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OnePlus Open Launch Event: Everything You Need to Know

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By Charlie Yu1:33 pm October 13, 2023

After months of tantalizing hints and anticipation, OnePlus has made it official: the much-anticipated OnePlus Open, their first-ever foldable device, will be revealed in all its glory on October 19. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting launch, including where and when it’s happening and what to expect from the OnePlus Open.

The OnePlus Open Event – Mark Your Calendar

For tech enthusiasts and smartphone aficionados, October 19 is a date worth marking on your calendar. OnePlus will be pulling back the curtain on their foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open, during an event set to take place in Mumbai. The event is generating enormous buzz, and for good reason. The OnePlus Open is poised to be a direct rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, promising a fresh take on foldable technology.

While the main event is scheduled in Mumbai, it’s not limited to one region. OnePlus plans to release the OnePlus Open across major European countries, India, and the United States, ensuring its global reach and appeal. The OnePlus Open launch will be set at different times to accommodate audiences worldwide: 10 am EDT, 4 pm CEST, and 7:30 pm IST, so you can tune in wherever you are.

Early Bird Gets the OnePlus Open – Pre-Order Details

One of the most exciting aspects of this announcement is that pre-orders for the OnePlus Open are set to begin on October 19. OnePlus is building anticipation for the launch by offering a chance to win a OnePlus Open unit when you subscribe. As if that’s not enticing enough, they’re also throwing in a $50 credit for you to use.

The pre-order of the OnePlus Open promises exclusive benefits. When you secure your pre-order next week, you’ll not only ensure you get your hands on this remarkable device but also receive exclusive perks. This includes a complimentary pair of OnePlus Buds Pro 2, up to $1,000 in instant trade-in credit, and a guaranteed $200 discount when you decide to part ways with “any device in any condition” in the United States.

OnePlus Open – A Glimpse into the Future

While OnePlus has managed to keep the official pricing of the OnePlus Open under wraps, credible rumors suggest that it may come in at under $1,700. This competitive pricing sets the stage for a direct showdown with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, making it an exciting prospect for potential buyers.

Although OnePlus has teased some features, such as the phone’s alert slider, the full design and specifications of the OnePlus Open have been extensively leaked and teased in authorized first-look videos. It appears that OnePlus is holding some surprises close to its chest, but many aspects of this innovative device are already known to the public.

As the launch date draws near, the tech community is buzzing with anticipation, eager to see how the OnePlus Open stacks up against the competition and how it might revolutionize the foldable smartphone market.

Join the OnePlus Open Journey

The OnePlus Open launch event on October 19 is set to be a momentous occasion in the world of smartphones. With its competitive pricing, exclusive pre-order benefits, and the promise of a formidable foldable device, OnePlus is looking to make a significant impact in the industry.

Mark your calendar for October 19 and join the OnePlus Open journey. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a smartphone aficionado, or simply curious about the future of mobile technology, this event is not to be missed.

For more details and to subscribe for the chance to win a OnePlus Open, head to the official OnePlus Open launch page here.

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