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New Galaxy S8 Images Leaked

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By Charlie Yu6:45 pm February 22, 2017

New Galaxy S8 Images Leaked


We have seen various leaks of the Galaxy S8 via renders, cases made in China and screen glass covers that give off big hints as to what the S8 might look like. However, we came across another image that may indicate what the S8 will actually look like in the next few months when it is expected to be unveiled. Look above for the image. Samsung is indeed pushing the near bezel-less design with no home button and a huge display. It is also expected that the display to bezel ratio will be above 90%. Keeping the same thin and relatively small physical size but enlarging the display significantly. The photos released showcases for what appears to be a working Galaxy S8. We can see a small section of the home screen and the use of the Edge side bar. Apparently the “back” button may be found on the right side as default. The images came from a screen protector manufacturer so we are still hard pressed to believe this as 100% truth of course.

The interesting thing is that this particular style or design is rather consistent with all the other image leaks we have seen into the past. We saw Android Police’s report of illustrations showing the S8’s basic outline. The images do line up with the drawings seen. It is also speculated that the S8 will be capable of utilizing a dock (just like the upcoming Superbook) to become a android based laptop or PC (think Microsoft’s Continuum). We hope to see Samsung unveil this mysterious beast soon as many are itching to find out. We are hoping for Samsung to hint at the S8 during MWC 2017 when they unveil what seems to be a new Galaxy Tablet.

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