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Why are all the Celebrities using Flip Phones Now?

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By Cellunlockernet1:28 pm May 3, 2018

It’s 2018 and Why Flip Phones Are Trendy? And Why are all the Celebrities using them?


Chris Pine, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson and many more have been spotted using the good old flip phone. Why is this becoming popular compared to using the modern iPhone X or newest Samsung Galaxy S9+?

Time could have rendered the handset obsolete, but this did not prevent us from craving the charm of an old-school flip phone. So much so that this nostalgic devices are making a comeback wonderfully, both in new and retro guises.

In the same way, that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, coolness is also a matter of perspective. Of course, it may be good to have a super smart smartphone. But sometimes you just want to make and receive phone calls without too much drama. And sometimes take (and share) a photo.

These are some of the reasons why this device will come out trendy in the years to come.

Price: Most flip phones prices start ranging from free to $100, while others even have a full price of around $60 without a contract. Most smartphones usually start at $200, with prices ranging from $500 to $900.
Convenience: It doesn’t get much easier just to flip the top of your phone open to answer a call, and closing the phone to end the call is sometimes quite satisfactory.

Battery life: Today, your smartphone is pretty much charged every night. Flip phones can last from three days to a week or longer, which is excellent for travelers.

Disconnected Life: Most of us spend all day on the computer at the office and often come home to re-use them. People can get a break away from this technology with a flip phone, and it is safe for us to get disconnected at a certain time.
Durability: Most of the large screen smartphones of today have difficulty surviving when they fall. Flip phones can usually take much of an abuse than other smartphones, though it can die or stop working if you put it in a cup of tea or in a coffee cup.

Simple: People do ask a lot of questions about the complexity of modern smartphones and that they can find new things every day on it. The flip phone is focused on dialing and calling, but some may also have additional features which you can explore.

Size: The flip phones sizes are usually pocketable and not heavy compared to other smartphones, and the flip design can allow them to be folded to an even smaller size to be placed in a pocket without any problem.
Privacy: Almost all flip phones are not always connected to the internet, and in most cases, it does transfer your data from one to the other over the Internet.

Secure: hackers are working on collecting our data and there many incidents of rogue apps and other attacks on smartphones. Flip phones do not usually store or have the ability to share personal data.
Call Quality and Performance: Phone calls seem to have a low priority on the smartphone list, but you can always be impressed with the loud and clear calls on flip phones.

tom cruise flip phone

As much as most people would like to go back to a flip phone, sometimes the disconnection is fine, and we are all part of a connected world, and we do find lots of value on smartphones and other portable products.

What Flip Phones are there out there in 2018?

1. AT&T Cingular FlipTM 2 – $59.99

att flip phone

2. T-Mobile Alcactel Go FlipTM – $79.99

3. Cricket LG TrueTM – $59.99

cricket flip phone

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