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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unlocking Issue!

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and your device is locked to the following carrier:

– T-Mobile USA
– AT&T
– Rogers
– Bell
– Telus
– Sasktel
– Virgin
– Mobilicity
– Wind

And your phone’s Firmware is Android version: 4.1.2 or if you do not have a supported baseband version, you will receive a message “Unlock Unsuccessful” despite having the correct code! In order for the Unlock Code to work properly your phone’s Firmware must be Android version: 4.1.1 and have a supported baseband version (please refer to instructions below).

Instructions are here to restore your Galaxy Note 2 Firmware:

T-Mobile USA Firmware Instructions
AT&T Firmware Instructions

Rogers Firmware Instructions
Bell Firmware Instructions
Telus Firmware Instructions
Sasktel Firmware Instructions
Virgin Firmware Instructions
Mobilicity Firmware Instructions
Wind Firmware Instructions

If your Firmware is already Android version: 4.1.1 and a supported baseband version, then you have nothing to worry about and can proceed to order an Unlock Code with no issues

You must restore your Galaxy Note 2’s firmware to Android version: 4.1.1 in order for it to work!

How to Check my Galaxy Note 2 firmware?

Go to Settings > About Device > Android Version

Why is it doing this?

These carriers have made it so the new firmware update, despite having the correct Unlock Code, will not allow you to unlock the device.

*If you do not wish to restore your Galaxy Note 2 firmware from 4.1.2 to 4.1.1, DO NOT order the Unlock Code, as it will not work unless you do!

What if my Galaxy Note 2 is not one of the Carriers listed above?

Then you have nothing to worry about, the firmware update has only effected the listed carriers.



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