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CES 2018 Reports: Vivo Unveils First In-Display FingerPrint Tech to the Masses

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By 1sagain7:22 pm January 9, 2018

The First In-Display Fingerprint technology Revealed to the Masses


Looking back last month in December, Synaptics announced the creation of a Fingerprint scanner that can be placed underneath a display panel. The company further stated that a Tier 1 company would be the first to release a commercially available smartphone with said technology.


Fast forward to today and we can now see that Vivo has confirmed such announcment’s as well as various rumors by showcasing this feature in Las Vegas at CES 2018. Vivo is officially the first company to reveal and implement this technology in a smartphone.

The in-display fingerprint sensor sits between the mainboard and the OLED panel which will illuminate the finger and scan with beams of light.

Senior VP of Vivo, Alex Feng, explained that the phone is already ready for mass production and will be announced early 2018. He explained that this is the solution that addresses one of the industries challenges in the midst of catering to the increasing demands of smaller form factors with big technologies.

The fingerprint scanner will provide the same level of security as many of the fingerprint sensors today provide as we see in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Synaptics assured the press previously.


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