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A Larger Google Pixel XL may be on it’s way

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By Charlie Yu12:13 am June 13, 2017

A Larger Google Pixel XL may be on it’s way


Google seems to be jumping on the “larger is better” bandwagon alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Though it may not be a direct replica of the Pixel and though it will not be called the Google Pixel XXL, it will be a second generation Pixel device nonetheless.

According to internal rumors from Google, the company is planning to release their second generation Pixel phone in a larger format (larger display). A project called “Muskie” was supposed to be the next big thing after the Pixel XL. However, with that now gone we are left with another project called “Taimen”. Rumors seem to indicate that Taimen is a larger display (and larger bodied) smartphone compared to what Muskie was supposed to be. It seems that what ever Taimen will look like it will have the chassis of “Muskie” but with a larger screen.

While all this is happening Google is also gearing up to release a smaller second-generation Pixel device. This should be announced by Google soon this year. The code name for this project is “Walleye”.

These days Google seems to be taking a fancy to codenaming their projects after water dwelling creatures.

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