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Moondrop’s Phone, the MIAD 01: An Audiophile’s Dream

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By Charlie Yu1 month ago

A Bold New Direction for Moondrop

Moondrop, a name synonymous with high-quality in-ear monitors, has just revealed its first foray into the smartphone market with the MIAD 01, short for Mobile Internet Audio Device. This move marks a significant shift for the company, which has primarily been known for its audio excellence. Now, they’re embedding that audiophile-grade quality into a smartphone designed to cater to the most discerning of music lovers.

Unveiling the MIAD 01: Design and Display

Aesthetic and Build

The MIAD 01 sports a sleek, modern design with a nod to its audio-focused roots:

  • Color and Finish: The device features a striking white colorway with a textured, striated finish that gives it a distinct look from the usual smartphone offerings.
  • Accents and Ergonomics: Accented with vibrant orange on its power and volume buttons, the MIAD 01 also boasts flat sides and sharp corners, offering a tactile and visually appealing edge.

Screen Specifications

The smartphone is not just about sound. It boasts impressive visual specs that make it a complete sensory package:

  • Display: A 6.7-inch curved OLED screen dominates the front, offering a 1080p resolution that promises crisp and clear visuals.
  • Refresh Rate and Quality: With a 120Hz refresh rate and high-frequency PWM dimming at 1920MHz, the display is designed for smooth scrolling and minimal eye strain, ideal for both everyday use and multimedia consumption.

Advanced Audio Capabilities: Setting the MIAD 01 Apart

Dual Headphone Jacks

In a market where the headphone jack is nearly extinct, the MIAD 01 stands out by not only preserving this feature but doubling down:

  • Balanced and Single-Ended Outputs: It includes both a 4.4mm jack for balanced audio and a 3.5mm jack for single-ended output, complete with microphone support. This dual approach caters to audio purists and casual listeners alike.

Audio Engineering

Moondrop didn’t hold back in ensuring the MIAD 01 lives up to its audiophile promise:

  • Premium Sound Components: The device includes a flagship decoding chip and a gold-sinking independent audio circuit, coupled with an independent LDO power supply, setting a new standard for smartphone sound quality.

The Tech Under the Hood

While Moondrop has revealed much about the display and audio features of the MIAD 01, details about the internal workings remain sparse. What’s under the hood will greatly influence both performance and price:

  • Processor and Battery: The specifics of the chipset and battery are yet to be disclosed, which leaves some anticipation about the overall efficiency and stamina of the device.
  • Material and Build Quality: The back material appears to be a unibody polycarbonate shell, suggesting a robust yet lightweight design without visible antenna lines, enhancing its sleek aesthetic.

What the MIAD 01 Means for Audiophiles and Moondrop

The introduction of the MIAD 01 by Moondrop is not just an expansion of their product line—it’s a statement. It signals that high-fidelity audio can and should be a standard feature in modern smartphones. For audiophiles, the MIAD 01 could be the dream device that marries exceptional sound quality with the functionality of a high-end smartphone. As we await more details on this intriguing device, one thing is clear: Moondrop is setting the bar high, potentially changing the game for audio enthusiasts around the globe. Stay tuned as we continue to cover this exciting development in the tech world.

Source: Twitter/X @Moondroplab

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