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Apple’s iPhone 8 May Have A High Waterproof Rating

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By Cellunlockernet12:29 am February 21, 2017

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Will The iPhone 8 Be Waterproof?

Apple’s 10 th anniversary phone is likely to be like no other. Water resistance is sure going to an

important feature in the much anticipated iPhone8. They had rolled out their first ever waterproof

iPhone, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Each of these phones have an IP67 rating and can

survive from accidental splashes and dunks. Both iPhones can be submerged at 1 meter for up to

30 minutes. However, Apple says very clearly that the liquid damage is not covered under

warranty. i.e., they won’t replace it you accidently/intentionally dunk it under water.

iPhone 8 may get IP68 waterproofing

Rumors suggest that Apple’s upcoming iPhone will have an IP68 rating. It is expected that the

new iPhone may withstand immersion up to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. In IP68, the 8

denotes improved water resistance, and 6 signifies the phone’s resistance to dust. Various

sources rumored that Apple is likely to use waterproof tapes (to protect the iPhone) rather than

adhesives, as tapes ease the repair work.

The IP rating of the iPhone 8 is equivalent to the first version of the Apple Watch. Many people

have reported that it has been able to last through multiple swims and heavy exposure to water.

Other new features on the iPhone 8 might include:

– A glass body with an OLED display that wraps around the iPhone.

– A smart connector and new security features.

– It may run on iOS11.

– The facial recognition feature is also rumored to be integrated into the display and the front

bezel area also be reduced.

– The new phone might feature a curved screen and 3D dual lens camera.

– Apple is likely to introduce wireless charging features to support fast charging.

These are just rumors and nothing can be confirmed until an Apple executive holds an iPhone 8

up on stage. With many features, the iPhone 6 is unlikely to be cheap. For those who cant afford

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