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New Note 7 Update Limits Battery to 80%

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By Charlie Yu1:08 am September 26, 2016

New Note 7 Update Limits Battery to 80%


As many know, the Note 7’s are being recalled due to faulty battery packs that easily catch fire. Samsung has already begun sending out replacement devices since last week for those who registered online. Check out our other information page here for more info.

Today, because there are still many users out there of affected Note 7’s who absolutely refuse to return their device Samsung has released a forced firmware update. This firmware update nags the user to return the Note 7 and get it replaced every time they try to charge, use or do anything with the phone. However, latest reports show that Samsung is capping the Note 7’s battery life at 80% charge for those older Note 7 models.

We see this as Samsung’s way of staying safe.

Seriously, return your phone for a brand new one it is free.

At this time, major phone carrires in the U.S. and Canada have restocked with replacement Note 7 devices already.

The NON replaced (Old) Note 7’s are a hazard to flights, vehicles, and pretty much anywhere they are used. 50% are still floating out there in user hands.

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