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Samsung Phone Freeze Defreeze Unlock Code

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By Cellunlockernet12:38 am October 19, 2010

Is your Samsung phone displaying a “Phone freeze” message when you are trying to input an Unlock code?

This means that the incorrect unlock code has been inputted too many times, resulting in a “Phone freeze”  otherwise known as being bricked.

In this case scenario you will require a defreeze code (MCK code)  to solve your phone freeze message.  If your Samsung phone is phone freeze, we will require to get it from the manufacturer.  You can place your order for your defreeze code  HERE

We will send you both a defreeze code, and unlock code.

To input the defreeze code:

1.Input a non-accepted simcard into the phone.
2.Proceed to the dial screen.
3.Enter the defreeze code (Freeze code) and press enter, or okay.
4.The screen should now ask for the unlock code (Network Code).  Enter the 8 digit unlock code and hit enter.


1. Turn phone on with an unaccepted simcard
2. Screen will display “Phone is freeze / SOS”
3. Type the unfreeze code (Nothing will show on screen)
4. Hit the “Enter Button” as shown in picture below
5. Phone will ask for the Network lock code
6. Enter it as you have received it (or as your unlock software is showing you)
7. Phone will be unfreeze and unlocked

This should successfully solve your phone freeze problem and unlock your Samsung phone to any GSM network.

Currently we have phone freeze solution for all:

Tmobile USA samsung

Cingular At&t samsung

Vodafone UK samsung

Tmobie uk samsung

Orange samsung

Bouygues Samsung

SFR Samsung

O2 Samsung

If you are not sure, please email us at sales@cellunlocker.net

  1. Do you have a unfreeze code for me

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    Need defreeze code

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    love your blog, http://dress2.duablog.com/ ,Thanks again….

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