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7 Easy Tips to Save Battery on Apple iPhones and Android Phones

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By Cellunlockernet9:25 pm February 26, 2016


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#7: Lower Your Screen Brightness
A lot of people who complain about having short battery life problems are usually the same ones whose phone display is turned up to the max. Compared to keeping your phone’s brightness at maximum, turning your screen display to automatic-brightness will help lengthen your battery life because the phone will adapt to the environment you’re in. However, turning it off and keeping your phone’s brightness at a lower, more dimmed setting regularly will help you maximize battery life.

#6: Battery Saver Mode
Power saver mode can quite often be highly customized to adapt to your needs. Of the list usually available to customize, you can choose. From turning off mobile data, reducing screen brightness, a faster screen time-out, to turning Bluetooth, GPS, and vibration off. In addition, battery saver modes usually automatically turn off all vibration, including notifications and haptic feedback. All of these functions will help you preserve battery life. However, keep in mind that power saver modes work best when the screen is off. So, if you’re active on your phone all day, or if you’re in an area that receives low reception, you might find that battery saver may be a little less effective.

#5: Turn Off Bluetooth and GPS/Location
If your device is constantly searching for a connecting bluetooth connection, or the it’s constantly connected to a GPS signal to lock in on your location, your phone is always going to be awake. This is not good for your battery, because the more often it is awake, the more power it will drain. By turning off bluetooth and GPS when you’re not using it, you can extend your battery life for quite a lot! The great thing about this is that you can turn these options off even without putting your phone in battery saver mode, so you don’t have to inhibit other processing power.

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#4: Turn on Silent Mode but Turn Off Vibrate
If your phone is constantly making sounds to notify you, believe it or not, it can drain power! If you’re trying to get the most of your battery and trying to get it to last the day, every bit helps. Even if you have the phone on sound notifications, it would help save battery by turning off your device’s vibration. If you have haptic feedback on for your keyboard and soft-keys, turn that off, too! All those keystrokes you use throughout the day can make the difference between whether your phone will still be alive by the time you get home.

#3: Take Notice of Signal Strength
Signal strength really plays a huge factor in how long your device’s battery will last. If you spend a whole day in a place where you only have one or two signal bars, you’ll find that your phone likely won’t even last you through the day. If you spend the day with full signal bars, your phone would last significantly longer than an average day where you receive between 3-4 bars of service. So, if you find that you’re going to be spending many hours in an area where you’ll have poor signal strength and you need your phone to last through the day, either turn off your phone or put it onto airplane mode.

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#2: Uninstall Facebook if You Can
Recently, people have found that the Facebook app is extremely power hungry. If you’re not a regular Facebook user or if you can find a substitute for Facebook (either another application like Metal or Tinfoil, or the mobile browser version), uninstall it! Many users have noticed a significant increase in performance on their phones as well as an additional 20% of battery life on their phones at the end of the day. Your phone may not accurately reflect how much power the Facebook app is using, but experiments have shown that it takes up a significant amount of background power as well as data.

#1: Update Your Apps!
One of the most common reasons for people having irregularly high power use is the failure to keep all apps up to date. Application updates are implemented to make the app more efficient as well as keep bugs off of your phone. If you notice that any of your apps are acting irregularly, such as not turning off when you want it to, consuming more data than usual, or eating more power than it usually does, check the app store or play store to see whether there’s an update available!

– Caroline

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