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Network unlock pin number is entered Incorrectly Solution for Samsung Phone

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By Cellunlockernet12:25 am December 20, 2011

When trying to Unlock your Samsung Device such as your Captivate, Galaxy S, Exhibit etc..

When you start your phone on with a non accepted simcard and get the message:

“Network unlock pin number is entered Incorrectly”

It means your phone is hardlocked, even with the correct Unlock code (Network Code) Its not going to work.  You are going to need to a Freeze or Defreeze code, Cellunlocker.net can provide this, you can get it here https://www.cellunlocker.net/manufacturers-unlock-codes.php

When you get your Freeze code you need to do this.

1. Start your phone on with no simcard, and get to a dial screen.

2. #7465625*638*#

3. Phone will now ask you to enter to code, input the freeze code first and click okay

4. Phone will say “unsuccessful”, now enter the Network Code and click okay.

Phone will now be unlocked

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