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Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaked: Side-by-Side Showdown with the S23

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By Charlie Yu4:04 pm December 7, 2023

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S23 Ultra: Spot the Design Differences!

No one thought the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be more exciting than its predecessor, the S23 Ultra. But hold your charging cables, folks! The latest leak has dropped, and it’s a visual feast. Let’s dissect the deets and spill the beans on what makes the S24 Ultra strut its stuff.

1. Flat is the New Curvy

If there’s one thing that sets the S24 apart from the S23, it’s the flat display. Say goodbye to curves, and hello to sleek lines. The S23, in its midnight black glory, curves its display around the frame like it’s in a cinematic love scene. Meanwhile, the S24 (rocking a cool grey) boldly sports a flat screen, making the frame look wider from the front. It’s like the S23 is the classic novel, and the S24 is the modern graphic novel – both classics, but with a different visual narrative.

2. Speaker Cutout: From Tiny Holes to Coin Slot Chic

Samsung decided to jazz up the speaker cutout on the S24 Ultra. Out with the tiny holes, and in with a strip that resembles a fancy coin slot. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s an auditory fashion statement. Imagine if your phone could join a band – the S24 Ultra would be the stylish lead guitarist with its new speaker strip.

3. The Case of the Missing Hole

Now, who doesn’t love a good mystery? The S24 Ultra has decided to play detective by eliminating a hole at the bottom. The “air vent hole” is gone, and the USB-C port is now neighborly with the speaker slit. It’s like Samsung threw a party, and one guest didn’t make the cut. Fear not, though – the missing air vent hole found a new home at the top, beside its microphone buddy. Talk about a relocation strategy!

4. Flattened S Pen Head and Button Banter

Not just a pretty face, the S24 Ultra brings the sass to its S Pen. The clicky head is now flatter, maybe a nod to minimalism or a subtle way of saying, “I’m not here to take notes; I’m here to make a statement.” The power and volume buttons also joined the flat party, looking a tad squished. It’s like the S23 Ultra’s buttons went to a spa and came back sleeker and more relaxed.

The S24 Ultra – More Than Meets the Eye

As the leaks keep pouring in, the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems poised to redefine elegance in the smartphone world. From design tweaks to the strategic relocation of holes, Samsung aims for a harmonious blend of aesthetics and user experience. The S24 Ultra might share the DNA with its S23 sibling, but make no mistake – it’s a new chapter in the Galaxy saga. The January 17, 2024 launch can’t come soon enough; it’s time to witness the flat-out fabulous revolution of the Galaxy S24 Ultra!

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