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The most exciting Galaxy Note 9 Leak

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By Charlie Yu2:07 pm June 12, 2018

The Galaxy Note 9 is in the works and Samsung is putting all gears into motion to get this on the road. However, the latest leak revealed a huge design change that might make some heads turn or have some heads get scratched.

The iPhone X and expected iPhone X Plus is being designed at Apple headquarters so Samsung has a giants task to ensure that their Note 9 is released on time with new changes that will command the market. It seems that internal changes will occur but on the outside the Note 9 will revert back to using a horizontally placed dual camera module (like on the Note 8). The S9 Plus featured a vertical dual camera module which means that the fingerprint scanner is found below (in a more logical position like many other phones). The company did not place the fingerprint scanner to the side of the dual camera module on the Note 9. Rather it is placed below the horizontal camera setup!

This positioning should fare better than where it used to be on the Note 8 from last year.

Check out the image below which should give you a better idea as to what the Note 9 is expected to look like on the back side. The image is a schematics of a Note 9 transparent case. However, note the positioning of the fingerprint scanner placed beneath the camera position and that the dual camera is back to being horizontal again.

It is then with a joyful heart that we can say that Samsung has finally fixed the dreaded fingerprint sensor issue that appeared in past flagship phones. The most exciting leak, is not the new positioning of the fingerprint sensor. However, thanks to the horizontal set up of the dual camera there is more space internally for a larger battery compared to the S9 Plus. The Galaxy S9+ features a 3,500 mAh battery pack but the Note 9 is expected to have something even larger now. More battery capacity is always a welcome addition.

This is an exciting bit of news as the Note 9 is expected to be a carbon copy of the Note 8 from last year.

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