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BEST KICKSTARTER 2019 – 50% Fully Funded in just a Few Hours from Launch

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By Cellunlockernet2:30 pm February 6, 2019

The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger™ by Fiora is a 3-in-1 wireless cellphone charger, phone mount and video dash cam.

It was 50% fully funded  in a matter of a few hours of launching on their Kickstarter Page

What is so special about the The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger™?

It is claimed to be the fastest wireless car charger in the world. Here is a speed test they did against an Anker wireless charger and a Belkin wireless charger

Detailed Product Features:

  • Fast Charge ability 15w/10w/7.5w/5w charging speeds.
  • Dual Easy Touch Auto Lock and Release Sensors on both sides.
  • Two LED charging indicator lights.
  • Intuitive sensor that only locks in cellphones to avoid unnecessary opening and closing.
  • Sturdy air vent clip or window/dashboard mount which doesn’t fall off on bumpy roads or sharp turns.
  • Silicone gripping on the stabilizer mount, charging surface, and retractable arms for extra grip and stability.
  • Uses USB-C.
  • Built in cooling system to prevent over heating and surge protection,
  • Quiet but sturdy lock and release with height adjustable stabilizer mount.
  • Locks perfectly into place every time.
  • Comes with fast charge QC 3.0 car adapter to enable even faster wireless charging speed.
  • Qi certified product
  • Safety certifications CE, FCC, ROHs Certification


It also includes a download of  The Ultimate Dash Cam™ which is an app that turns your cellphone into a dash cam or car camera.

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