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What to Do When Your Att Device Unlock Request is Denied

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By Josh2:26 pm April 5, 2024

As expected, unlocking an AT&T device is usually relatively straightforward, but it has a few surprises if your request is denied. The reasons for refusal are given, and further actions to be taken afterward become self-evident for a resolution to be had. The following are guidelines to help you out with this.

Understand Why Your Request Was Denied

First, it should understand for which specific reason the request has been denied. Here are reasons for which AT&T may deny an unlock request:

Account Standing: Your account must be in good standing, meaning all bills and dues are paid.

Device Payment: The device must be fully paid off. The device must be paid in full if you’re on a payment plan.

Active Service: The device might need to have been active on the AT&T network for a certain period.

Reported Lost or Stolen: Devices reported as lost or stolen are ineligible for unlocking.

Previously Unlocked: A second request will be denied if a device has been unlocked.

Review AT&T’s Unlocking Policy

Please visit the AT&T official site to view the policy on unlocking and ensure your device and account meet all of them. The policy changes occasionally, so always verify the latest information.

Rectify Any Account or Device Issues

If your device unlocks request was rejected for account-related issues or due to device payment status issues, please make either full payment of the device or clear your account by settling all the overdue payments.

Submit a New Unlock Request

Once the issues that led to the rejection are addressed, please make a fresh request to unlock your device. Please ensure that whatever information is provided is accurate; failure to misrepresent facts will lead to further delay.

Contact AT&T Customer Service

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“If you cannot fix it yourself or think we’ve made a mistake by denying your request, calling AT&T customer service would be your next best bet. Be ready to share your version, the denial, and the steps taken to rectify the issue with them. Customer service reps may be very specific regarding the reasons for declining your request and might even lead you through the steps to fix it.

Seek Help from Third-party Services

Lastly, consider using a reliable third-party unlocking service. However, this should be your last option, as it is risky and expensive. Make sure to do your research and find a reliable service.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Regulatory or legal considerations, in some cases, will limit your ability to unlock your device. Understand the laws and regulations in your area that apply to the ability to unlock your device.


If, and it’s a big “if,” AT&T denies your request to unlock, there are many reasons for a denied unlock device request, but it’s an issue most users should be able to address by understanding why, taking corrective action, and escalating up the chain of command if necessary. Don’t forget to be patient and keep records of all your communications and transactions regarding your request to unlock the phone for future use.


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