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Ultimate Wireless Car Charger by Fiora Unboxing and Review

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By Cellunlockernet2:06 pm June 20, 2019

Check out this unboxing and review of the Ultimate Wireless Car Charger by Fiora from Social Netting

Ultimate Wireless Car Charger By Fiora – Unboxing and review. Perhaps the best wireless charger and car support ever Fiora model known as Ultimate wireless car charger is a 3 in 1 device. In addition to holding your smartphone to the car also carries it and serves as dash cam. The wireless charger charges a power of 15w, which can already be considered fast charging, this charging power in this equipment is the highest in the market compared to leading brands such as Anker, Belkin etc … Watch the video of the unboxing and analysis of this Ultimate wireless charger by Fiora here on the Social Netting channel.

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