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New Galaxy S8 Leaked Photos

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By Charlie Yu1:01 am February 28, 2017

New Galaxy S8 Leaked Photos


We all know that Samsung won’t be revealing the S8 until late March (around 28 – 29) in New York. DJ Koh, president of Samsung Mobile Division already stated that Samsung won’t be showing the S8 at MWC 2017 either. However, recently we received leaked photos which show the Galaxy S8’s design in further detail. It looks like the phone has a thin case for it and as leaks foretold, it will be a big phone with curved edges like the S7 Edge.


All “leaked photos” are hard to trust but it is the most convincing as of yet. The photo quality is not really good and looks like it was taken quickly to prevent being caught by management. The photo’s show what the regular and the plus designs may very well look like by now. We have seen leaked s8 specs showing a 5.7 or 6.2 inch display model for the plus and a 5.1 and 5.5 inch display for the regular s8. The corners of the dev   ices also look smooth and curved with just the right amount of curves. The LG G6’s display is actually curved at the edges (not just the body) but the S8 looks to have corners at right angle’s. One of the leaked specs for the S8 Plus did indicate a “curved display” option, however.

If the S8 Plus (with its large 6.2 inch display option) still follows the Note 7 design language and based on the photo it looks like it can be actually comfortable to hold. The note 7 is a big device but the curves on the back and front made it very nice to hold.


The photo’s also show some of the UI that may ship with these phones. The home button is indeed gone. And it looks like it is seen on the back instead. The home button is replaced by on-screen navigational buttons. Dropping the physical button enabled Samsung to further cut away the bezel’s at the top and bottom and replace it with more display space. The finger print sensor is on the back (next to the camera). The placement of the finger print sensor is argued to be too high up on the phone and may cause a lot of inconveniences. We are unsure how this will play out just yet but we aren’t letting this dampen our moods.

The 3.5mm Headphone Jack is still here with us thank you very much.


Here is a video showcasing the Galaxy S8 in all of its glory (well, partially due to poor video qualities). Many may still question the legitimacy of such leaks but again, as with any leaks, we always take it with a grain of salt. The design and what we see may easily change before the actual announcement late March. We know Samsung will announce this exciting device on March 29 at Samsung’s Unpacked event. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be the first smartphone to sport the new Snapdragon 835 chip set. This would be because Samsung sort of hogged it all (first dibs).

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