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Unlock ZTE Phone: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

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By Cellunlockernet1:15 am December 30, 2016

Unlock ZTE Phone

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Unlocking Your ZTE Phone

Did you know that ZTE is the seventh largest smartphone maker in the world? Some of their

high-end phones like the ZTE Axon and ZTE Axon Pro offer the technical jazz found in top

quality phones like the HTC 10 and the Galaxy S7 for nearly half the price. If you’ve purchased

a ZTE phone through a network carrier, but would now like to switch service providers, use our

codes to unlock your ZTE phone. Here are a few things to know before unlocking:

– Our unlock codes do not operate on all ZTE phones:

The network you’re trying to use the unlocked phone should be a GSM carrier. Unlock codes are

not compatible with CDMA devices.

– How does unlocking help:

With an unlocked phone, you are free to switch service providers. For example, if your job

entails frequent visits outside the country, save yourself from high mobile and data roaming

charges by using a local SIM card purchased from the country you’re visiting.

– What if the unlock codes do not work:

We guarantee to unlock your phone regardless of your network. But, if you’re unable to unlock

the phone, we’ll refund your money. Also, some phones set a limit to the number of times you

can attempt to unlock. If you have made the maximum unlock attempts allowed, your phone can

be hard locked. Before you attempt to unlock your phone, please ensure that this is not the case.

– How to unlock the ZTE phone:

To unlock your ZTE phone, send us the IMEI number along with the make and model of your

phone, original network carrier, and contact information. We’ll send the unlock codes and step

by step unlocking instructions to your email. Power on the phone with the new SIM card (from a

carrier of your choice) and insert the unlock code when prompted. Your phone is now unlocked!

Unlock your ZTE phone using unlock codes from Cellunlocker.net. We have the largest

database of accurate codes.

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