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Samsung Releases “Rose Pink” Galaxy S8+ in Taiwan (Limited Time)

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By Charlie Yu6:06 pm June 26, 2017


A new color is joining the ranks for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and that is the “Rose Pink”. Samsung always had this tendency to release new colors later down it’s path following the launch of their new phone. Perhaps this is to renew interest and keep increasing sales in target markets. Unfortunately, this is only available in Taiwan for now. Samsung Taiwan is gearing up to begin sales in July. The Rose Pink Galaxy S8+ will be made available on their online retail store but for a limited time. The cost is roughly 920USD (TW 27,900).

Samsung Taiwan interestingly rebranded the color naming scheme for the Galaxy S8 calling them: “Ice Lake Blue”, “Smoked Purple Grey”, and Quicksand Gold. (This came from Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.)


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