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CellUnlocker How Tos
By Cellunlockernet1:03 pm January 25, 2019

We are please to announced we have released the Cellunlocker Sprint Samsung Unlock Tool. The software can unlock your Sprint Samsung device network in 5 minutes! The process is fast, easy and 100% Guaranteed. This also works for all Boost Samsung devices.

Once unlocked, enjoy the freedom to use other carrier sim cards including AT&T, T-Mobile or internationally if you are traveling. Your Samsung smartphone will now act as an unlock GSM Phone.

How does it work?

  1. Place your order for Sprint Samsung Unlock Software
  2. You will be emailed Software download link and usename/password
  3. Follow our step by step instructions and your phone will be unlocked in 5 minutes!


Windows PC and data cable to connect to computer.

Unlock all Sprint/Boost Samsung Models

Samsung Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint) (SM-G900P)
Samsung Galaxy S6 (Sprint) (SM-G920P)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Sprint) (SM-G925P)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Sprint) (SM-G928P)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Sprint) (SM-G930P)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Sprint) (SM-G935P)
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Sprint) (SM-G950U)
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Sprint) (SM-G955U)
Samsung Galaxy S9 (Sprint) (SM-G960U)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Sprint) (SM-G965U)

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint) (SM-N900P)
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Sprint) (SM-N910P)
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Sprint) (SM-N920P)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Sprint) (SM-N950U)
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (Sprint) (SM-N915P)

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (Sprint) (SM-G360P)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T217S)

+ all other Models from Sprint

*Sprint Note 9 is not supported at this time


Windows PC and data cable to connect to computer.

It’s So Easy to Use

  • No rooting required
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Step by step instructions
  • Unlock your phone in 5 minutes
  • No voiding warranty or altering firmware
  • Once unlocked it is permanent!

100% Guaranteed to Unlock your Sprint Samsung Phone

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