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Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Gear S

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By Cellunlockernet7:14 pm February 6, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Gear S was launched on OS Tizen. This device is IP67 certified; dust and water resistant. It features a 2″ super AMOLED touch screen. It has 4GB of internal memory, which is not externally expandable. The Galaxy Gear S is deal for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users that are always busy or always on the go! Once unlocked, it will work with compatible GSM networks worldwide.

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Why Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Gear S with Cellunlocker.net?How to Unlock Your Galaxy Gear S

1. Insert a foreign sim card
2. You’ll be prompted for a ‘SIM network unlock PIN’
3. Enter the unlock code provided
4. Your device is now unlocked!

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Gear S Today!

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