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How To Unlock Any Samsung Galaxy Phone: The Basics

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By Jenny Lee12:29 pm November 28, 2018

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone companies in the entire world, if not one of the leading companies, period with over a billion unit sold worldwide every year and the number only showing an upward moving trend. There are currently a plethora of Samsung models available for sale in the market as new sets or even older, used ones which the company no longer manufactures. Regardless of the model and make, you can be fairly confident that the product you receive will hold up its end and give you an experience worth its price.

When you purchase a phone from a particular carrier, the phone is usually locked to that carrier’s network, meaning you cannot use any other GSM or SIM card apart from the one provided to you by the relevant service. This can be especially frustrating in many situations, especially when you know that your cellphone is perfectly compatible with other networks. A phone locked to one network restricts you if you want to shift to a new network because you think it will serve your needs better or if you want to go abroad and use a local network instead of having to pay big bucks under unnecessary roaming charges.

In order to get rid of this problem of being tied with a chain to one service only, one can look to get their phone unlocked. Hence, unlocking a phone in this case means untethering it from being committed to your carrier network and enable you to be able to use another network or another SIM card.

If you are a Samsung phone user looking to unlock your phone so that you can use another network, here are some of the basics of getting that done.

To begin with, you must grab a hold of your IMEI number if you want to unlock your Samsung phone, regardless of what model it is or what method you choose to unlock your phone. If you do not already know your IMEI number or have it written somewhere, here is how you can do so: type in *06# in your phone keypad. Dialing this number will cause a popup to appear with your IMEI and MEID numbers in order. Note down your IMEI number someplace safe so that you do not miss it as it is the key to the unlocking process. You can then return to your home screen by closing the message.

After you have gotten your IMEI number, you need to decide which route you want to choose in order to get your phone unlocked. You could either get in touch with your service provider, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, or any other network that you may be associated with, or you can get this done through a third party phone unlocking service such as Cellunlocker.net. Following are brief summaries of how you can get your Samsung Galaxy phone unlocked using either of the methods:

Get in touch with your service provider by either calling them and asking about their unlocking service or by visiting their website. Most networks have an unlocking page on their websites where you can fill out a request form for them to take into consideration. But before you contact them, you must ensure that your phone qualifies for unlocking. Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind in addition to any others your service provider may demand from you:

You must be the owner of the phone.
You should have paid off all the costs associated with the phone and th package.
A certain amount of time should have passed since your payment was completed.
Your service provider can refuse to unlock your phone.

If you fall within the criteria, get in touch with your carrier service. Once they get back to you, you may have to provide them with identity verification, account name, passwords, and the IMEI number. Your carrier will then unlock your Samsung phone.

Some of the problems with getting your phone unlocked from your carrier are that, one, they have the right to refuse your request. Two, the process can take quite a bit of time as they have to get back to you and approve your device’s eligibility for unlocking. And three, your carrier may not be able to unlock every Samsung phone model, leaving you stuck with your phone and carrier.

With a third party phone unlocker like Cellunlocker.net, you do not have to face any of these issues as we unlock almost all Samsung models, even if your service provider is unable to unlock them, we are much cheaper than what the networks will charge you, and our process is quick and snappy. It should also be remembered that getting your phone unlocked from a third party is completely safe and legal.

All you need to do is fill out a request form with the details of your phone, including the model and make, and make the small payment. Once your request has been received, we will begin searching for your Samsung phone’s unlock code and notify you within the next one to three hours through our automated system. You will then be asked to launch your Samsung phone with another SIM card and enter the Samsung unlock code that we will provide to you through email, and voila! You have successfully unlocked your phone permanently. You can read more about the unlocking process and fill in an unlocking request form here.

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