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How long will it take for me to get my unlock code?

Average Unlock Code Delivery Times

*Please note Cellunlocker.net® delivers the fastest turnaround time as you are dealing directly with the source

If the turnaround time has not exceeded the average turnaround time please DO NOT message us asking for your code, as we are working to get the unlock code to you as soon as possible. Our system is automated to send you your unlock code once it is ready.

Our company’s ultimate goal is to have your phone unlocked, if you have not received your unlock code within the stated turnaround time, we may be submitting your IMEI number into an alternative database as the corresponding IMEI number may have been blocked by the carrier.  Please allow some extra time for IMEI number to be finished processing through an alternative database.  Our automated system will return the results when it is ready.

Please keep in mind that these are approximate turnaround times for your orders.  We will always do our best to have your results for you as soon as possible.  If your order has taken longer than our listed delivery times, feel free to contact us and we will give you a status update.

There are no refunds if the time has exceeded the stated average turnaround time, as these are just an average of the turnaround times.

Refunds are only issued upon video evidence the code being inputted did not work on your device

*Please note that these are the average delivery times only apply during business hours (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm PST), not guaranteed turnaround time.

The best processing time to follow is the one provided to you while placing your order.

*Business Days are Monday to Friday (Not including Statutory Holidays)

*If you received a “Delayed” E-Mail from us, it means we are trying an alternative database for you, please allow some time for results to return from alternative database

*Instant methods are available 24/7*

NOTE: If you have not received your Unlock Code during the average state time, Track your Order Here

*For approximate turnaround times please do a “Code Lookup”  (Top Right Hand Corner)

  1. OrderID::2081514
    Imei: 359803067392062
    LG G4 (LG-H812)

    code sent to me is stated as “Server error, please contact us”

    i need the correct codes for my phone

  2. Jennifer Carruthers

    How long would it take to unlock a at&t i phone 6 so i can use a tmobile sim card in it?

  3. Andrew Marlatt

    Hello how long does it take for a Telus Samsung Galaxy alpha code to be sent?

  4. how long to recive my code for a sansung galaxy s6 ? (canada with BELL)

  5. Just wondering on the turnaround time for a galaxy s8
    On the bell network

  6. Hi I place an order for my Iphone 7 on Thursday and today is. Tuesday when can I spect my code,

    • Imei # 359161075620069.sorry it me again I place my order on July 27 to day is August 7 how soon can i expect my unlocking code. Thanks

  7. Sheyi O.

    This site is the best! i was able to unlock my Alcatel OneTouch fierce2 in just seconds. no hassles, no error no delay!

    Keep it up guys

  8. Esteban

    When Im gong to get my code for a IPhone 5s IMEI 013984004564084?

  9. Chris Cashmore

    Just wondering I just purchased an unlock for my iPhone 5c first time I read it it said i would only have to connect to iTunes and then it would be unlocked just wondering why after I paid on the screen that says it went through but when I read through it send my code would be emailed to me now how would I input the code if that’s the case

    • Hi there all iPhones are unlocked on the back end, once we send you an email that it is “unlocked” follow the instructions and plug it into itunes

  10. Hello. first of all i would like to say this is the best cell unlocking site i have used. and i think im on my 5th code all with success with that being said i was wondering what the expected wait time for the code i ordered may be. Thank you again for great service.

  11. why did my order go from pending to not in our database?

  12. cuento tiempo se tarda en recibir mi codido de un note 5 de at&t?

  13. How long will it take to get my code for an HTC one s on fido network in Canada?

  14. Chris S.

    Talk about quick status. Placed the order and went straight to my email and the unlock code was already waiting for me. A matter of seconds, you guys are great. Ony 9.99? Totally sweet, thank you.

  15. Thank you!!! YOU’RE THE BEST. My WAVE S8500 is now 100% free!!! It is very fast!!!


  17. Brilliant service, thanks. Unlocked in two minutes.

  18. Hello, i order a unlock code for my xperia s lt26i; imei : 325900053691841 6 days ago, please could tell me when you will give it to me , i need it before go to my holidays , Thanks

  19. thank you so much, i cant believe how quick & easy it was to unlock my blackberry it took just a few minuets!
    i tried a different website before this and not only was it more expensive, it didnt work either!
    thanks again

  20. moncho121

    Great! Great! job guys! you made my day. would recommend you here in the PH. to those who need to unlock there phones. let me tell you they deliver on what they promise. tried to unlock my unit with the code they gave me instant succes, no problem no hassle. one shot one kill. damn your good. cANT STOP RAVING! THANKS AGAIN GUYS. money well spent, haven sent.

  21. Riccardo

    IPHONE 4S 100% unlocked!!!!!
    Thanks again!!!!!!!

  22. Riccardo

    THANK YOU!!!!
    Cellunlocker the best unlocker wbesite!!!!!!!!
    THANH YOU!!!!!

  23. Hi, I need to know status of my order.

    My phone is iphone 4 AT&T

    IMEI: 012535007876130



    • admin Staff

      there’s no record of your order..please contact our support

  25. andrew harding

    i ordered for a sony ercisson xperia ray locked to 02 uk, how long will this take? i need it asap, any way to speed it up? thanks

    • admin Staff

      Hi there sony ericsson manufacturer method is about 5 business days

  26. I was trying to unlock blackberry 9900 but when I got the code, it was just a one letter word without an MEP code. I don’t know what else to do. Is there any way I could get the MEP code?

  27. Hi there, I sent in a request for code for my apple Iphone 2 days ago,And I still haven’t received an unlock code for my phone. When will I be able to receive it? I pretty much need it soon…thanx.

    • admin Staff

      Hi there it takes about 2-3 business days

  28. i have just Ordered my sony xperia s LT26i code the phone is on t-mobile-UK and can you tell me how log its take the code

    • admin Staff

      Hi there its a manufacturer method so its about 5-7 business days

  29. How long will it take to unlock an HTC Evo 3D from the Rogers network?

  30. Pakou Lor

    Hello, I sent in a request for my Huawei Android Fusion phone Thursday night. It is now Monday afternoon and I still haven’t received an unlock code for my phone. When will I be able to receive it? I pretty much need it soon.. Please let me know asap. Thanks.

    • admin Staff

      sorry for the delay it was ready yesterday please check


    • admin Staff

      Its been sent please check Order Tracking.


  32. hi how long will it take to unlock a samsung monte pay as you go phone?

    • admin Staff

      all samsungs are about 1-3 hours on average

  33. do you unlock UK 3 network

    • admin Staff

      yes we do, but please make sure the model is listed you wish to unlock

  34. Mad Geordie


    Wondering when I am going to receive my unlock code for my HTC Touch Pro II.

  35. How long will it take to unlock a T-Mobile USA Nokia Lumia 710 cellphone

  36. im waiting for my defreeze code how long will that take for my samsung gravity 2

  37. how long would it take to unlock an htc freestyle..

  38. I had given my i phone to be unlocked this is 2nd week and still waiting for unlock code

  39. Hi,

    I placed my order 40 minutes ago and says that you don’t have it in your database…

  40. This site is 1000% LEGIT and the services are definitely worth paying for. I entered my payment info and went to my email to check for my confirmation and they had already supplied me with my unlock code (for my brand new AT&T GALAXY S II that I’m using with T-Mobile) within a matter of SECONDS! LITERALLY…CELLUNLOCKER.NET is the BEST!!! Will definitely give this company 5+ stars whenever and wherever they are being listed or referenced!!!!

    • admin Staff

      Thank you we appreciate you letting us know 🙂

  41. hi how long to unlock my phone sony ericsson xperia x10??
    im in a hurry here thanksssss 🙂

    • admin Staff

      Please place your order online and we will email you the unlock code for you x10 when it is finished processing thanks

  42. how long would it take to unlock a Galaxy S II i727r (Rogers)

    • admin Staff

      hi there, its normally 1-3 hours


  43. Melissa Lochhead

    Hi there,
    How long approx for xperia ray from telus?


  44. Aboufiras

    Hi, waiting for a my Telus Samsung Fascinate code, its been a bit over 3 hours. Are your business hours 24/7? Thanks for getting back to me.



  45. Thomas T

    my status is still pending for quite sometime now. Would it take longer than the standard time?

  46. How long will it take for a motorola mb501

    • admin Staff

      hi there as stated, tmobile motorola is about 3 business days, thanks

  47. Hi, waiting for a Rogers Samsung code, its been a bit over 2 hours. Are your business hours 24/7? Its nighttime here but I don’t know where your company’s based.

    • admin Staff

      hi there its been completed please check your email

  48. Jesse Johnson

    Status says “Delayed”


    • admin Staff

      we are just trying an alternative database for you

  49. Hi i was just wondering how long it would take for an iphone 4s to be unlocked while locked onto orange would be really useful if you could tell me asap thankyou.

  50. still waiting for my code for SGH t679 its been 9 hours….

    • admin Staff

      Please check order tracking, it was completed 2 hours after you placed your order

  51. how long does it take for a AT&T HTC Vivid? been a few hours

    • admin Staff

      sorry for the wait, please check the tracking, its completed

  52. Just wondering how long for my razr xt910 on rogers.

    • 3 hours and i got the code and it worked with the rogers sim card in but it did work thank you!

      • admin Staff

        Thanks for letting us know Cheers 🙂

    • admin Staff

      Hi there its been completed please check tracking

  53. antonia

    does it realy take 1-2 days for att hwi

    • admin Staff

      Yes sorry but all huaweis will always take that long

  54. Waiting for code for my infuse 4g (rogers locked) been 50 mins. Any knowing when i should get?

    • admin Staff

      Hi there you can track your order in the “order tracking” page thanks

  55. Hi there! I’ve been waiting 5 hours for my Nokia C3 code (chatr) – any idea how much longer it will take? Thanks ahead!

    • admin Staff

      there your order is completed please check tracking thanks!

  56. grimlog

    What does delayed indicate? How long of a delay? Thank you in advance. 8)

    • admin Staff

      if its delayed we are just trying an alternative database.

  57. hey,

    i ordered a code for samsung captivate glide.
    any idea how long would it take?

    really in a hurry here 🙂


  58. Got my Bell Samsung Galaxy S code in 20 mins but waiting 4hrs+ for the Rogers HTC Raider 4G: IMEI: 358730040135220

  59. Hi
    I asked code for htc and still I didn’t receive the code how long will it take ?

  60. Hi,

    I placed my order for getting the unlock code for Nokia C3. would you please tell me how much time it will take?



    • admin Staff

      Hi there if its rogers its normally 1-3 hours

  61. Rogers Lumia 900. Over 3hrs, still says pending. ETA?

  62. Ibrahima Barry

    Disregard, received at 04:52 PM ET. Thanks!

  63. Jessica

    how long does it take for a blackberry 9300 vodafone uk

    • admin Staff

      Hi its about 2 minutes, you can track order aswell

  64. Hello; i just receive my code for my optimus 3d , it s work fine, Thanks a lot from FRANCE. pleasure to do business with you .

  65. Ordered an unlock code for an xperia play from rogers almost three hours ago, and it still says pending, what does this mean?

    • admin Staff

      Sorry its generally 1-3 hours for Rogers Sony Ericsson, its a little delayed, but we are expecting shortly

  66. Claire Palmer

    Hi there, I am waiting for an unlock code for a Motorola Atrix locked to Orange UK, how long is it likely to take?

    • admin Staff

      Hi Claire please check your email your order was completed


      • How many time take the unlock code for my galaxy young thanks.

  67. Sungjae Yoo

    I paid for Samsung A897 Mythic. IMEI : 358588030771366, Please send me the unlock code. Thanks.

    • admin Staff

      Please place your order online and we will email you the code for your samsung device


  68. hey i have a samsung galaxy gio locked to bell, how long would this take to unlock.

    • admin Staff

      Hi its about 10 minutes to 3 hours on average

  69. eric robertson

    I plugged my Nokia 5310 into my computer, the unlock said it was a success, so I stuck my Bell sim card into the phone, but now I have no service…? Any suggestions?

    • admin Staff

      Hi there please make sure the simcard you are trying to use is compatible with your unlocked phone

  70. How many time take the unlock code for iPhone 4 O2 uk

  71. Geeth Ranasingha

    I have Received unlock tool set and tutorials and successfully unlocked my Nokia N 97. it worked like a charm!.great site

    Thanks for tools and support

    Geeth From Sri Lanka

  72. I just received the code and it works fine :-), I did use a different website in the UK a month ago and they were not able to unlock the device.

    Thank you


  73. Got a delay on my order for an Samsung Rugby Smart unlock, have not heard anything for 34 hours. What gives?

    • admin Staff

      Sorry it wasn’t available via carrier database, we can only get it via “manufacturer” methods on the left menu

  74. my code is not sent – I paid 1 hr ago. BB Bold9000 model.

    • admin Staff

      Please check your email, we have sent you a message


  75. Hi basically I have Telus phone but my SimCard is Fido so i choose the “Network your Samsung is locked to” is Fido . Am I right ? 🙁 Cause i Purchased already, I’m afraid I’m wrong.
    And once i unlocked my cellphone can I able to use another Sim from other companies like Rogers,Bell.. or only can use Fido and Telus Sim ? Just asking 🙂

    • admin Staff

      You select the network your phone is locked to, so it would be Telus not Fido. Yes once unlocked you can simcards like Rogers, Bell etc… but you must make sure their service will be compatible with your unlocked phone

  76. hey i purchased my code and received the receipt roughly 24 hours ago. was getting the phone for my girlfriends birthday which was yesterday so really need it. thanks so much admin

    • admin Staff

      I’m sorry for the wait iphones take sometime to process, once it is ready we will email you right away with the results


      • thankyou!

      • still waiting on this code just wondering was there any way to speed it up…she thinks i didn’t get her a present lol

  77. Hi,

    I’ve purchased a HTC One X unlock code 14h ago and still didn’t receive it yet and on your tracking service it says that the there isn’t any information about my order on your database.

    • admin Staff

      sorry for the delay i believe we sent you the code and it worked 🙂

  78. Hi just got my codes, did the job perfectly!
    Well done and thanks for the service.

  79. Cameron Campbell

    I purchased a blackberry unlock code an hour ago and there’s still no response to my email or the paypal email. How much longer is it going to take?

    • admin Staff

      Sorry about that, we emailed you manually, did everything work out okay?

  80. melanie

    Hi i have a sony ericsson vivaz pro that was supposed to be unlocked but i guess its not! its through fido how long would it be to get a code for it?

    • admin Staff

      Fido method is 1-3 hours, let us know how it goes

  81. joao batista lopes

    hi i make the payment to unlock my phone and i receive the oficial receipt 7:38 am … and now is 11:36 on the you web site i see for unlock my phone take 2 hours …how long you think i receive my unlock code???

    • admin Staff

      sorry for the delay please check your email your code is ready.

  82. Hey it’s been over 15 hours since I purchased an unlock for the INQ Chat 3G but i haven’t received the code yet. What’s going on?

    Phone: INQ Chat 3G
    Carrier: Koodo
    IMEI: 351604040152666

    • admin Staff

      sorry Telus INQ take about 1 business day, your order has returned please check email thanks!

  83. hi there, how long would it take to unlock the new Xperia S ?

    • admin Staff

      Sorry the sony ericsson manufacturer is a little delayed right now, all SE codes should be returning in the next couple business days

  84. Hello, i did not have enough in my paypal account and it says 6-8 business days, will i still get my code even though its gonna take longer for the money to be in the account? thanks 🙂

    • admin Staff

      yes unfortunately we must wait for the funds to clear first, once it does we can send you the code asap

  85. Hi, ive placed an order on a motorola droid 2 verizon for the uk, will this be 1 to 3 days? any idea how long this will take, thanks,

    • admin Staff

      Hi order has been completed, please check your email

  86. irish-sid

    It worked ^_^
    Thanks very much for the timely reply after posting here.

    Great job!

  87. I purchased a T-Mobile USA LG code 2 days ago and I still havent received anything yet!

    • admin Staff

      Ana Adona (anaadona@yahoo.com) has sent you an eCheck payment of $7.99 USD.
      It usually takes about 3-5 days for you to receive the money (estimated: 4/13/2012-4/17/2012). We recommend that you wait until the money arrives before shipping items. We’ll email you when this eCheck payment has been deposited into your account.

      We need for this to clear first, once it does we can send you the code in 5 minutes


  88. Sharad Kharel

    hi admin..i have a query..in my official reciept you guyz sent me sometime after i ordered the unlock code,i clicked on the ‘You may also track the realtime status of your order by clicking HERE’ option..in that page it showed the unlock code for my cell but when i tried with the code it didnt work!!!

    is it that the code shown in that page wouldn’t work until i get the automated message from you?
    please reply soon..
    thank you

    • admin Staff

      Please check your email the code has been sent to you

  89. Hi.

    I need the code now. i purchase it like 4 hours ago. your turnaround time is 5 minutes-3 hours. Please let me know what is going on. i need it because i have no phone right now. thank you

    phone imei 357997040402931

    • admin Staff

      your order was completed 15 minutes after placing your order, please check your spam folder, or you can “Track my order” aswell. Thanks

  90. Still didnt get my code for SE Vivaz, estimated is 2-6 working days, today is 7th.

    • admin Staff

      Sorry for the delay due to the holidays all SE manufacturer method has been slightly delayed. We were told it would be ready around the 10th of april. Our automated system will email you right away once it is ready. Thanks

  91. blueinsky

    I paid for HTC Titan II . IMEI : 358249040146053, Please send me the unlock code. Thanks.

    • admin Staff

      Please check email, htc normally only take with the hour

  92. I had written a post, but screwed up on the human verification code and it wiped itself, so I’ll simplify it.
    It shows that my order has been delayed and the normal time is one to three hours for AT&T, I have the mytouch 4G Slide.. So I was wondering, approx. how long would it take to arrive, with the delay?
    IMEI: 357605040926805

    • admin Staff

      please check your email its been sent.

  93. i forgot IMEI is 012380007533682 lock to Fido Canada

    • admin Staff

      Please place your order online and we will email you your unlock code once it is ready. Thank you

  94. Shemeeka

    I’ve been waiting for almost a week now, and the payment has already been put through? 358281011288481

  95. Ordered my code this morning for a gift to my girlfriend.

    She’ll be so happy because of you guys!

    Thanks a lot

  96. I have just paid $40.00 to unlock my iPhone 3G

    IMEI: 011933007155897

    I want it now I tried to call the 1800 number but is has been disconnected, how long will it take?
    I need it by tomorrow!

    • admin Staff

      Hi there your order has been completed please check your email

  97. sony erıcson w995 ımeı 358218037027170

    • admin Staff

      I’m really sorry about the delay, we sent out an email stating all Sony ericsson Manufacturer codes are delayed until April 10th globally. We are working to get them back asap to all our customers.

  98. Shemeeka

    Hey, I’ve been waiting for a couple of days now.. I’m just wondering when i’m going to get my code? 358281011288481 ?

    • admin Staff

      Hi there you have sent an echeck which means there is no funds in your paypal account so it will take a few days to clear, once it does we will send you the code right away

      Shemeeka McLean (shemeeka.mclean@hotmail.com) has sent you an eCheck payment of $7.99 USD.
      It usually takes about 6-8 days for you to receive the money (estimated: 4/10/2012-4/12/2012). We recommend that you wait until the money arrives before shipping items. We’ll email you when this eCheck payment has been deposited into your account.

      • Shemeeka

        Okay, thank you very much. Ignore my other comment.

  99. omar ali

    i perchased the code today but after i perchased it, i found out that the code will not be delivered now, i wouldnt perchased if i knew that from the begining but the website didnt tell me the delivery time until after i payed, im stuck without phone and i thought ur processing is fast as its mentioned in ur website, pls try to solve my problem by either sending the code or refunding to go and perchase it from a faster website, thank u for understanding

    • admin Staff

      Hi Omar, you code was sent 20 minutes after placing your order please check your email or call us if you have any issues


  100. How long will take it to unlock Asia countries Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    • admin Staff

      hi there its about 1-3 hours on average

  101. Myrnaliz

    I bought the unlock code for my Blackberry Curve 8520 and I didnt see the turnaround times and still haven’t received the code.
    IMEI# 353488044089712

    • admin Staff

      Blackberry is sent instantly please check your email, or you can call us a at 1-800-507-9077


  102. Nchimunya

    Hi, I bought an unlock code for Atrix 2 on Wednesday 29th. I have not received the email yet.

    • admin Staff

      please check your email the order has been completed

  103. HTC wildfire S on Virgin (Canada)?

    • admin Staff

      Hi there its normally sent in 5 minutes to 1 hour

  104. Hi there, I juts bought the unlock code but didnt see the turnaround times. I thought it would be instant. I am stuck in Germany with no phone and need access to it ASAP. Can you please rush my order? Would greatly appreciate it.

    IMEI#: 359134040262408

    • admin Staff

      order has been completed, did you receive our email?

  105. kakarot1925

    Admin i placed my order but received no code. The status is still on Pending can you please see to it? Thanks. My phone is a Sony Ericsson Arc (LT15A) and IMEI = 012687000157123 . I would appreciate if you send me the code as soon as you can thx 🙂

    • kakarot1925

      Also sorry i forgot to mention its locked on Rogers so heres the full detail:
      Manufacturer : Sony Ericsson
      Model : Xperia Arc LT15A
      Carrier : Rogers
      Country : Canada
      Status : Still Pending

      • kakarot1925

        Nvm received it unlocked my phone and…. IT WORKED!!!! I really like this service its epic, cause its cheap and fast. Thank you!

  106. Shahnawaz

    Still waiting for my unlock code for Motorola Atrix 2.

    • admin Staff

      Hi Motorola Atrix 2 is a manufacturer method, so its 1-2 business days on average.

  107. Taryn Nolasco

    hey I really need to get my code since I don’t my another cell, this is the third day since I placed my order my IEMI # is 356378041708157 PLEASE HELP ME!!

    • admin Staff

      Sorry for the wait, the Atrix 2 takes a couple of business days, it should be ready tonight or latest tomorrow

  108. Srinivas

    012653003468172-Place order for Iphone.Please help

    • admin Staff

      Hi there iphones take some time to process, once it is ready you will be auto notified via email. thanks

  109. HTC EVO 3d on Rogers

    • admin Staff

      Hi there its normally 1-3 hours

      • Hey, Admin, I houred a code nearlly 11 hours ago, and I still am on delay. I really need that code as soon as possible, preferrably within the next 10-15hrs. Is it possible for you to speed up they delay.

        • admin Staff

          Order has been completed please check your email

          Customer E-mail Name Purchased from Tool Used IMEI Unlock Code Price Transaction ID Date Submitted Order Completed
          charmetrasmith1@yahoo.com 21F69255UW629061D https://www.cellunlocker.net Cingular / AT&T Express Instant 357605040926805 65215933 10.99 2012-04-09 20:33:51 2012-04-09 20:48:30

  110. Robin gao

    Hi Admin

    I placed order at Mar 23rd, my imei is 012687000128199

    I did not get code until now, I got message as follow when I track my order.

    Order information not found in our database

    • admin Staff

      Hi, Paypal has notified us saying you have payed with am Echeck. It’s going to take 6 – 8 days for them to complete the transaction.
      Until then we can’t place the order. Thank you

  111. geovanny

    thank you very much, everything went well with my Motorola ATRIX 2. Recommended

  112. Hi Admin

    I have just ordered a unlock code for htc wildfire S imei number 358968040474922. I board my plane for thailand in 1/2 hour and will have no internet access pls pls can you rush my unlock code to me.

    many thanks

  113. Hi Admin

    Have just ordered unlock code for hts wildfire s imei 358968040474922 I board my plane for thailand in half an hour is there anyway my unlock code can be rushed to me ?????


    • admin Staff

      Hi its been completed please check your email thanks

  114. Jocelyn


    I have ordered an Iphone 4S unlock code for yesterday.

    Could you say to me when my unlock code will be ready?

    Thank you

    • admin Staff

      Hi Jocelyn your orders have been completed, please take a look let us know how it goes

  115. Top Company Soon As They Relised I Had A Problem Spoke With Me On The Online Chat Until It Worked Thanks Guys WORKS GREAT ALL NETWORKS

  116. admin Staff

    yes, please place your order online and when it is finished processing the Unlock Code will be emailed to you


  117. admin Staff

    Its been completed please check email thanks

  118. hi i order code for atrix 2 on march 21 and not have the code yet please tell me along more time you need my imei is 356378041636598

    • admin Staff

      order has been completed please check your email

      • i check my email not have of code yet and track my code is pending

  119. Any update on my unlock code? It’s been 3 hours? Sony Vivaz Pro for Rogers

  120. I got the code, thank you!

  121. anastasia23

    Thank you so much! I receive the code fast!! Happy for the cooperation!

  122. Karoleena Van Der Kosheek

    Hello, I just paid like 20 minutes ago and still didnt get my blackberry code
    IMEI 358503045258465

    • admin Staff

      Hi there your order was completed in 3 minutes, check junk folder aswell (karolinkakosik@yahoo.com)

  123. Hello,

    I just paid for my unlock code, but don’t know your turnaround times.. I have a nokia lumia 710 which is locked to t-mobile US. Could you please send it asap, as i really need my phone to work!

    Thank you!

    • admin Staff

      Hi there all T-Mobile nokia codes take about 3-5 business days, its the only method globally that has a a little bit of processing time.

      • Hello,

        3-5 days have past, but I still haven’t received anything.. I’va also checked my spam folder, but nothing in there either.

  124. Hi I cannot track my mobile for unlocking as a message appears:

    “Order information not found in our database! Please check that you entered the correct IMEI and e-mail address”

    I have put in the correct email (johnny@2wheels:disqus .ie) and the correct IMEI and have applied for the service 2 days ago. I have received receipt on my payment.

    The mobile is a Samsung Galaxy SII i9100T locked to Vodaphone Australian network. Is it possible to give me a status update?


    • cellunlocker

       Hi there please make sure you use your paypal email address to track if you have two different emails.  If you are still having problems email support@cellunlocker.net thanks

    • admin Staff

      Did you get your code okay?

  125. my order was completed 35 minutes ago and had still not been delivered, were is it?

    • cellunlocker

       Please go to Track my Order, if you still have not received it please email or call us.

  126. Terrell Lancaster

    cant wait until my skyrocket is unlocked 🙂  

  127. laborersladybug

    how can you check on a lg phoenix 505 has no hard lock

  128. Michaelgrzymala

    How long dose the Motorola SLVR L7 take to unlock from Rogers?

  129. Fedor Mishin

    I paid  for Rogers/Samsung at 16:20. Now it is 18:10 already. I still get nothing. For me it king of urgent.

  130. cellunlocker

     Hi there via “Xperia software” its instant, but if you just want the code, it takes 2-3 business days on average.

  131. Jeffie27

    Paid 4 code at 1am..I know its the weekend..and I also knowskyrocket is new and difficult to pruduce..but I thought I would be able to start mmy dayshopping for a new carrier..for I work outta town during the week..with pisspoor coverage..would like to know if I should try and get dome sleep or what?..I was planning to have it unfor 40$locked locally. This morning .with?

    • cellunlocker

       Hi Jeffie, I’m sorry for the delay, I have checked your order and it has been successfully completed…please check your email, if there are any issues please let us know.  Thanks

  132. Marinaschuster87

    hell how long does the sony ericson experia arcs lt18i on 3 network uk  he takes

  133. Rjthompso

    Am I able to unlock a Blackberry from the Canadian Kodoo network here?

    • cellunlocker

      yes, 100%.  Its 7.99 and the code is sent in 2-5 minutes

  134. Yucaipa1

    How long does the Nokia 710 normally take? I see it’s not listed.

    • cellunlocker

       Hi there it depends on which network it is locked to, Rogers is 1-3 hours and t-Mobile is 1-3 business days on average

  135. cellunlocker

     Hi all rogers Samsung devices are normally 1-3 hours on average.

  136. Brandon Yusiw

    I ordered the code for the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE from Rogers, how long will it take?

  137. Rubens Romano

    Hi, I ordered a code for iPhone 4S from Claro yesterday, when I would receive the code?

    • cellunlocker

      Hi there it takes about 1-3 business days

  138.  Hello, I ordered a Galaxy Note i717 4G LTE, how long will this take?

    • cellunlocker

      Hi there the average turnaround time is 1-2 hours

  139. cellunlocker

    Hi, the At&t infuse i997 is emailed to you 2-5 minutes after placing your order.

  140. Nevetra

    hello i ordered samsung infuse by att how long will the code take? thank you 

  141. I ordered Droid 3 unlock, how long will it take?

    • cellunlocker

      Hi there Droid 3, is 1-2 business days as it is a manufacturer method

  142. cellunlocker

    Hi its about 15 minutes to 3 hours on average

  143. cellunlocker

    Hi there we have software that can unlock it instantly, “Xperia Unlock software” but if you just want the code, its the manufacturer method and it takes about 2-3 business days on average.

  144. cellunlocker

    Hi there its normally about 15 minutes to 3 hours on average

  145. Andy Disco

    hi, how long for my Motorola RAZR XT910 on O2 UK?

  146. hi mate..how long will it take to unlock my sony xperia play which is locked with o2

  147. Shaundapryor

    How long will it take me to get the code for the T-Mobile My Touch 3g?

  148. cellunlocker

    Hi Yasmine, the Motorola Atrix codes take 1-5 minutes to process. Please check your email (Spam folder aswell)

  149. How long will it take to get my Motorola Atrix 4G code from At&t?

  150. New faster Turnaround time for Samsung Manufacturer Codes

  151. need my code ergently :'(
    : dell streak 5 :
    imei = 011954000109723

    Hi there you ordered software, its been sent please check your email, spam folder aswell

  152. Princess

    got my code. Thank you!

  153. Princess

    got my unlock code. Thank you!

  154. please i need my unlock code now! it’s urgent.

    htc sensation xe imei: 355066041319585


    • admin Staff

      It was sent to you already please check your email,

  155. jacorey

    hey how long to unlock Samsung captivate 2 glide?? just would like to know before i purchase? oh and does this work if i order it at night?? please respond.

    • admin Staff

      Samsung Captivate 2 glide is a manufacturer method and takes about 1-2 hours

  156. Got My unlock code.. thank you guys! recommendation on the way.

  157. brandan

    Just submitted a request for my Atrix 2 Unlock Code and paid my payment to you guys, and I wasn’t told the turnaround time until AFTER I submitted the payment…

    I really need this phone unlocked very soon as I am no longer with my old Network.. IMEI 356378041310244

    Motorola Atrix 2 Thank you

  158. jessica pannell

    my phone is the pantech link and I have t-mobile service… i can’t figure out how long the turn around time is. I need my phone asap! I have no other phone at the moment

    • admin Staff

      Pantech is about 1-2 hours. Code has been sent please check email

  159. thank you.. worked great…wonderful company to do business with

  160. So the code for an Atrix 2 will take 4-6 business days. Why such a long time for that particular model?

    • admin Staff

      Hi there its actually 2-3 business days, its because its a manufacturer code, for example the Atrix 1, we can get in 5 minutes, so there is no other alternative for the Atrix 2 but 2-3 business days

  161. Jason D

    Got the code for my HTC an hour after payment. It worked the first time!
    This guys are legit. A++++++ service provider.
    Thank you thank you!

  162. James713

    hi i purchased a unlock code for a sumsung vibrant sgh t959 how long does it usual take cant see the times

    • admin Staff

      Hi its usually about 10 minutes to 3 hours on average

  163. Aries.t

    Ordered my HTC Fuze code, I haven’t got em yet.

    IMEI: 353142021454551

    Can you just rush it asap?

    • admin Staff

      Please place your order online and the code will be emailed to you

  164. ibrahim

    yes. every time .i try to order for unlock code . i can’t find the model of my sony ericsson u8a only.only my mobile sony ericsson u8a model is not exists . in you are wibsite. please tell me. what should i do to unlock sony ericsson u8a .thanks

  165. I bought over 20 codes and all worked great. Good site and good bussiness

    • admin Staff

      Thanks Mark! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  166. jonrogers61

    Hello there, I just bought an unlock code for Optimus 3d and I bought the phone for my son, and I just heard that you guys only process unlock codes on business days, I was just wondering if you guys could have my sons new phone unlocked for christmas. Please guys, if you can rush it that would be excellent!

    • admin Staff

      We are still processing the codes, if you have not received it yet, please email or call us and we will assist you


  167. Really it works..
    Thanks for it…..
    That was a gud deal!!!!
    Good and honest business folk in the interwebs!


    Admin I ordered my code for a tmboile htc my touch slide 3g imei 357341031842138. The turnaround time said 2hours and it has been a full business day. I desperately need a phone and I am out of the country and stuck. The order tracker says pending. PLease help.

    • admin Staff

      Hi there please check your spam folder, code has been sent to you

  169. Farshid

    Hi there

    I am sorry but I didn’t notice that you have a timeline to provide the code and thought it would be a prompt real time process so I already gave up my old phone and new phone doesn’t work , so really appreciate if you can put some rush into this,

    Phone : Samsung Galaxy S2
    From : VIRGIN Mobile ( Canada )
    IMEI : 358461040935944

    thankx a lot

    • admin Staff

      Hi its 1-3 hours on average, but we will try to get it back to you as soon as possible thanks

  170. i need my unblock code urgently..its more than 3 hours now…

    Device Model Galaxy S II
    IMEI: 358401040143024

    • admin Staff

      code has been sent, you can also use the “Track my order” function”

  171. Hi! I have paid for my Tmobile HTC myTouch 3G slide code over a hour now and I’m loosing patience. please let me get that code thank you

    IMEI# 351809041297192

    • admin Staff

      Hi there please email us your IMEI number, or you can go to order tracking and look for it


  172. i bought the code to rogers ( nokia c3)my imei is 355366045885288, please sent me unlock code i already paid.

    • admin Staff

      Its been sent you already please check email

  173. Hi,

    the code worked very well!


  174. I have requested an unlock for Motorola MB200 code on Bell Canada. What is the approximate wait time, as I do not see it above.


    • admin Staff

      Hi there its normally same day, please go to “track my order” to check status thanks

  175. Hello,

    please help me!

    I am going to leave the country in a few hours, and I need to unlock my phone to use it oversees. I just left another comment here on Saturday, but apparently it is not published…
    Nokia x7(rogers) IMEI: 357899040219051
    Thanks in advance.

    • admin Staff

      Hi there your code has been completed please go to “track my order” if you have not received it

  176. James T

    I’m sorry i did not received my code for the HTC Status, that was a mistake i didn’t mean to say i have received it. Again my IMEI#: 357325041564949 please help me find the unlock code.

    • admin Staff

      Hi there you can go to our Order Tracking above


    I did not know about the wait for the codes and now i am stuck without a phone and urgently need one. My imei is 351751046733260 for a samsung galaxy i9000. Please send me the code urgently to my email as i am going abroad tonight i beg you please

  178. Will Gallimore

    How long will my blackberry torch code take? Thanks very much.

  179. Unlocked my Sony Ericsson Arc,GREAT!!! Been locked to Virgin network!!! No 1 unlocking service!! Thanks!!

  180. my phone is unlocked, I got the code! Just can’t get data or downloads?

  181. Reanda Bernard

    IMEI: 359403020002468 motorola lx 2009 tmobile
    i never received the unlock code.can you please assist me.i am waiting patiently.This order was placed on friday 24th June,2011.

  182. Kirill Katsnelson

    I received my code within less that 24 hours, not 2-5 days I stated! (T-Mobile/Samsung T669.) Infinite kudos go to you guys, and I am sorry for my previous caustic comment. Please remove it if you can.

  183. I received the within hours after payment was made. the phone is now unlocked…thank you

  184. RhoPinto89

    Hey there guys, I heard about you from a friend, and you seem to have a pretty good rep. Reading above, I’ve seen you could assist people in a situation similar to mine, so I’m really hoping you can help me too! I’m currently without my phone, and I’m stuck on a business trip with no other phone, and this is locked to AT&T. It’s a Samsung Focus, and the IMEI is 352982042484231. I really hope you guys can help me get this unlocked ASAP! Thank you for your assistance!

  185. thank you very much!!! it worked so good for my Xperia X8, now it is unlocked.

    Regards from Guatemala.

  186. BigAnt95

    hi im trying to unlock my phone i need to know will i recieve my unlock code IME: 011954000266762 plz get asap plz

    • admin Staff

      code has been sent, please check email/ junk folder


  188. Ngô Hoàng Vương


    I just received my unlock code and it unlocked my Sony Ericsson U8a perfectly. But I did it in my own way, the instructions didn’t work.

    Anyways, I’m very happy now. Thank you very much.


  189. Code unlocked phone on 1st try. Thanks for the prompt response to my email. Will be back again!! 🙂

  190. Reanda Bernard

    i check my email twice already and i never got the email can you resend it please to trini_flava2002@yahoo.com in case i made an error with the email address

  191. Reanda Bernard

    i purchased codes for a nokia c3 about 4 30 pm today the imei#357004040716806 but i never recieived a conformation email of my purchase neither the unlock code waiting patiently.

  192. muath rajeh

    it works thank you very much N8 T-mobile UK is unlocked

  193. Reanda Bernard

    i place an order earlier today for the Nokia c3 from Rogers and i never recieved the unlock code .i only got a conformation email of my order.i am waiting patiently.

    • admin Staff

      Please check your email it has been sent

  194. I have been waiting for my BlackBerry unlock code for over 12 hours, I need to sell this device in the next hour unlocked.

  195. You are amazing! I got my unlocked phone right now here at Mexico 🙂

    Thank You!!

  196. melanie

    i am wondering if i need two codes for my blackberry tour 9630 since it keeps saying my phone is disabled

    • admin Staff

      no it is fully unlocked if everything says its disabled

  197. Himanshu

    Hi, I know the time request for Nokia is 30 minutes to 2 hours but i would highly appreciate if you send unlock code asap. IMEI is 355384048208861 and make is Nokia C3. Waiting for your kindly reply.

  198. Omgn I’m literally gonna die, I got my plan and sim card ready, I just need my code…

    T-mobile – Cliq 2

    • admin Staff

      please check your email all tmobile codes have come in


  199. How long does it usually take for the cliq2 unlock.

    • admin Staff

      motorola manufacturer method will take an average of 1-2 business days


  200. Purchased an unlock code fro my blackberry torch 9800. Your site states instant -15 minutes. Its passed 15 mins , i still havnt received the code.

    • admin Staff

      All blackberrys are instant, if you have a separate paypal email address please check there aswell


  201. Hi Admin, where is my lock code. I am useless without my phone 🙁

    – Motorola Atrix 4G
    – IMEI: 353648040811258 –
    – Locked to AT&T in USA

    • admin Staff

      all codes should have arrived already

      • No Codes has been arrived and no i didn’t received an email with the lock. I saw my SPAM folder and nothing :@:@:@

        – Motorola Atrix 4G
        – IMEI: 353648040811258 –
        – Locked to AT&T in USA

  202. l thomson

    bought one code for my sons phone and it worked no bother back on now to get the code for mine. Great service just takes a wee bit time and im impatient 🙂 but the codes do come and they defo work x

  203. It’s now deffinitely over the 3 day maximum and I still haven’t got anything. PLEASE can you send the code as soon as possible!

    Sony Ericcson Xperia X10
    Locked to Orange in the UK
    IMEI 359419039120497

  204. Checking for signature…
    Waiting for calculation process…
    remote dongle is not working now
    signature calculation not done,err: 144

    heeelp D:

    • admin Staff

      sorry that means server is just busy, please try after 5pm pacific time


  205. thank for sending my code that fast, i unlocked the phone but it still tell me to put the good sim card in. What do i do ?

    • admin Staff

      make sure the simcard you are trying to use is a GSM carrier

  206. hi, i know the time request for ma sony ericsson nait with fide is only 30min to 2 hours but if you could send my code faster it would be apreciated. here my code 356814032743985 Thanks

  207. Hi, I believe it’s been 3 business days since I purchased (it was on the 29th, but I was aware it was the weekend). I Haven’t received anything yet and am keen to chase things up as I need my phone for my work.
    Thanks a lot.
    IMEI # 359419039120497

  208. One full business day has passed

  209. Jesus Delval

    Great Service, thank you very much. =)

    I have unlocked my phone with the code I received from you guys.

    Thanks again

  210. admin Staff

    hello please check your email code has been sent to you

    • qaddhafy

      Cheers worked PERFECTO, superb service recommended best price online, Thanks have a nice day


    • Temperor

      Thank you CELLUNLOCKER.NET!! Your pricing is reasonable, the unlock code I received this morning just work like a charm. I will definitely refer your company to all my friends.

  211. i bought the code to t-mobile huawei to confirm imei is 356192031377158

  212. Antonio

    Perchè non ho ancora ricevuto il mio codice? Ho pagato più di 24 ore fa. Cortesemente speditemelo subito.
    Grazie, Antonio.

  213. I did not know about the wait for the codes and now i am stuck without a phone and urgently need one. My imei is 351801041088622 for a samsung vibrant. Please send me the code urgently to my email or to rar015@aol.com

    • admin Staff

      please check your email all codes are sent there


  214. Leandro

    I bought the code of the destravagem for mine c139 Motorola and I have not received still the code? IMEI# 011481004116660

    • admin Staff

      please check your email, all codes are sent there


  215. Hi

    I’ve tried with my IMEI # 352982040878889 in your site, it said it’s available and ready for delivery. I paid thru paypal and now i got a mail in 2 min saying “Not Found”. What’s this…?

    pls send me the code.

    Model: Samsung Focus US
    Provider: AT&T
    IMEI: 352982040878889


    • admin Staff

      sorry if its blocked in the at&t database you will have to use the manufacturer method


  216. kishore

    how long it will take for T-mobile HTC mytouch 4g. i have already paid.

    • admin Staff

      hello the average turnaround time is 15 minute, please check your email


  217. thanks, you’re service is awsome!

  218. you sent me the email already but it says
    unlock code: NEW SECURITY
    please admin help me

  219. Amos Gichoki

    My phone has unlocked but it has lost network IMEI 012195002275711

    • admin Staff

      please make sure the simcard you are trying to use is GSM thanks

  220. bb bold 9780 on bell network in canada, its been a hour and still have not gotten code, please contact asap

    • admin Staff

      please check your email all codes are sent there thanks

  221. Elrabah

    Please can u make an exception and ruche my order my phone broke and this is the only thing I have to use and need it unlocked
    Pleassssssssssse thank u

    • admin Staff

      please check your email code has been sent to you

  222. Dary Reyes

    I try to type MEPD and send me to Personalization im a doing something wrong pls let me know

    • admin Staff

      yes that is correct, five items should appear, now press “mep2” and then enter the unlock code we sent you

      • Where is my network unlock code for Samsung Vibrant (Locked to – T-Mobile) . here is my IME = 351801042644522 . I beg you make it quick . I mailed you but no replys . Is this a Scam :S

        • admin Staff

          not a scam, please check your email, code is sent there thanks!

  223. i need my code now. i am stuck without my phone in the Ukraine. I did not see your posted turn around times, if I knew that I would not have purchased it. CAn you please make an exception and rush it to me. Why so much time??? samsung galaxy IMEI 351801040782183
    t mobile. please, i beg you

    • admin Staff

      hi there your code sent to you in 10 minutes, please check spam folder

      • Hello,

        Ordered my HTC HD 7 code,I haven’t got em yet.

        IMEI: 354004040264149

        Can you just rush it asap?

        • admin Staff

          code has been sent please check your email


  224. Carri Davidson

    I bought the unlock code for my AT&T Motorola Back-flip (Used the Not found under international) and I still haven’t received the code? IMEI# 356693031076294

    • admin Staff

      Hi the code is processed during business days, it should be sent to your email


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