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Google Pixel 9 May Embrace Qi2 Wireless Charging

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By Charlie Yu10:58 am November 17, 2023

Google Pixel 9: The Qi2 Wireless Charging Buzz

Breaking News: The Google Pixel 9 could be stepping into the future with Qi2 wireless charging, bringing a magnetic twist to the Pixel power game. Let’s dive into the deets!

The Qi2 Revolution: What’s the Buzz All About?

  1. Certification Confirmed:
    • The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) shouts it from the rooftops – Qi2 wireless charging is now officially certified and ready for action.
    • The first devices flaunting Qi2 certification are set to hit the shelves, and guess what’s in the lineup? Accessories for the new iPhone 15! Could the Pixel 9 be next in line?
  2. Pixel 9’s Qi2 Connection:
    • Liyu Yang, a board member at WPC and a wireless charging guru at Google, is leading the charge in investigating next-gen wireless charging for Pixel products.
    • The strong connection between ‘next-gen wireless charging’ and ‘future Pixel products’ suggests that the Pixel 9 might just dance to the Qi2 beat.
  3. Magnetic Power Profile Magic:
    • The star of the Qi2 show is the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), a tech cousin to Apple’s MagSafe.
    • MPP ensures efficient power transfer with its 15W charging capability, thanks to magnets aligning the transmitter and receiver coils perfectly.
  4. EPP vs. MPP: The Qi2 Showdown:
    • Qi2 boasts not one but two profiles – Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) and Extended Power Profile (EPP).
    • The key difference? MPP relies on magnets for seamless alignment, making power transfer efficient, while EPP offers an alternative within the Qi2 family.


  1. Q: When can we expect the Google Pixel 9 with Qi2 charging?
    A: Rumors suggest a Qi2 debut for the Pixel 9 in 2024, riding the wave of the latest wireless charging tech.
  2. Q: What’s the standout feature of Qi2 wireless charging?
    A: The Magnetic Power Profile (MPP) steals the spotlight, aligning coils with magnets for efficient 15W charging, a page borrowed from Apple’s MagSafe playbook.
  3. Q: Who is leading the Qi2 charge at Google?
    A: Liyu Yang, a board member at WPC and a wireless charging maestro at Google, is at the forefront of the investigation into next-gen wireless charging for future Pixel products.

Get ready, Pixel enthusiasts! The Google Pixel 9 might just sprinkle a dash of magic with Qi2 wireless charging in 2024. As the Qi2 revolution gains momentum, the Pixel 9 could join the ranks of cutting-edge devices embracing the power of magnets for a charging experience like never before. Stay tuned for the Qi2-powered Pixel excitement!

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