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Best Wireless Charger in 2019 – Wireless Charging Speed Test for Anker vs Belkin vs Fiora for Samsung, iPhone, LG and Other Qi Enabled Devices

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By Cellunlockernet3:41 pm March 18, 2019

Choosing a Wireless Charger can be tricky these days, so many to choose from. Paid reviews and sponsor make it difficult to trust influencers and other social media. The only real way? REAL DATA and REAL TESTING.

Whether you are looking for a wireless car charger, wireless charging pad/stand etc.. and you are not sure which wireless charger to use in 2019?

Here is a wireless charger speed test between Anker vs Belkin Vs Fiora. In the video it reviews all the data aggregated from the test.

The results are shocking and it’s worth the watch.

To remove all biased results, there were:

1. 4 rounds of charging done, alternating between each charger
2. Same iPhone XS Max was used.
3. Same QC 3.0 adapter power source used.

Fiora – Ultimate Wireless Car Charger
Anker –
Belkin – Boost Up Wireless Charger

App used for test: Amperes Light

Hope this was informative for anyone looking for the best wireless charger for 2019

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