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Sales Alert! – Rogers/Fido iPhone Unlocking only $19.99 (Limited Time Only)

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By Cellunlockernet12:59 am October 29, 2015

SALE ALERT! – Rogers/Fido iPhone Unlocking only $19.99 (Limited Time Only)

Same Day Service!

Unlock your Rogers or Fido iPhone SE/6S/6S Plus and All other Models to work internationally or if you are changing to another carrier.

We can unlock all models including:

Rogers/Fido iPhone 3G/3GS
Rogers/Fido iPhone 4/4S
Rogers/Fido iPhone 5/5S/5C
Rogers/Fido iPhone 6/6+
Rogers/Fido iPhone 6S/6S+
Rogers/Fido iPhone SE

We use the exact same method Rogers and Fido will charge you $50.00 to unlock your device. Once Unlocked it will never relock, even after updating your firmware. Do it from Home fast and easy!

This service is 100% Guaranteed to Permanently Unlock your Rogers/Fido iPhone or your Money Back.


  1. How much you would be charging for an Iphone which is locked with Bell canada

  2. Ritzail

    How much to unlocked an apple phone in Canada. Don’t know what carrier coz I just bought but locked. Thanks

  3. I broke my iPhone and received a new one through fido insurance. Can I unlock my old phone that was blacklisted and replaced so I can use in India?

  4. Courtney

    Can you unlock lgg3 through rogers?

  5. I have BlackBerry z10 I can unlock it

  6. Nathan

    Hi I have a iphone 4 locked to rogersand an iPhone 4s locked to fido or rogers not sure but won’t work with sim from either

  7. How about telus iphone 6 can u do it and how much thanks

  8. I know its only fido iphone…how about telus iphone6 how much unlocking…?can u do it ?thanks

  9. How about Virgin mobile ?

  10. Anthony


    If ever my iphone 5s was unlocked, can I used it in the Philippines.


  11. Anthony


    How can I unlock my iphone 5s if i dont have itunes.

  12. Rodolfo

    Is there any address in Montreal downtownV to reach you and go in person to bring my device which I am not sure what I phone is.
    Do you accept cash payments?

  13. Hi i want to unlock my phone..its from bell

  14. Hi,
    I am wondering if I unlocked my phone, but changed a new phone from apple(new imei), will it be still unlock?
    Also, do I need to wait three months if my phone is new with Fido or roger?


  15. Hi I need to unlock iphone5s. From Fido.

  16. Do i need to finish or pay off my contract with fido before you unlock the phone? I have iphone 6s

  17. I got my iphone 6s last month, ( 2 years contract ) it is possible to unlock it?

  18. how can i unlock my phone iphone 6 plus.

  19. Leizel

    My phone is Sony M4 Aqua under Fido,it’s not on your list. Can it be unlocked? Thanks

  20. Cristy uru

    Can you unlock my iphone6+ and iphone 4

  21. Ahmed Fallatah

    Hi I need to unlock my iPhone 6+ fido

  22. Hi I need unlock my Rogers iPhone 5s can you do it

  23. Hi I need to unlock my bell iPhone 6s.i buy it just 2 days ago. How much for it ?

  24. I need unlock my iPhone 6

  25. i have an iphone 4s i want it to unlock from koodo

  26. matthew wesley

    can you unlock a rogers samsung 3s?

  27. Reyamar

    Hi can you guys unlock my iphone 4s… locked to Fido. Thank you

  28. Reyamar

    Can you unlock my iphone 4s? Locked to fido…

  29. Juan Gonzalez

    I have iPhone 6 for Fido

  30. Yashna kapoor

    I need unlock my iPhone 5

  31. Hi I need to unlock my Rogers’s iPhone 5 with iOS 9.1

  32. Napoleon Sagisi

    I have an iPhone 4s, I want to unlock it from Rogers. Thanks

  33. Rajeev

    Need to unlock ROGER I phone 6

  34. Why not telus? :/

    • Telus is a different carrier, we can do Telus iPhones that have a clean status, please go to our page and look for telus iphone

  35. Mielbert Jones

    Hey Just got my iphone6s locked to rogers and would like to get it unlocked to Virgin mobile.

  36. Hi I need an unlock code for my iPhone 6s+ and my iPhone 6+ and my iPhone 6s
    Please give me price quote as soon as possible with a deal price and I will give you Imei numbers

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