9 aspect ratio. To access this setting simply go to: “Settings > Display > App Scaling”. Tap on an App you want to modify then select from the options, tap 18:9 to enable the app to go full screen eliminating the black borders.

Tip 2: Comfort View (Blue Light Filter)

When using your phone at night your eyes take a lot of the brunt from the phone’s display. LG has included “comfort view” as a feature that should help relieve your eyes and reduce too much eyestrain. The main purpose for this is to help users fall asleep by reducing the blue light from the screen creating a warmer display. LG also includes a Black and White mode if that is your thing. To enable this go to “Settings > Display > Comfort View”.

Tip 3: Always On Display

Always On features have been seen for a couple of years on flagship phones so far. The LG G6 will also employ this awesome feature which can be found at: Settings > Display > Always On Display. Enabling this will show you your time, battery life, date, notifications and indicators for other functions on your screen when the phone’s display is turned OFF. Meaning, during sleep mode the G6 will still feed you relevant information by using a part of the display. Pretty cool.

Tip 4: Changing Your Homescreen Icon’s

Another cool little tip: you can modify the look of your homescreen icons. To get to this option simply tap and HOLD any homescreen app icon and let go after a second or two. This will reveal a Purple Paint Brush on top of the app icon. Tap that purple brush badge to open up a large menu of icons you can choose from. You can even add your own. Hit OK to confirm.

Tip 5: Changing Your Folder Appearance

To add on to your ability to customize your experience we found that you can also modify the folder’s appearance. To do this you will need a folder on your homescreen (a collection of apps). Tap your folder on your homescreen to open it up and tap and HOLD the “Name” of the folder. After a second the option to modify the background color will appear.

Tip 6: LG KnockON Feature

LG phone’s have this cool feature where you can simple tap on the screen twice in quick succession to turn on your phone instead of you having to click the power key to wake up your phone. The LG G6 definitely has this feature as well. To get to this go to: “Settings > Display Tab > Scroll all the way to the bottom > Tap “MORE”. Tap to enable KnockON. Once this is on try turning the display off and double tapping on your screen to begin turning it on in this new and unique way.

Tip 7: How To Customize Virtual Buttons

Among all these awesome customization options you also have the option to modify how your virtual buttons will look (the back, home, and multitasking buttons at the bottom). To get to this simply go to: “Settings > Display Tab > Home Touch Buttons”. You can change the background color from white to black or back again to white for the virtual buttons and even swap the keys around (if you prefer the back button to be on the right side).

Tip 8: Setting Your Themes

A huge way to customize your LG G6 to make it look as how YOU want it to look is through Themes. To access this go to “Settings > Display Tab > Themes”. This will reveal to you a large selection of various themes that you can officially install. This affects how your phone’s UI will look inside and out. This is also a great option if you are starting to get bored of how the phone looks everyday.

Tip 9: Display Size

Adjusting the Display size will give you normal, large or small icon sizes. To get to this setting go to: “Settings > Display Tab > Display Size”. This is useful if you want to have small icons to fit more onto the screen, keep things regular, or if you have a hard time seeing and want to minimize a little bit the large option is available for you.

Tip 10: Screen Swiping Animations

You also have the option to choose a Screen Swiping Effect! This takes effect whenever you swipe from home screen to home screen. Go to: “Settings > Display Tab > Home Screen > Screen Swipe Effect”. Here you will be able to choose between the regular “sliding” animation you see when swiping around to maybe a carousel, accordion, panorama and more. Selecting an option will preview the effect for you to make it a lot easier for you to choose. Brilliant.