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How To Unlock Samsung Phone

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By Cellunlockernet2:13 am November 9, 2016

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<meta name=”description” content=”Here’s all that you wanted to know about unlocking your Samsung phone”>

<h1>All That You Wanted To Know About Unlocking Your Samsung Phone</h1>

While it is now legal to unlock your Samsung phone, we all know that doing it through your carrier is an excruciatingly long process. And that is probably why so many people choose to remain with their current service provider even if they end up having to pay through their nose, or dealing with rude customer service staff. If you own a SIM locked phone and looking to switch providers, here’s everything you wanted to know about the process:

  • Network carriers make it difficult for you to unlock your phone:

Don’t call the carrier to unlock your Samsung phone. For one, it takes forever for someone to respond when you call in to switch providers. This is intended to put you off the process.

  • AT&T will unlock your phone for users within the contract period, but:

You will have to fulfill several conditions. Besides, they will do it only five times every year. Also, you should not owe them any amount on their accounts. And you must have been a customer for over 60days. And…. the list is endless.

  • Sprint unlocks your phone, but:

You should have been their customer for a minimum of three months.  There are several other conditions that you have to meet. In short, most carriers offer to unlock your phone for a limited time period, but, you will have to prove that you are traveling outside the country.

  • There’s no respite for people who’re not happy with the service provider:

If you are not happy with the carrier’s customer service, there’s nothing you can do. You are also not allowed to switch plans.

  • Unlocking phones is easier and stress-free:

Cellunlocker.net offers to unlock your Samsung phone at just half the costs charged by your service provider. We’ll do it within 24 hours time and give permanent unlock codes. The phones are factory unlocked, i.e. they’re not affected by updates.

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