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How to Unlock iPhone XS and iPhone XS

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By Cellunlockernet7:37 am September 28, 2018

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max although have dual sim function, if you purchase it via your carrier, there is a good chance it will come sim locked. This means, you will only be able to use your device with one carrier, hence two sim cards from the same carrier.

Here is everything you need know about Unlocking iPhone XS Max and Unlocking iPhone XS!

The Technology:

First of all when we say dual sim, we mean the ability to use two different sim cards or phone lines with the same phone. The China version of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS is the only one that actually physically uses two sim cards inside the same iPhone. All the rest have the ability use two sim cards, but in fact physically only uses 1 sim card. What about the other sim card? These new iPhones have what’s called an “eSIM”. It is pretty much a digital sim card. It is registered using a QR code or a carrier app from a which supports eSIM.

Scan a QR code:
Go to Settings > Cellular.
Tap Add Cellular Plan.
Use your iPhone to scan the QR code that your carrier provided.
If you’re asked to enter a confirmation code to activate the eSIM, enter the number that your carrier provided.

Use a carrier app:
Go to the App Store and download your carrier’s app.
Use the app to purchase a cellular plan.

*You can actually store more than 1 eSIM on your phone, but can only use 1 at a time.

What if I want to use my iPhone XS/XS Max with AT&T and T-Mobile?

We have confirmed that in order to use your dual sim function with two different carriers, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS must be carrier unlocked. So if your cellphone is locked to AT&T, you will need to Unlock it in order to use a T-Mobile sim card with it as well. If your iPhone XS is locked to T-Mobile, you will need to unlock it in order to use both the T-Mobile and AT&T sim card. This would apply to all GSM carriers such as MetroPCS, Vodafone, Claro, etc…

According to Apple:

“To use two different carriers, your iPhone must be unlocked. Otherwise, both plans must be from the same carrier. If a CDMA carrier provides your first SIM, your second SIM won’t support CDMA. Contact your carrier for more information.”

What does this mean?

According to this statement by Apple, if you have an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max from a GSM carrier such as T-Mobile or AT&T, you can use sim cards from other carriers GSM carruers interchangeably.

However, if you have an iPhone XS/XS Max from a CDMA carrier such as Verizon or Sprint, you can only use 1 of the sim card slots for Verizon or Sprint, and the other cannot be use another CDMA carrier such as Verizon or Sprint. You will need to a combination of 1 CDMA carrier and 1 GSM carrier like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Perhaps that’s why Verizon and Sprint iPhone XS and XS Max come factory unlocked already. Makes sense.

Why do I want to use two different Carrier with the Same Phone?

Although this may not apply for everyone there are definitely advantages of having two dual carrier sims on the same iPhone XS. You may have one of your sim cards that is your personal line and the other sim card is for business. It may have turned out one the carriers offered a better deal, but lacks in reception, hence two different carrier sim cards. Or you may need that extra sim card slot when you travel and you need both your original line and a local sim card to save on roaming costs. Whatever the reason is for having two sim cards from two different carriers, having the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sure makes it convenient not having to carry two smartphones around anymore.

iphone xs comparison

How to Unlock iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Carrier?

If your iPhone comes carrier locked, and you wish to use the dual sim function with two different carrier, you will need to get it unlocked. There are a few methods to do this:

  1. Try your Carrier – You can always try your carrier to get your phone unlocked. However, there are generally strict rules and regulations to getting your phone unlocked. Some carriers will make you pay 50 dollars or more and make you wait 6 months to 1 year before you are eligible to get your phone unlocked, even though your account is in good standing and your phone is fully paid off. In our experience, carriers are generally reluctant to get your phone unlocked for you as they would like to keep you on their network. If you have any payments left, unpaid bills, etc… you will be denied for being eligible for getting your phone unlocked.
  2.  Try Cellunlocker.net – If you are denied from your carrier or don’t want to spend hours on hold with reluctant agents, try Cellunlocker.net. That’s what we do! We provide unlocking solutions for those who need their phone unlocked fast and easy. Although there is a cost associated with unlocking your iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, we make the process smooth and simply for our customers. If we are unable to unlock your iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, you will be fully refunded. Although Cellunlocker.net can unlock 99% of GSM networks worldwide, please check a list of all carriers supported as not all carriers can be unlocked. Unlock iPhone XS Max and Unlock iPhone XS  100% Guaranteed or your Money Back. We can even unlock the device your carrier cannot unlock.
  3. Use a Cellunlocker Sim – The Cellunlocker Sim is a great alternative if you can’t get your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Factory Unlocked. In a nutshell, it is a device you put on your sim card which allows your iPhone to act as an unlocked phone. It not a permanent solution, however it does work great if you need to get your iPhone unlocked to be used on another network and you just can’t seem to find a solution to get it unlocked. Check the Cellunlocker Sim for more information regarding this awesome tool.

We’re Here to Answer any Questions you Have. Please feel free comment or share below!

– Cellunlocker Team

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