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The Wearable Samsung GEAR S

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By Cellunlockernet12:06 am September 13, 2014

Samsung Gear S

               The Brand New Samsung Gear S makes a grand entrance into the Smart Watch scenario with swiping features and good design. As an improvement over the last model this new watch includes a sim card slot, U/V ray detection and various array of new technology that people say, is more useful than ever. Read on below for the quickly laid out specs and details!


The Display

–        Vivid 2.0 Inch Super AMOLED (360 x 480) Display

–        The Display is Curved to better fit on the curvature of the wrist

–        Bigger screen will allow better Application presentation

The Internals

–        DUAL-Core 1GHz CPU

–        512 MB of Memory (RAM)

–        4 GB of internal Storage

–        A-GPS/GLONASS GPS protocols

–        300mAh Battery

–        SENSORS: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, HRM, Ambient Light, UV, Barometer

–        Tizen OS

–        1.9 MP Camera

The Design

–        39.9 x 58.1 x 12.5 Dimensions

–        Water Resistant IP67 Rating

–        Button on the front

–        Sim Card Slot allowing DATA connections of 3G speeds.

–        3G / WIFI enabled

–        Able to make calls/receive calls and check messages.

–        Able to connect to GPS without smartphone

–        Rubber bands for the straps.

Battery Life

–        Expected battery life is 2 days

Extra Features

–        External Snap on Battery pack (350mAh pack) that can charge the watch on the go and in the bag.

–        U/V Ray sensor to let you know if sunscreen is recommended or not

–        WI-FI, 3G connections




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