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Beyond Unlocking: Next Steps After Your AT&T Device Unlock Success

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By Josh1:08 pm April 6, 2024

Congratulations, you have now completed the AT&T SIM Unlock process! It is more than a step towards freeing your smartphone for freedom of use; it opens to unlimited opportunities for your usage. But the journey doesn’t end with completing the AT&T network unlock. There are many important steps and considerations to ensure you get the most out of your new unlocked device. This is what you need to do next.

  1. Confirm the Unlock

First, you must ascertain that your device has been fully unlocked. Insert another carrier’s SIM card into your device; if it registers and allows you to call, send a text, or access data services in a 5G-enabled device, your device is fully unlocked. You may need to contact AT&T for further assistance if you encounter any issues.

  1. Explore Carrier Options

After your device has been unlocked, there will remain no compulsion for AT&T’s network, and this is the best time to look into the plans offered by other carriers. Go for providers with better coverage, more competitive prices, and data packages that will appropriately serve your needs. Don’t forget to consider smaller regional carriers or international options if you travel frequently.

  1. International SIM Cards

One of the most superb things about having an unlocked phone is that the person traveling can use international SIM cards when going to another country. That reduces the cost of roaming to a greater extent and makes the whole experience look more local. Research and purchase international SIM cards that offer the best rates in the countries you plan to visit.

  1. Selling or Passing On Your Device

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Unlocked devices usually go at a higher price than when sold locked. If you are to sell your phone or give it to someone, then sell it unlocked. This would make the gadget more appealing to the person using or buying the phone, who can use it with their preferred carrier.

  1. Backup and Restore

After that, make a backup before changing to a new carrier or beginning to use your device intensively. It will save all the necessary information. Then, the backup is restored to transfer to a new device and work from the same place.

  1. Software Updates

Be sure to check for any pending software updates after unlocking your device. As an aside, you may have new updates, too, since, in certain cases, an update may even be held back from reaching your device because of carrier restrictions.

  1. Review Your Apps and Services

Some apps or services may even be tied to your previous carrier. Look at all your installed apps and subscriptions; all should be relevant to you and useful. In this exercise, the optimization of the use of apps can be found, or new apps can be properly adapted to the features of your unlocked device.

  1. Consider a New Phone Case or Accessories

Your device has a much bigger function now. You’ll, in fact, probably want to consider finally investing in a new phone case or add-ons for enhanced usage. Most of these are designed with international travel in mind, while others serve to change the look of your device, and the right accessory will do a lot for you.

  1. Spread the Word

Share this journey with friends and family, which might inspire others to unlock their devices and give them the same freedom and opportunity you have just enjoyed.


Unlocking your AT&T device will provide a gateway to a whole new world of finally opening a new carrier or enjoying international travel without being restricted by the shackles of roaming fees. While AT&T provides an official site for making device unlocking requests, such requests can be turned down based on various criteria. In such a case, looking towards some reputed independent unlock solutions or another service provider becomes prudent. They are also very efficient in time and accuracy in their services in unlocking, unlike the long time involved in official outlets. What comes next, to increase the potential that a phone offers in an unlocked state is then a matter of embracing the freedom that the phone is now capable of affording and, to the best of one’s abilities, leaving no stone unturned in exploring all available options to ensure one reaps as many benefits possible from the newfound capabilities of the device.

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