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How to Unlock PS Vita 3G – How to Sim Unlock Play Station PSVITA 3G Network

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By Cellunlockernet8:10 pm March 1, 2012

Unlock PS Vita 3G – How to Unlock PSVITA 3G Network by Unlock Code

unlock psvita by unlock code

We are sorry for the Delay we are in Testing model for Unlocking the Sim, Please look for updates on our Facebook page

  1. any update on how can i use my ps vita with different 3g operator in egypt?
    i have ps vita and its locked to at&t
    how to SIM unlock?

  2. I love you guys, Excellent service and prepor codes, I have unlocked 2 phones nokia e71 and LG GW300 Gossip, worked great, will recommed your services, you guys saved me 22$ from other code/unlockers thank you much.

  3. how can i use my ps vita with different 3g operator in egypt?
    i have ps vita and its locked to at&t
    how to SIM unlock ?

    • admin Staff

      sorry the Vita cannot be done right now

  4. can you on not unlock the Sony PS Vita System ???

  5. Asdrubal

    And those who lives where there’s no AT&T? Is there AT&T in Europe? Japan? What carrier those people use? Certainly there’s a way to use a different carrier, if not sony, someone will find out eventually. It’s just a wait game.

  6. Www Hjkhdj


  7. Yes that’s what i was going to say. At&t and SONY have an agreement for like a month and a half and once that exclusivity agreement ends SONY will show up with a software update to provide the unlock code prompt to the 3G vita. That’s what i’ve got from SONY.

    For now there is no other chance to wait.

    • cellunlocker

      Yes exactly, Thank you for let us know you are absolutely correct. Once the software comes out, you just insert a non At&t simcard and it should ask you to enter the code

  8. cellunlocker

    Yes sorry about that, there was mixup, we will need to wait for the software update before we can input the Unlock Code into the phone.

  9. Jagonball

    Also failed to unlock, this method doesn’t work on PSV, maybe because PSV isn’t cell phone and the system are different?
    when I put other SIM card in it just show “no SIM card” and cannot even try to do something with it!!  maybe have to wait until official unlock…

  10. It works or not…. I have a 3G vita from At&t. Cant I choose the Psvita system under Sony Ericssom?

    • cellunlocker

      Sorry please wait for updates, we were mistaken with the Xperia Play, our engineers are looking for a prompt to input the code

  11. cellunlocker

    Sorry the PS Vita is not available via our Carrier method, you must Select “Manufacturer” Tab on the left. Its a little more expensive but its the only way to get this phone unlocked at the moment.

  12. It doesn´t work, they refound me cause the couldn´t unlock my vita, this sucks

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