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Step-by-Step Guide: Unlocking Your AT&T Device on Your Own

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By Josh5:10 am April 8, 2024

Gaining the freedom to switch networks, utilize your phone abroad without hefty fees, and boost your device’s resale value is easier than you think. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of unlocking your AT&T handset, detailing a straightforward DIY approach.

Understanding AT&T’s Unlocking Conditions

Before diving into the unlocking process, it’s critical to understand that not every AT&T device is eligible. AT&T imposes specific conditions that must be met:

1-    The device must be locked to AT&T’s network.

2-    It should not have been reported as lost or stolen.

All the device’s service agreements, installment plans, or any term commitments must be fully satisfied.

The device must have no pending balance or unpaid fees associated with it.

Step 1: Verify Your Eligibility

First, ensure your device is eligible for unlocking by reviewing AT&T’s specific requirements. Your device must be AT&T-bound, free from financial obligations, and not listed as lost or stolen.

Step 2: Collect Required Information

Prepare the necessary details for your unlock request:

1-    Your AT&T account details.

2-    The IMEI number of your device, which can be found by dialing *#06#.

3-    The account holder’s full name and the last four digits of their SSN.

Step 3: Request an Unlock Online

Head over to AT&T’s official device unlock portal and input your device and account information:

1-    Select the option to unlock your device.

2-    Fill in your device’s IMEI number and your details.

3-    Agree to the unlocking terms and submit your request.

Step 4: Confirm Your Request

You’ll receive an email from AT&T asking you to confirm your unlock request. Click the confirmation link within 24 hours to avoid automatic cancellation.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

AT&T will process your request and notify you of their decision, typically within two business days. Approval will come with instructions for unlocking your device.

Step 6: Unlock Your Device

Depending on your device, you’ll either enter an unlock code provided by AT&T or use a non-AT&T SIM card to complete the process. iPhone might not require a code and will unlock automatically after connecting to iTunes or performing a reset.

What If Your Unlock Request Is Denied?

If AT&T denies your unlock request, don’t lose hope. External unlocking services can provide an alternative solution, though choosing a reputable provider is important to avoid scams. These services often come with a fee but can unlock devices that don’t meet AT&T’s criteria.

The Alternative Path: Third-Party Services

external unlocking services

Should your unlock request be denied, or if you find AT&T’s conditions too stringent, numerous external unlocking services are ready to assist. While opting for such services, conducting thorough research is crucial to ensure reliability and avoid potential scams. These alternatives can be especially helpful for those in unique situations or with devices that no longer have active AT&T accounts.


Unlocking your AT&T device is a straightforward process if you meet the eligibility criteria. However, alternative solutions via third-party services are available even if you face obstacles with AT&T directly. By following these steps and exploring all options, you can enjoy the freedom and benefits of an unlocked device.

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