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We have a Winner! iPad Air 2 Give Away

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By Cellunlockernet11:20 pm June 10, 2016

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Congratulations to Bernice Wong of Calgary, Alberta in being select for the iPad Air 2 give away. The iPad Air has been selected in Gold and is being shipped as we speak.

Thank you for all you who have participated! Please do not worry as we have a ton of prizes to be given away at Cellunlocker.net this summer.

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What’s Next?

xperia z5

Perfect for summer and traveling, we have a brand new  and unlocked waterproof Sony Xperia Z5 we would like to give away!

This phone retails for $649.99! and includes the following specs:

– 23-megapixel camera with 4k video recording
– 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display
– Fingerprint scanner
– Waterproof and dust resistant

#sony #xperia #z5 #giveaway #cellunlocker

Please check our blog, facebook, twitter, youtube and we will be posting contest details shortly! Thank you once again for your support

– Cellunlocker.net Promotions Team


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