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7 New Features Expected In the iPhone 8

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By Cellunlockernet8:03 pm February 14, 2017

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Apple iPhone 8 – 7 Amazing New Features

Apple’s tenth anniversary phone is set to launch in a few months. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has

already dropped hints that there are ‘exciting things in the pipeline’. The release is expected

around the end of this year. Will the iPhone 8 be as pathbreaking as it’s original counterpart

launched 10 years ago, or will be a mere upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 7 and the

iPhone 7 plus were great – they were among the best in 2016. But, there was nothing radical

about the design; it was rather a very good upgrade. Speaking of the iPhone 8, here are some

features likely to be introduced:

1. OLED display

The flexible plastic OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display makes the device thinner that

allows Apple to consume less power and offers a better display with high contrast ratio.

2. Glass body

For the body, Apple is eventually going to move away from the aluminum used in the iPhone 5

and iPhone 6 series and replace the gorilla glass 4 used in the iPhone 4 (launched in 2011) by

sapphire glass protection which is unbreakable.

3. Faster A11 processor

Inside, the iPhone 8 is expected to have a 10-nanometer A11 chip that will be faster and efficient

than the A10 processor in iPhone 7.

4. Edge-to- edge display

The Apple iPhone 8 will have an edge-to- edge display, with no cut-out for the home button. It

would be able to sense and analyze fingerprints on any edge.

5. Wireless charging

The wireless charging range of iPhone 8 could be 15 feet. This feature was ruled out in iPhone 7.

6. No home button

Rumors suggest that iPhone 8 does not include a dynamic home button, i.e., the touch ID will be

built into the display. It might be sensitive to gestures. Besides that, the front camera will also be

built into that display.

7. Water resistant

Like iPhone 7, iPhone 8 might have improved with IP68-rated water resistant, which is the

advance of IP67- certified to iPhone 7 and iPhone plus.

As per International Protection Rating (IP code),

– IP first number – Protection against solid objects.

– IP second number – Protection against liquids.

I.e., In the IP68 rating – 6 refers to dust proof, and the number 8 refers to water resistant.

Apple usually releases its iPhone updates in September, so that we can expect iPhone 8 in

September of 2017.

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