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Samsung Galaxy S6 Unlocking Instructions

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By Cellunlockernet8:14 pm April 11, 2015

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

1. Insert a Non Accepted Sim Card and Power on Device

2. It will ask you to Input a “Sim Network Unlock Pin”

If you do not receive a Prompt to enter a code or don’t have a Non Accepted Sim card, Go to the dial screen and type “#7465625*638*#”

This will also prompt you to enter the code.

3. Input the 8 Digit Unlock Code Provided

CAUTION: Make sure your device has backed up all database, as this will factory reset your phone!

4. Device will say code accepted and will factory reset.

Your Phone is now Unlocked!

If you don’t have the 8 Digit Unlock Code your, you can get it same day through our service, 100% Guaranteed.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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