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Pixel 8 Pro AI Unleashes Gemini Nano: Your Smart Sidekick with December 2023 Feature Drop

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By Charlie Yu10:11 am December 6, 2023

Unveiling the Pixel 8 Pro AI Marvel: Gemini Nano

Google has just dropped a tech bombshell with the Pixel 8 Pro AI, boasting the inclusion of Gemini Nano, Google’s most efficient on-device AI model. Brace yourself as we unravel the magic that this technological sorcery brings to your Pixel 8 Pro experience.

Gemini Nano Takes Center Stage

Pixel 8 Pro AI introduces Gemini Nano, a nimble on-device AI model, marking a paradigm shift in smartphone capabilities. This petite powerhouse not only prevents your sensitive data from wandering into the digital abyss but also ensures seamless functionality without the need for a constant network connection.

Summarize in Recorder: Your Pocket Wordsmith

Thanks to Gemini Nano, Summarize in Recorder is your new pocket wordsmith. Need a quick recap of your recorded musings? Just tap ‘Summarize,’ and voila, three bullet points appear, even when you’re offline. It’s like having your very own stenographer, minus the funny wig.

Smart Reply in Gboard: The Chat Whisperer

Gemini Nano’s magic doesn’t stop there. It’s now the wizard behind Smart Reply in Gboard. Offering high-quality, conversationally aware responses, this feature is a time-saver par excellence. WhatsApp is the lucky pioneer, with other apps eagerly awaiting their turn in the Smart Reply limelight.

Pixel 8 Pro AI Unleashes Visual Wonders

The Pixel 8 Pro AI isn’t just about eloquent words and witty replies; it’s also your visual accomplice, enhancing your photos and videos with a touch of AI finesse.

Video Boost: Lights, Camera, AI Action!

Bid farewell to shaky videos and lackluster cinematography. With Video Boost powered by Google Tensor G3, your videos undergo a magical transformation in the cloud. Say hello to stunningly adjusted colors, lighting, stabilization, and goodbye to graininess.

Night Sight Video: Lights Out, AI On

Pixel 8 Pro AI turns nocturnal videography into an art form with Night Sight Video. AI-driven noise reduction ensures your night-time recordings are rich in detail and color. It’s like having your own cinematographer on call, 24/7.

Portrait Perfection and Photo Unblur 2.0

Gemini Nano brings a touch of perfection to your portraits. The improved Portrait light in Google Photos banishes harsh shadows, ensuring everyone looks like a star – even in less-than-ideal lighting. And for your fur babies, Photo Unblur steps up its game, sharpening images of pets who just can’t sit still.

Boosting Productivity with Pixel 8 Pro AI

Pixel 8 Pro AI isn’t just about fun and games. It’s your productivity companion, making life easier in unexpected ways.

Dual Screen Preview: Strike a Pose!

Pixel Fold users, rejoice! Dual Screen Preview makes photography a breeze. While you set up the shot, your subjects can see themselves on the outer screen, adjusting poses for that perfect pic. It’s like having your own personal photoshoot director.

Clean Feature: Smudge-Be-Gone!

Say goodbye to smudges, stains, and creases on scanned documents. Pixel’s Clean feature, accessible through the Camera app, transforms your images with a few swipes. It’s the digital equivalent of waving a magic wand over your paperwork.

Password Manager Magic: Passkeys Made Easy

Ever struggled with passkeys? Pixel 8 Pro AI’s Google Password Manager identifies accounts supporting passkeys, making adding them a breeze. Security just got a touch of Pixel magic.

Pixel 8 Pro AI: Beyond Boundaries

The Pixel 8 Pro AI isn’t limiting its prowess to a select few. It’s spreading its wings, bringing its genius to more regions, languages, and devices.

Smarter Replies in Call Screen: Let AI Handle It

Google Assistant on Pixel Fold and newer phones now suggests contextual replies in Call Screen. No need to take the call yourself; let AI handle the situation for you.

Unlocking Ease with Pixel Watch: No More Password Hassles

Pixel Watch introduces a game-changing feature. Now, unlock your Pixel phone with ease using your Pixel Watch when it’s nearby. No more fumbling for passwords or relying on facial recognition.

A Brave New AI World with Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro AI, fueled by the remarkable Gemini Nano, isn’t just a smartphone. It’s a pocket-sized genius, ready to make your digital life smoother, smarter, and a whole lot more fun. With features that range from the whimsical to the productive, Pixel 8 Pro AI is more than just an upgrade; it’s a technological leap into a brave new AI world. Get ready to unleash the power of Gemini Nano in your Pixel 8 Pro and experience the future, today!

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