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How to Network Unlock any Spectrum Samsung Galaxy Phone Guide

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By Charlie Yu4 weeks ago

Requirements to Network Unlock any Spectrum Samsung Galaxy phones:

  1. Foreign sim card (sim card from another carrier)

  2. Your Spectrum Samsung Galaxy Phone network unlock code from the original carriers

You can request an unlock code by contacting Spectrum.

(If you don’t have an unlock code yet or were rejected by your carrier, you can get a network unlock code from cellunlocker.net. There is a 10% discount available too if you need to get a code from cellunlocker.net: RDDT10)

Instructions to input network unlock code for any Spectrum Samsung Galaxy Phone:

  1. Power on your phone and insert a foreign sim card (any sim card from another carrier)

  2. Phone will prompt for the Sim Network Unlock Pin or Network Control Key/Region Unlock Code

  3. Enter the network digit unlock code provided

  4. Your Spectrum Samsung Galaxy Phone is now network unlocked!

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After inserting a sim card from another carrier it will ask for a network unlock code.

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Once the code is entered, the phone will be network unlocked.

(Please note if your phone is blacklisted, it will not work with other USA or North American carriers. Blacklist/blocked means that the carriers have blocked your device from being used inside North America possibly due to reported lost, stolen, or unpaid bills. However, it will usually still work with overseas carriers overseas since they don’t share the same blacklists.)

If you want to check if your device is blacklisted or not, you can usually check it with websites such as:

https://stolenphonechecker.org/spc/consumer for USA

https://www.devicecheck.ca/check-status-device-canada/ for Canada

What if your phone does not prompt for a code?

In this case, if it doesn’t prompt, it might be already unlocked, or some carriers might have modified the devices software/firmware, so it doesn’t prompt for a network unlock code.

As an example newer MetroPCS or T-Mobile Samsung phones would prompt for a Device Unlock App which doesn’t use any codes. Usually in those cases, you would have to contact the carriers directly to get it network unlocked.

If you get denied for unlocking there are 3rd party sites that can help with network unlocking them.

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