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By Cellunlockernet10:44 pm February 28, 2012


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Hello to all our loyal Cellunlocker.net Customers, our Facebook now has officially 8000 likes! Thank you for all your support.

Sorry if we couldn’t get everyone’s unlock code participating in the Facebook and Twitter “Like” promotion.

Here are a few samples of the free codes we provided during the promotion

Samsung Unlocks:

Samsung results will usually come back with 4 sets of codes, but you’ll only need the network code to unlock the phone

IMEI: 358373041717082
NETWORK=63613051 PROVIDER=59077202 SUBPROVIDER=09432523 DEFREEZE=19194641

IMEI: 359626040446311
NETWORK=24294179 PROVIDER=98502253 SUBPROVIDER=47695447 DEFREEZE=73724136

IMEI: 351794050065344
NETWORK=16826284 PROVIDER=99880443 SUBPROVIDER=41436727 DEFREEZE=94824757

IMEI: 359874042142815
NETWORK=86942863 PROVIDER=88384697 SUBPROVIDER=55577268 DEFREEZE=36394259

IMEI: 359626040503467
NETWORK=68595936 PROVIDER=95580614 SUBPROVIDER=78190878 DEFREEZE=35173046

IMEI: 352012050239721
NETWORK=97509618 PROVIDER=34306667 SUBPROVIDER=11875038 DEFREEZE=40831427

IMEI: 358586040352276
NETWORK=51360636 PROVIDER=62877712 SUBPROVIDER=72176364 DEFREEZE=26848051

IMEI: 359100041187621
NETWORK=28507536 PROVIDER=13873556 SUBPROVIDER=14827017 DEFREEZE=61620252

IMEI: 357475040931563
NETWORK=63738572 PROVIDER=81486694 SUBPROVIDER=38827935 DEFREEZE=74209606

IMEI: 358461041298185
NETWORK=46313151 PROVIDER=74009281 SUBPROVIDER=40487093 DEFREEZE=35026293

LG Unlocks:

LG results usually return with 4 or 5 sets of codes, you’ll use the NCK code for the network unlock pin or the SPCK code if it needs the Service provider code

IMEI: 354046043726475
NCK=0152368604346159 NSCK=7184006543365647 SPCK=9178268736031693 CPCK=6094736677002494 SIMCK=3721891302351190

IMEI: 354046042303144
NCK=0299593447797390 NSCK=3854027686146813 SPCK=2872395192521085 CPCK=3513909295204511 SIMCK=8507023062615379

IMEI: 354046044234214
NCK: 8743548855660419,NSCK: 5577507116472565,SPCK: 1984279095139957,SIMCK: 3272686940319215

IMEI: 012281005079720
NCK: 3624207761048907,NSCK: 3491423712606441,SPCK: 7718054196750993,SIMCK: 3597132993792187

Motorola Unlocks:

Motorola codes can return either 8 or 16 digits and is entered when the phone prompts for the network unlock pin

IMEI: 352280031289665

IMEI: 353648045789038

HTC Unlocks:

HTC codes are simple to use, they come in 8 digits and you enter it in when it prompts for the network unlock pin

IMEI: 354455046960769

IMEI: 357779039742984

IMEI: 356434045991768

IMEI: 359637039012071

IMEI: 355103040152681

Pantech Unlocks:

Pantech results are returned in 8 digit codes and are entered when prompted for the network code

IMEI: 012567001141310

IMEI: 012252004787142

IMEI: 012577003338301

IMEI: 011219008546510

Unfortunately, not all phones were able to get unlocked and results will return as not found
We do have alternative solution for most phones but in any case if we’re not able to unlock them, you’ll be 100% refunded

IMEI: 356693033632664 Not Found
IMEI: 354636040101480 Not Found
IMEI: 356050001625669 Not Found

Phone Unlocking Instructions HERE

Keep in mind we also have the Youtube.com Free Unlock Code Promotion

  1. Rockyviray

    Imei # 355066042579393 i have a htc 4g sensation.. cant you give the unlock code??

  2. Rockyviray


  3. I need codes to unlock a straight talk style 3

  4. frankie

    i have samsung s6 adge unlock what unlock code pls this is IMEI 357460060324105

  5. rodelyn

    unlock nokia lumina 710 imei 359333040

  6. hola soy de bolivia quiero desbloquearlo un htc one s at&t mi imei es 359691042864663 si se puede estare esperando su respuesta mi correo es freddy.carre@gmail.com

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