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How To Unlock HTC Phone

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By Cellunlockernet10:05 am November 21, 2016

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Why Should You Unlock Your HTC Phone

It is now legal to unlock phones in the US. Yet, there are thousands who don’t bother unlocking

them. They continue to pay exorbitant costs or put up with lousy service. There’s a lot of

confusion about the process. If you have an HTC phone and are searching for information on

how to unlock your HTC phone, here’s why we think you shouldn’t delay your decision:

– Unlocked phones save you roaming charges:

SIM locked phones can leave you with nightmarish bills when on international travel. When

traveling outside the country, you cannot replace your SIM card with a local one. The only

option is to pay for roaming services wherein your phone operates through the carrier’s network

partner in the country.

– You don’t have to put up with nasty customer service:

You can seldom expect a customer service dispute to end in your favor. With a SIM-locked

phone, you have no option, but to put up with the problem. The service provider doesn’t need to

worry about losing you as a customer because you are on contract.

– Unlocked phones are easier to sell:

Phones tied to a carrier have less value when compared to unlocked phones. If you are planning

to sell or give away your phone to someone who isn’t on the same carrier as you are, it is best to

unlock your phone.

– You can switch carriers without having to change your phone:

You do not have to sell your phone only to switch service providers.

Call us if you are wondering how to unlock your HTC phone. We’ll help you…

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