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The Death of the Note 7

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By Charlie Yu9:29 pm October 12, 2016

The Death of the Note 7


Following the series of fires, smokes, and battery failures was the worldwide recall of all Galaxy Note 7’s. This involved over 2.5 million units that had to be exchanged for new ones. The trouble did not end here when Samsung began receiving reports that even the replacement units that Samsung had stated it should be “safe to use” began catching fire as well. A Note 7 was reduced to smoke in the cabin of a plane which caused an emergency evacuation on that specific flight. A popular video was released showing how the Note 7 begins to emit smoke in the hands of a woman who ended up fainting from inhaling the toxic fumes. Of course, drastic measures were needed. An official notice was provided by Samsung today that stated the official discontinuation of the Note 7.

The Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. Samsung has announced this to various outlets including the CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. Samsung has permanently halted all production for the Galaxy Note 7. Some speculate with good reasoning that the “Note” brand is also officially over into the future.

The Note 7 was initially released in August but a little less than a month later the night mare of fires emerging from the Note 7’s batteries exploded all over social media and news outlets. After Samsung seemingly contained the situation they resumed sales for the Note 7 on October 1st. We know that the Note 7’s sales did not let up due to the fires. They sold fast.

Samsung has called for “all carrier and retail partners globally” to accept returns and stop sales.

Reuters has reported that killing the Note 7 will be extremely expensive. “This is translated into lost sales of up to 19 million phones, or nearly $17 billion.” This is the reason why many think the Note brand and series is now over due to this huge fiasco.

It is advised for all Note 7 users to return their devices back to Samsung as it is evident that support and future updates are dropped. A future patch may come to force users to return their devices for an exchange or a full refund via their primary sources of purchase. The initially recalled Note 7 devices received a mandatory firmware update that limited the battery capacity and pops up an error message every now and then.

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