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Greenpeace Protestors Takes over MWC Samsung Keynote

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By Charlie Yu11:12 pm March 27, 2017

Greenpeace Protestors Takes over MWC 2017 Samsung Keynote


At the Mobile World Congress 2017 during Samsung’s presentation at Barcelona, Greenpeace protestor’s began showcasing banners that call for Samsung’s attention and demanded an answer for the companies plans for handling the millions of recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

Upon the steps that lead up to the Samsung stage stood a protestor holding a banner. The banner showed Samsung’s log, the recycling logo, the #GalaxyNote7 handle, and the slogan: “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle”. This prompted Samsung Electronics Europe’s chief marketing officer, David Lowes, to address the protestor, “You’ve made your point.”

On the building outside protestors unleashed large banners outside beside the Samsung Press Conference signs. The Samsung keynote notified the public that the company will be releasing the Galaxy S8, the Note 7’s successor at the end of March.


Samsung had been under fire for some time since the company announced that they would destroy the entire stock rather than refurbishing them last year. Environmentalist groups such as Greenpeace from around the world began demanding a greener approach from Samsung through various protests’ online and now at the keynote event. The environmentalist group’s wanted transparency as to how Samsung would rethink their tactics and become more responsible with their Note 7’s.


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